Matt Hughes Engulfed in Scandal from Racist T-Shirt Photo

Theo FrancoCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

UFC fans have been up in arms with the shocking image of Matt Hughes, holding what has been described as "white supremacist paraphernalia." The story broke earlier today, thanks in part to a fan reporting the news on the sports website bloodyelbow.com.

The pictures were discovered on a racist white power website, in which Hughes seems to be promoting the website's products. These pictures have been circulating like wildfire around the Internet. This only adds fuel to the smouldering heap of Hughes' reputation, which has been seriously marred by racist accusations, initially brought up by his seemingly unwarranted dislike for Rashad Evans' showboating tactics, which, in hindsight, was hypocritical considering his own team's showboating behavior.

Hughes later went on to cement his reputation for covert racism in "The Ultimate Fighter, Comeback" TV series, in which he made comments to Din Thomas about seeing his big lips flapping from this side of the room.

A spokesman from Hughes' website has told fans "this is not a big deal." On the contrary, this may very well become a PR nightmare for the UFC.

The UFC fighter may or may not of been aware of the t-shirt's racist content. The spokesman later went onto describe how, whilst at a Harley Davidson convention Hughes was given a tee-shirt to sign, the spokesman noted the "SS" symbols on the shirt, noting to himself “this could be a problem” but failed to mention this to the two-time UFC welterweight champion.

Hughes' people are now said to be working hard, possibly taking legal action to have the pictures removed from the online shop of the racist website. 

However innocent this so-called lapse in judgement is, what damage could this now do to a once glittering fight career?

Damage control is needed and quickly, as this brand of ineptitude is rarely tolerated.


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