20 of the Most Unrealistic Sports Movie Moments

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIAugust 1, 2011

20 of the Most Unrealistic Sports Movie Moments

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    Almost everyone has seen at least one moment or one scene in any given sports movie where they thought to themselves, "Seriously? There is no possible way that would ever happen in real life."

    These unrealistic moments can be found in almost any given sports movie, even those regarded as some of the best in the genre.

    They range from unrealistic injuries to impossible stunts and impossible situations. They may say that the audience has suspension of disbelief while watching movies, but even with the most suspended, these scenes still come off as impossible moments that would never happen in real life.

    Here is a list of 20 of the most unrealistic sports movie moments.

No. 20: The Natural

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    While an overall good movie, the scene where the character Roy Hobbs comes out for his first time at bat in the majors and actually tears the ball completely from its covering is rather unbelievable.

No. 19: Rocky IV Training Montage

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    What old-school sports movie is complete without a bad '80s training montage?

    Rocky IV has one of the most unrealistic ones if you watch how he trains outside with random activities instead of, oh, I don't know, fighting with a real opponent.

No. 18: Major League II

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    In the second Major League movie, the scene when the player jumps up onto the wall and perfectly balances to catch a ball is completely unrealistic. The guy would have to be part cat in order for that to happen in real life.

No. 17: Remember the Titans

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    Even though this is possibly one of the best sports movies of all time, the final play that gives the Titans the win is really not something that would ever happen in real life.

    That looked more like a play that a well-seasoned NFL team would be able to pull off, not a little high school team.

No. 16: Happy Gilmore

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    Yes, this movie is supposed to be a spoof on golf, but the scene where Happy Gilmore hits a long drive with a very un-golf-like shot is super unrealistic.

No. 15: Ready to Rumble

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    Like most fighting movies, this one don't have the most realistic fight scenes.

    The last fight, however, takes the cake as one of the most unbelievable since the guy who wins is pretty out-of-shape-looking.

No. 14: The Fan

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    In an otherwise great movie, the scene where Robert De Niro disguises himself as an umpire to get on the field and stab a player is totally unrealistic, especially in the way it was directed.

No. 13: White Men Can't Jump

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    While this entire movie is ridiculous, the scene where the white guy makes the dunk is unbelievable since they filmed only the top half of his body making the shot. Who knows who really helped him make that dunk?

No. 12: Rocky II

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    The final fight in this movie is pretty unrealistic. Apollo was hands down winning the match, but with one punch from the weakened Rocky, he loses the match completely.

No. 11: The Scout

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    The scene where the pitcher throws the ball so hard he knocks the catcher over is pretty unrealistic.

No. 10: Top Gun

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    OK, while this isn't really a sports movie, the volleyball scene from this movie had to make the list. There is no way that guy could spike the ball the way he did in what he was wearing.

No. 9: Teen Wolf

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    In the final game of this movie, Michael J. Fox decides to compete in the game on his own merits without the help of his werewolf abilities.

    He sucked in the beginning of the movie without the powers yet somehow is able to win the game without them in the end. That just doesn't make any sense.

No. 8: The Program

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    It seems that the final fight, game or play in any given movie is always the most at risk for being unrealistic.

    The final play in this movie is no exception. How often does a play that has obviously fallen apart turn into a down to the second run for more points where the team actually scores another touchdown? Not very often.

No. 7: Angels in the Outfield

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    This may be a classic movie, but the concept of Angels interfering and helping a down-and-out team is pretty unrealistic.

    Especially in scenes like this one, where they physically carry the player so he can catch the ball.

No. 6: Summer Catch

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    In one of the last scenes of this movie, Freddie Prinze Jr. walks out of an almost perfect game to run after a girl before she leaves on a plane. Then, even though he left his team and the game, he is offered a contract with a major league team.

    Possibly one of the most unrealistic things I’ve ever heard of.

    Unfortunately there wasn't a clip of this movie, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

No. 5: Ice Princess

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    This wasn't one of Disney's finest movies, but the plot line is that a math nerd with no real physical talent wants to become an ice skater. She ends up discovering the perfect angle of one particular move that helps her pull it off.

No. 4: Karate Kid

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    Who doesn’t love this movie? However, the fight scene where the Karate Kid times his jump to knock out his opponent with that crane kick is unrealistic. Only someone blind or not paying attention couldn’t have avoided that one.

No. 3: Jerry Maguire

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    Here is yet another example of a great movie with some pretty unrealistic scenes.

    For example, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character is knocked out by a tackle but is still able to cling to the ball in his unconscious state. Typically people go completely limp when they’re knocked out cold like that.

No. 2: Any Given Sunday

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    The scene in this movie where the guy comes up from the dog pile missing an eye is disgusting, but also very unrealistic.

    While the great special effects make it seem possible, how often do you hear of something like this actually happening on the field?

No. 1: Rookie of the Year

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    Let's be honest—this may be the most unrealistic movie of all time.

    The main character, a 12-year-old kid, is injured when he slips on a baseball. After his shoulder heals, he discovers he can throw just as well as, if not better than, the pros.

    Very unrealistic in the sense that with any major shoulder injury there is no way he should be able to throw that fast.