WWE: The 50 Wackiest Wrestling Characters of All Time

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 2, 2011

WWE: The 50 Wackiest Wrestling Characters of All Time

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    First off, there is no exact order to this list. It is based on opinion.

    What makes a wrestler a real character?

    Style? Personality? A strange gimmick?

    If you find a wrestler or television character that can engage you and bring you in, then they provide a good product.

    While we are drawn to heroes and heels for many reasons, we are drawn to the bizarre, strange or wacky because they stand out. We don't want to look, but we do for the entertainment value.

    This slideshow demonstrates that some simple things, like shtick, the gift of gab or just plan tomfoolery, will go a long way to leaving a lasting impression on the fan.


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    Goldust may be the best gimmick ever in the WWF.

    The persona takes on so many great things and with his "wife" Marlena by his side; he also shows what a great performer he is.

    Goldust was also a slap at his father, Dusty Rhodes, who was the criticism for a lot of the issues Rhodes dealt with as he was growing up.

    He has used other personas as well such as Black Rain and "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes in WCW when he held the world tag title with Barry Windham.

    Also held the Intercontinental Title.

Isaac Yankem, DDS

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    Glen Jacobs with blond hair.

    Before he was Kane, he was Jerry Lawler's personal dentist.

    He caused a lot of pain and suffering in the WWF and still does today as the Big Red Machine.

    He was a heel back then, but now is a fan favorite as a face or as a heel. His shtick is still aces.

The Moondogs

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    Bone-chewing tag team that was successful in the WWF for years.

    Rex and Spot defeated Tony Garea and Rick Martel for the WWF world tag team titles.

    Also spent time in the United States Wrestling Association.

The Missing Link

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    I used to love this character.

    Dewey Robertson's depiction of Link was classic.

    A man painted green who could head-butt his way to beating people up.

    That so rocked. He was a fixture for a bit in World Class Championship Wrestling.

    He moved on to other independent promotions as well.

Buggsy McGraw

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    Michael Davis was never a headliner in the territories he wrestled in, but he was a fan favorite.

    His odd and unusual character with outlandish outfits and a more than unique style in the ring made him a great tag team partner of Dusty Rhodes and others in the Florida area.

    He also wrestled in the Mid-Atlantic area as a tag team partner of Rufus R. Jones.

Kendo Nagasaki

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    The man with the green mist.

    Was brought to Florida by Gary Hart to fight and battle Dusty Rhodes.

    Wound up winning Florida gold and feuding with Eddie Graham as well.

    A great Japanese wrestler who paved the way for other Asian wrestlers to come to the NWA.

Abdullah the Butcher

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    The Wildman is an international superstar.

    His feuds with the likes of Carlos Colon and Bruiser Brody are the stuff legend is made of.

    Always a bleeder, he is someone who just puts the fear of death in opponents with his mere presence.

    And you can always count on a foreign object to be used in his matches.

Adrian Adonis

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    Adrian Adonis was a star before he came to the WWF. He was a regional champion and tag team champion with Jesse Ventura.

    When he came to the WWF, he came into the federation as a flamboyant gay wrestler whose style in the ring did not match his personas in other promotions.

    When he was wrestling up north in the AWA, there were few that were tougher than he was.

Adrian Street

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    He was a flamboyant Welsh wrestler who rose to prominence in the 1970s and 1980.

    He was known for his feud with Dusty Rhodes in Florida and was a worldwide performer.

    He also was a performer in the mid-south wrestling promotion with his valet Miss Linda.

The Widow Maker

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    Barry Windham was a great face in the NWA, WCW and WWF. But when he came back to the WWF as "The Widow Maker," we saw more of the heel side. Although it was a flop in the federation, he still had a presence that made him a great all-around wrestler.

    The persona was a heel cowboy character that was not much of a change from his usual face character.

    Windham was a second-generation wrestler as the son of Blackjack Mulligan (Bob Windham).

Jim Cornette

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    How can you not agree that he looks a little odd here?

    Cornette started as a photographer and transformed into one of the greatest managers of all time.

