Terrell Owens: 5 NFL Teams That Should Look into Signing T.O. in Free Agency

Anthony BonnetCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2011

Terrell Owens: 5 NFL Teams That Should Look into Signing T.O. in Free Agency

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    I know what you're thinking: Who would want Terrell Owens on their team after his antics for so long? Hear me out. You can't deny that he was playing pretty well for the Cincinnati Bengals. He didn't complain much, and he only made the team better. 

    Owens still has some talent left in him, and I think his antics are over. He's nearing the end of his career, and he knows that he needs to be smarter with what he says since his talent has declined.

    He may not be a great fit for a bad team, but for a playoff-caliber team, he could be the difference between going to the Super Bowl and barely making it into the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers

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    They already have all this talent, so why pick up Owens for a year or two?

    For multiple reasons. They have around $20 million in salary cap to spend. He would love to play for a contender such as Green Bay. He's not looking for a lot of money because he knows he won't get it. Coach Mike McCarthy wouldn't let him get out of hand.  

    Although he's made many Packers fans upset in the past, wouldn't it be nice to see T.O., one of the best and most consistent wide receivers in recent NFL history, finish his career out in the green and gold?

Arizona Cardinals

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    With the recent signings and trades the Arizona Cardinals have done, they possibly could win the NFC West.

    They've lost their No. 2 and 3 wide receivers the last two years (Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston), and I'm sure they're looking to help out Kevin Kolb. This signing wouldn't hurt one bit.

    Ken Whisenhunt is a better coach than most believe. I think he makes the necessary moves to try to be good, this year especially. Larry Fitzgerald and Owens would only help each other on opposite sides of the field.

New York Jets

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    In the bright lights, he'd certainly shine. He'd have all the trash talking done by the coach, and Owens would only feed off it and work his hardest.

    The Jets are looking for a No. 2 wide receiver, and what better way to surprise everyone than to bring in a name no one else seems to be interested in? Rex Ryan has surprised many, and you know he's bound to do it again, just as he did with the rumors of signing Nnamdi Asomugha.

    Look for the Jets to at least call T.O. to see if they could possibly get him on the roster. It'd be a magnificent move, and it'd be a smart move to mess with Bill Belichick's head, since he just signed a good friend and former teammate of T.O. in Chad Ochocinco.

Oakland Raiders

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    I know on the first slide I said that he'd probably want to play for a contender, but hey, the Raiders could be a future contender. They've been making solid moves across the board, and they've been eerily silent this offseason. They should help out Jason Campbell and bring in T.O., who would love to play for the diehard fans in Oakland.

    He knows he's not going to any Super Bowl with them, but he knows that he'd be paid well, and he'd be very welcome.

St. Louis Rams

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    The Rams are obviously on their way to becoming a really good team. They're making all the obvious and right moves. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo has good talent at wide receiver, but the Rams need all the help they can get in the near future for Sam Bradford to flourish in the first few years of his career.

    They may only have Steven Jackson for a couple more years, since he's getting near the deadly 30-year-old mark for running backs, and they should try to make the necessary veteran signings to win. Terrell Owens would realize that the team is only beginning and wouldn't complain of any lack of success the team would be suffering if it didn't perform great with him.

    Even though it could go any way for the Rams over the next few years, I think a T.O. signing would only boost them to the top of the NFC West and would help with the younger talent.