WWE's Vince McMahon Fired: His 25 Most Outrageous Moments in Wrestling

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 4, 2011

WWE's Vince McMahon Fired: His 25 Most Outrageous Moments in Wrestling

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    This past weekend continued yet another new era in wrestling as Triple H continued to assume the controls as RAW's on-air authority. 

    Vince McMahon has once again written himself off of television, in yet another intriguing summer storyline, leaving him with his thoughts and backstage roles until he gets bored and decides to thrust his charismatic mug back in front of a hard camera. 

    McMahon is certainly no stranger to the outrageous as his on air character has been involved in ridiculous moments both by design and organically. 

    With McMahon already being somewhat of a caricature in his natural disposition, it's no surprise that the chairman of the WWE has an abundance of outrageous moments to his name.  In fact, McMahon has so many outrageous moment notches on his belt, that this could just as easily be a collection of McMahon's craziest moments, with yet another fresh batch of similarly memorable moments to come. 

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25. McMahon Takes Shot at Blumenthal on the Night Before Midterm Elections

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    On the eve of election night for Linda McMahon in the 2010 Senate Race of Connecticut, Vince McMahon took one final swing at his political foes with a rather light-hearted vignette where he had awakened from the coma that the Nexus had previously put him in. 

    With help from actor and former WWE Creative member Freddie Prinze Jr., McMahon liberally basked in one of his favorite hobbies of toilet humor via hospital bed. 

    The scene ended with Vince wearing a Richard Blumenthal (Linda’s Democratic opposition) bumper sticker on his rear end before the segment was revealed to be a bad dream that Stephanie McMahon was having. 

24. McMahon Takes Aim at His Favorite Target: Jim Ross

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    Jim Ross is among Vince McMahon's favorite chew toys. 

    Constantly in the crosshairs of the gregarious autocrat of the WWE, Ross was subject to a tasteless segment on RAW where McMahon mocked the Hall of Fame announcer while he was recovering from colon cancer. 

    In a bizarre vignette that was funny only to Vince McMahon himself, McMahon obnoxiously parodied Jim Ross in a way that rivaled Ed Ferrera's notorious lampooning of the legendary Oklahoman. 

23. Vince McMahon Parodies Ric Flair

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    McMahon’s heated feud with Ric Flair, that commenced at the 2002 Royal Rumble, saw Vince McMahon emphatically taunt the wrestling legend in a parody that lead to a violent beat down of Flair—who had interrupted the mockery to confront McMahon.

22. Vince McMahon's 64th Birthday Celebration

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    Vince McMahon’s birthday celebration in Las Vegas with Degeneration X was a spectacle of time-killing. 

    Truly capitalizing on the art of a dragging out a segment, a watered-down version of DX helped McMahon celebrate his 64th birthday.  The party was ripe with enough showgirls and fanfare to put Stardust out of business. 

    Amidst all the epilepsy-inducing ballyhoo, McMahon would soon find himself in hot water with the pitbull-like gay activist group GLAAD when he referred to the superfluous celebration as "pretty gay."

21. The Day McMahon Took an "Intimidation Swipe" at Armen Katayien

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    McMahon lost his stool with HBO correspondent Armen Keteyian, similar to the Bob Costas incident which also happened on HBO, when Keteyian cut into a McMahon answer on wrestler deaths. 

    McMahon took a swipe at Keteyian’s notes for the interview, and certainly did not take kindly to being blamed for the plague of wrestler deaths that have long since placed a black cloud over the very business that he revolutionized. 

20. Vince to Linda: "I WANT a DIVORCE!"

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    Divorce is nothing to play with, especially when you have as much money as the McMahon's and such a thing could ruin Vince in real life. 

    Having said that, Vince McMahon toyed with the idea of divorce via storyline when he memorably parted with his wife in favor of younger, more attractive companionship. 

    McMahon's famous seething last words to his wife before the temporary on air split were "I want a divorce!"

    McMahon's own declaration of independence would leave Linda McMahon in a sedated state, as if anybody could tell the difference. 

19. McMahon Falls Victim to a Stage Collapse

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    RAW's ratings received an injection of McMahon during a storyline where Vince was literally paying people to watch his flagship show.  As part of the three-week storyline, McMahon gave away a portion of his "billions" to lucky fans each week on RAW. 

    WWE wrote off the expensive segments by shooting an angle where the entire stage of RAW collapsed, resulting in the temporary paralysis of McMahon. 

    McMahon would return several months later in time for WrestleMania XXV. 

18. The Crappy McMahon-DX Angle

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    While the new generation of Degeneration X tried valiantly to recapture the magic they once had in the Attitude Era, their efforts were largely crappy.