    Always yielding a tennis racket and made more references to his mama than anyone one else in the business.

    Cornette's antics were not limited to managing, as he has gotten in the ring as well with his team, the Midnight Express.

    Now he is working with ROH.

Dusty Rhodes

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    There are few who bring the fan into the ring like Virgil Runnels.

    A plumber's son who had a white man rap and could be a little flamboyant and a little off-kilter. No one knew how to make the crowd cheer like Dusty.

    A fan favorite in both the WWF and NWA, he personified every man.

    The three-time NWA champion will never be duplicated with his wacky style, his larger-than-life persona and the fact you did not need to be a muscle-bound freak to get in the ring.

George "The Animal" Steele

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    He looked like a lost soul in the ring, but found a home in the turnbuckle and usually had a snack or two at the same time.

    Steele was a lovable character who was misguided in the wrestling world. No one could forget his green tongue or how he was infatuated with Miss Elizabeth when he feuded with Randy Savage.

"Gorgeous" George

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    He may have been the first true "character" in professional wrestling.

    George Wagner was a popular wrestler in the '40s and '50s and his character was nationally known.

    He feuded with Lou Thesz and the two helped bring professional wrestling to the forefront of conscience in mainstream America.

Captain Lou Albano

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    He helped the Rock 'n' Wrestling connection become a reality.

    As an extra in Cyndi Lauper's music video, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Lou was instrumental in WrestleMania as well.

    Before the era of Hulk Hogan, Albano was an accomplished manager in the WWF.

    He wrestled the likes of Pat O'Connor and Buddy Rogers in the WWWF.

Rick Steiner

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    He was one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time, but Rick Steiner is a persona all to himself. He always looked lost, downtrodden and full of confusion.

    But when he got in the ring, he was an animal and was dominant, always barking and always wearing his opponents out.

    With his brother, Scott, the Steiner's were one of the more popular tag teams in WCW and in Japan.

Luna Vachon

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    Her look alone was enough to scare people on the screen and in the arenas.

    Vachon could wrestle and was menacing to other female wrestlers. She debuted in Florida and made her way to the WWF.

    Her feud with Sherri Martel was one of the classics of the '80s.


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    Steve Keirn was an accomplished tag team wrestler with Mike Graham in Florida and later with Stan Lane.

    In the WWF, he wasn't so much of a great singles wrestler.

    As Skinner, an alligator wrestler, he would have a gator claw around his neck, spit tobacco in opponents' faces and be a menacing man in the ring, but never held gold.

Mad Dog Vachon

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    With a mug like that, how can he not make this list?

    A French-Canadian wrestler, he held the AWA world title and world tag team titles. He was a striking wrestler who was known for his tactical style and his physical look.

    He beat Verne Gagne for the title on two occasions.

    His family is known in the AWA territory for helping to establish the promotion as a success.

Sherri Martel

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    She was a wrestler who feuded with Luna Vachon and managed the likes of Shawn Michaels.

    Her look was undeniable and her style was a little off-kilter.

    When she was champion in the AWA, there was no one better.


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    No female in TNA exemplifies the idea of wacky right now more than ODB.

    The Knockout shows off her assets, jumps around the ring and is not afraid to beat a male wrestler or security guard along the way.

    She is currently in a feud with Miss Jackie against Velvet Sky.

    She is a three-time Knockouts champion.

The Samoans

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    Man, they were ugly.

    Under the guide of Mr. Fuji, these two rose to prominence in WWF as world tag team champions.

    They did not say much, but they could inflict pain like few could in their time in the WWF.

Ox Baker

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    No one struck fear in wrestlers more than Ox Baker.

    The heart punch is one of the most feared finishing holds in wrestling.

    Big, strong and a legend in many promotions.

    An opponent once died from his finishing move.

Roddy Piper

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    Was there ever a wrestler more unpredictable than Piper?

    A loud-mouth villain or face, he was loved by all.

    "Piper's Pit" was one of the best inventions in wrestling history and his feuds with wrestling lore like Jimmy Snuka, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan made fans stand and take notice.

