Brandon Marshall Celebrates His TD Catch

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst INovember 7, 2008

The Denver Broncos made an amazing comeback on Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns and in doing so they managed to save their season.

However, the Broncos' victory almost never took place thanks to the antics of wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall caught the game-winning touchdown on Thursday. After hauling in the catch, Marshall reached into his pants to pull out a prop and celebrate, but teammate Brandon Stokley got to him and stopped him from putting the prop to use.

The move by Stokley may have been the best play of the night, saving the Denver Broncos from being accessed a personal foul penalty.

After the game, Marshall said he had a half black, half white glove that he was going to display in a show of celebration. This was to be dedicated to President-elect Barack Obama and would have been a throwback to the celebration of two American sprinters in the 1968 Olympics.

Marshall has caught flack for his plan, mainly because he was putting himself ahead of his team. It very well could have cost the Broncos the game.

While I agree football is a team sport and he has to be smarter about when he is celebrating and understand what the situation is, I do actually like where Marshall's head is in regards to the meaning behind his gesture. Marshall shows some sense of history and a sense of society, which is something that many players would not understand.

Too often athletes stray away from the political and social spotlight in fear of losing sponsorship dollars. It was refreshing to see someone willing to tread into those waters, even if it may have been the absolute wrong time based on the actual situation.

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