    This was never more apparent than an episode of RAW where Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and the spirit squad were doused with feces thanks to the sophomoric stable of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. 

17. Vince McMahon Tears His Quads at the 2005 Royal Rumble

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    In perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious moment in wrestling history, Vince McMahon walked into the 2005 Royal Rumble, only to limp out moments later. 

    The confusion started when both John Cena and Batista were inadvertently eliminated simultaneously in the closing moments of the 2005 Royal Rumble match.  The finish called for Batista to win the Rumble by eliminating Cena; however, when Batista fell over the top rope prematurely, all hell seemed like it was about to break loose. 

    Cena and Batista held the segment together by parading around as if each had won, until an infuriated Vince McMahon, fresh out of the Gorilla Position and into the fire, came storming down the entrance way.  As McMahon emphatically slid into the ring, he blew out both of his quads and quickly collapsed into a seated position. 

    Once the match was restarted, McMahon had to be escorted to the back, although staying true to his competitive, alpha-male tendencies, Vince tried to walk it off on his own. 

16. Vince McMahon's Illegitimate Son Revealed to Be Hornswoggle

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    The only thing Vince McMahon loves more than the spolight is the summer spotlight. 

    McMahon's first of five Summer Blockbuster storylines centered around the identity of his illegitamite son.  After spending several weeks trying to locate the previously bastardized McMahon, the payoff finally came on a highly rated episode of RAW. 

    Vince's son? None other than wrestling's first leprechaun, Hornswoggle. 

15. McMahon and Hart Brawl in Canada

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    McMahon Hart Vince McMahon and Bret Hart engaged in an intense brawl ringside in a segment that would serve as the catalyst for the eventual evolution of the Mr. McMahon character. 

    No longer a spineless pushover, McMahon and Hart became embroiled in a brief scuffle in Hart’s home country of Canada when Hart came to confront him about appointing Shawn Michaels, Hart’s sworn enemy, as special guest referee for his SummerSlam match with the Undertaker.  

    The worked shoot angle would eventually gain enough steam headed into WWE Survivor Series several months later, where McMahon memorably screwed Bret Hart out of the WWE Championship in Montreal. 

14. Monday Night RAW: Are You Ready for Some Wrasslin'?

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    In a timely response to America collectively gasping over Terrell Owens putting his African-American paws all over a sacred and attractive Caucasian woman, WWE hilariously parodied Monday Night Football’s controversial opening segment with some interracial interplay of their own.

    With help from Trish Stratus and former next big thing Shelton Benjamin, McMahon interrupted a racy dialogue between Stratus and Shelton with satirical and irreverent analysis of the cultural and racial implications of his employees' actions. 

13. Vince McMahon "Dies"

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    McMahon's affinity for the summer storyline got him killed once—in storyline.

    As a noticeably delirious McMahon made his way to his limo following a short speech during McMahon Appreciation Night on RAW in 2007, Vince proceeded to step into his limo, only for the vehicle to explode the minute he closed the door. 

    The storyline was abruptly nixed following the real life death of Chris Benoit shortly after the McMahon death angle was shot. 

12. Vince McMahon Gets His Head Shaved by Donald Trump

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    One of the chief reasons that WrestleMania 23 in Detroit, Michigan drew the highest buyrate in WWE history was that the high profile card guaranteed that a legendary business man was to have his head shaved.  The showdown was billed simply as the "battle of the billionaires."

    The "who's bigger" rivalry between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump came to a head when Vince McMahon accepted a challenge from Trump to have two designated wrestlers compete, with the losing wrestlers' representative billionaire forced to have his head shaved. 

    McMahon selected the late Umaga while Trump opted to go with Bobby Lashley.   With help from Steve Austin, who guest refereed the match,  Bobby Lashley proved to be victorious.  The loss for McMahon resulted in the acceleration his balding process. 

11. Vince McMahon Beats a One-Legged Man in an Ass-Kicking Contest

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    What’s a good way to prove that you are, in fact, the devil?  Pick a fight with a one-legged man. 

    That’s exactly what McMahon did when he decided to have a match with the courageous Zach Gowen, who achieved his dream of becoming a professional wrestler despite only having one leg. 

    The WWE Vengeance pay-per-view in 2003 featured a match between McMahon and Gowen where Gowen would give McMahon all he could handle and then some before coming up short in the end. 

10. Vince McMahon Stars in Stand Back!

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    Vince McMahon’s talents go beyond his in ring prowess, his Hall of Fame-level announcing and his elite athleticism.  He sings and dances, too!

9. Vince McMahon Wins the 1999 Royal Rumble Match

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    McMahon’s unheralded Royal Rumble victory can be summed up in the words that a young Michael Cole used in reaction to it:  “NOOOO!!!  NOOOO!!” 