Purple Haze

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    Mark Lewin has been doing this for years.

    As a member of Kevin Sullivan's stable in Florida, he was in many a feud with Dusty Rhodes.

    Sullivan used Lewin as a pawn and his ability to wrestle without feeling pain was evident when he was in the ring.

    Also spent time in Dallas in the World Class promotion.

Freddie Blassie

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    Hello, all you pencil-neck geeks.

    Blassie was a great wrestler, and loved in the Orient.

    He fought legends and created his own greatness by winning all the time.

    As a manager in the WWF, Blassie continued to show he was a legend and a brilliant mind the wrestlers could sponge off of.

Jimmy Valiant

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    The "Boogie Woogie Man" was beloved in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

    Had a long-standing feud with Paul Jones which resulted in Jones having his head shaved at the Great American Bash.

    His biker shtick resonated with the ultra-southern fans in the Carolinas and all throughout Jim Crockett Promotions.

Doink the Clown

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    He is one of the most recognizable "acts" in the WWF.

    Many wrestlers took on the persona, including Cowboy Ron Bass.

    For years, Doink wrestled and kept fans young and old on the edge of their seats before he left the federation.

    He made his debut in 1992 and Doink played cruel jokes on both fans and wrestlers in order to amuse himself and put them off guard, which was his calling card.

Bruiser Brody

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    He was one of the more recognizable independent wrestlers in the world.

    Frank Goodish was famous for working on his terms and beating the crap out of his opponents.

    He likes to wrestle in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean.

    He died in 1988 when he got into a confrontation with Jose Gonzalez. Gonzalez said he cut Brody in the stomach in self-defense.

    No charges were pressed by the Puerto Rican authorities.


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    He was definitely a joke in terms of living up to his "Twin," Goldberg.

    Duane Gill spent time in the WWF and became a one-time light heavyweight champion.

    Small, thin and light on his feet, his last appearance in the federation was 2007.

The Great Khali

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    Just his size alone makes him an oddity.

    When he wrestles the likes of Rey Mysterio, then it really looks odd.

    His hands, strength and ability to make wrestlers fear him is a great advantage.

    What makes him wacky is the fact he goes from hero to heel in a snap of a finger.

    His connection to Jinder Mahal is not doing him any favors. 

Jimmy Hart

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    He still has that damn megaphone.

    Jimmy Hart has been a manager in the Mid-South area, WWF, WCW, NWA, WWF...well, you get the idea.

    He is a close friend of Hulk Hogan and was a major part of the Hart Foundation and their success in the 1980s.

    Besides Jim Cornette, is there a louder dresser in wrestling?


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    He gave me nightmares as a teen.

    The man who loved to beat his belly is internationally known for his feuds in the WWF, NWA and WCCW.

    His size was intimidating. The fact he could not "speak" and relied on his handler, Kimchi, made his persona even more mystic.

Kevin Sullivan

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    There may not have been a darker man in wrestling.

    Sullivan was a crowd favorite in Florida before turning on Mike Graham and Barry Windham in the quest for the Florida Heavyweight Title.

    His dark side led him to form a cult that involved his then-wife, Nancy, who later married Chris Benoit, Jake Roberts and the Purple Haze.

    He also founded the Varsity Club in WCW with Steve Williams, Mike Rotundo and Rick Steiner.

    A smallish wrestler who was more solid and strong than fast.

    A sick and twisted man.


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    Just one of the personas of Mick Foley.

    The mask alone is enough to scare you. The workman I just got out of the joint thing is another.

    But in his own special way, Mankind endeared himself to millions of fans and enjoyed a great feud with The Rock and even wrestled him at halftime of the Super Bowl.


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    Mankind with more size and talent.

    Abyss is in a quandary right now, being the whipping post of Immortal in TNA. For a 350-pounder, he is pretty agile and packs a wallop.

    It will be interesting to see which side of the fence he runs to now that he is being responsible for the continuation of the X-Division.

    Eric Bischoff should know you don't make a man much larger than you.


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    I say this with respect, but would the real Sting please stand up?

    "Old school" Sting was a powerhouse with a white flattop.

    "Crow" Sting was demonic in a way and fought for the honor of WCW.

    "Joker" Sting is a great character, but it may get old in a hurry.

    Either way, he is a little off his rocker if you ask me.


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    While Sting's character may get old, R-Truth may need more to improve his.

    He is entertaining beyond words, but he needs another bump to get back to the top.

    R-Truth can be a main-event star and should continue his crazy routine in hopes of getting back to a title match.


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    Scott Levy just had this control over people. His flock included some of the oddest wrestlers in the business.

    Raven was a ECW icon who was as hard-headed as he was hard-nosed.

    He started out in Jerry Lawler's Mid-South promotion and even asked Missy Hyatt out on a date, but was turned down.

    As he grew into the sport, he because a troubled man who was cryptic and confused but a very solid performer.

Vince McMahon

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    Ding Dong, the character is dead.

    Vince McMahon may be running show off camera, but he is no longer an on-air commodity.

    McMahon is responsible for some of the best television drama in history—all in his ring.

    He created superstars, created himself and created controversy we all took to be real and had us wanting more.

    A true icon if there ever was one.

Terry Funk

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    An NWA superstar who held the world title, wrestled all over the country, toured with his brother in the Orient and then became a "Hardcore Legend."


    Terry Funk used to be one of the best technical wrestlers like his brother Dory. But he turned to hardcore crap and excess to continue his legacy.

    When he last wrestled Ric Flair in WCW, it was a good rivalry. And it needed to end there.

    But Funk went to ECW and created a whole new genre for himself.

    And loosened some screws along the way.

Awesome Kong

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    Her feud with Gail Kim rocked in TNA.

    She is truly the most imposing female wrestler ever.

    Her size, strength and power is unmatched—and that includes Chyna.

    When she came to WWE, it was a shame we did not get to witness what she could do against the twigs in the ring.

Superstar Billy Graham

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    He was Hulk before Hulk was Hulk.

    The 22-inch pythons and the great physique.

    He was imposing and intimidating and no one wanted to get in his way.

    He was a sight to behold—but steroids tore his body apart after his days in the ring.

    Truly an icon of his time.

Brian Pillman

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    He was a great performer who had his life taken too early.

    Pillman's career at the end was of a deranged man who played the part well.

    He was a good face but an even better heel.

    Could have been a Jericho if he were still alive.

Bam Bam Bigelow

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    Tattoos on his head. Big scowl. And agile.

    Loved his work in WCW and in Texas.

    Also spent time in ECW where he was a former world champion.

Dude Love

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    Another identity of Mick Foley.

    The fun-loving flower child gets out from time to time.

    A crowd favorite and a fun guy in and out of the ring.

    How can you not like tie-dye and sunglasses?


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    He was a hardcore legend in ECW, holding the world title five times.

    He was known for feuding with Raven and trading the world title back and forth.

    Was known for using weapons in the ring which included a kendo stick.

    His last stint in wrestling was in TNA in 2010

Papa Shango

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    Charles Wright had many characters in the WWF but none were as scary or controversial as Papa Shango.

    Billed as a voodoo practitioner, he came to the ring in face paint and looked like a Halloween character.

    Used to carry a skull to the ring that had smoke coming out of it to give him more of a menacing appearance.

    Later was repackaged in the WWF as a member of the Nation of Domination as The Godfather.


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    Another outlandish creation for the WWE.

    Competed in the Tough Enough program and won a spot on SmackDown.

    His red face and paint made him look a little like a Star Wars character.

    Is now wrestling in independent promotions as Slither.

Shane McMahon

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    Anyone who can get in the ring and launch himself clear across the ring into objects and nearly kill himself has some big stones.

    The son of the owner of the company even went as far as to wrestle his father on more than one occasion and allow himself to be body-slammed through the announcers table a time or two.

    McMahon left the ring after seriously hurting himself in a match, but some of the vignettes he has done over the years show he was just as ready to do anything for the company as his father.