    Following a cat-n-mouse act he played with Steve Austin for the duration of the Rumble, McMahon rose supreme as the unlikely winner of the 1999 Royal Rumble with help from the Rock.

8. Jim Ross Joins the Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass" Club

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    McMahon’s perennial ire towards Jim Ross lead to the WWE Hall of Famer forcibly joining the “Kiss My Ass” Club. 

    On a night where the Undertaker turned heel, and a previous attempt to induct Steve Austin into the club went fail, McMahon took his frustrations out on Poor Ole’ JR as 'Taker forced Ross’ face into a firm, pompous McMahon ass.

7. ...Speaking of the "Kiss My Ass" Club...

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    The unfortunate charter member of the Vince McMahon “Kiss My Ass” Club was William Regal. 

    In an effort to re-re-establish his dominance as the alpha male of the WWE, McMahon launched a fraternity of humility where all members were victimized by the unsettling taste of McMahon’s backside. 

    Regal had the distinct honor of being the guinea pig for an experiment that would later go on to become a staple of the Mr. McMahon television character.

6. Vince McMahon Drips with Fear After Becoming an Austin Hostage

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    Vince McMahon unforgettably peed himself following an angle where Steve Austin was “fired” after failing to properly officiate a WWE Title match between the Undertaker and Kane

    The following night, the unemployed Rattlesnake invaded RAW, held Mr. McMahon hostage and made him believe he was going to put a bullet in his brain. 

    And they say wrestling is violent. 

    The show-long build up lead to Austin revealing that the gun was fake; however, not before  McMahon urinated himself out of fear. 

5. Austin Pays McMahon a Hospital Visit

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    Vince McMahon’s odd relationship with Mick Foley peaked with a hospital visit as the well-intended man-child attempted to facilitate the healing of McMahon’s broken leg with help of the debuting Mr. Socko. 

    McMahon had been attacked by the Undertaker and Kane and subsequently hospitalized.  After McMahon lost his cool with Foley, who was dismissed by an angry and peeved McMahon, McMahon was attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin who had decided to pay his arch rival a surprise visit. 

4. Vince McMahon Mocks God, Then Books Him

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    Nobody is safe from the ridicule of WWE's boisterous chairman—not even the Lord and Savior himself.  Ask McMahon about his program with Shawn Michaels, where he routinely mocked God, and he'd probably tell you that it's good to make fun of yourself every now and again. 

    Aside from booking God in a match with Michaels opposite the Spirit Squad (God didn't show, although it's worth mentioning that this was to take place on a Sunday), McMahon was involved in an entertaining segment where he encroached a local church and proceeded to have fun at the expense of religion. 

    The McMahon-God segment peaked when the chairman sipped holy water and performed Triple H's signature pose, before bellowing "blessed be the name of McMahon!"

3. Steve Austin Attacks McMahon from a Zamboni

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin’s vehicular-related assault on Vince McMahon didn’t just stop at beer trucks and pimped-out Fords. 

    Following his shocking WWE Championship loss to Kane and the Undertaker at WWE Break Down, the Rattlesnake crashed the ensuing coronation by driving a zamboni into the arena and attacking McMahon. 

    With the crowd absolutely unglued, Austin would be aggressively apprehended by security before being escorted to jail, leaving a trail of anarchy in his path.

2. Vince to Trish Stratus: "Bark Like a Dog"

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    Vince McMahon's signature moment in obnoxiousness came at the expense of legendary WWE diva Trish Stratus.

    In what has subsequently become typical cannon fodder for political WWE detractors, McMahon publicly instructed Trish Stratus to obey his every command like a dog, much to the delight of the live crowd (particularly the males). 

    The shameful act was done in accordance with a major storyline with the McMahon family to payoff at WrestleMania X 27 where McMahon would eventually get his comeuppance. 

    While Stratus did indeed get her revenge for McMahon's misogynistic behavior, this segment can't be something that WWE creative looks back on and considers a complete success. 

1. McMahon's Epic Beer Bath on RAW

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    Vince McMahon's greatest rival was Stone Cold Steve Ausitn.  Perhaps the greatest moment of their legendary rivalry came on an episode of RAW where Austin sought revenge against McMahon in one of the most unique ways possible: with a beer truck.  

    As McMahon, flanked by WWE Champion and his son Shane, boasted of the Rock's recent WWE Championship win over Mick Foley, Austin interrupted the celebration armed with a beer truck and an accommodating hose. 

    Austin wasted no time in spraying the McMahons and the Rock with enough beer to get Joe Namath half drunk.  The fans in attendance ate—or drank—up every moment of it McMahon's beer bath. 

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