Boston Celtics: 5 Reasons the Dwight Howard Rumors Are Feasible

Eitan Katz@@EitanKatzAnalyst IIJuly 20, 2011

Boston Celtics: 5 Reasons the Dwight Howard Rumors Are Feasible

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    Dwight Howard to the Boston Celtics?

    Not as crazy as it sounds my friends. A. Sherrod Blakely, a Celtics insider for, floated some rumors about Howard possibly teaming up with Boston next season.

    The caveat?

    It can only happen if the lockout cancels the 2011-2012 NBA season.

    While it is possible that the Celtics can make a move for the big man by simply negotiating a deal before the trade deadline that would surely include some all-stars and some draft picks, the likelihood of that scenario is extremely slim. 

    Here are five reasons the Dwight Howard to Boston rumors are feasible.

5. Rajon Rondo

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    Rondo, the Celtics' stud young point guard, is one of the most athletically gifted passers in the NBA.

    What do I mean by an athletically gifted passer?

    I mean this, this, this and this.

    Seriously? He makes it look so easy. Imagine if instead of throwing passes to an aging Kevin Garnett or a stout Glen Davis, he was throwing to the man who has come to be known as "Superman."

    I don't count Jameer Nelson as a pure point guard. He's a solid passer, sure. But he's no Rajon Rondo.

    With Rondo, Howard would score five easy buckets a game (just ask Kendrick Perkins, who has the quickness of a crippled, old woman and still scored 10 PPG with Boston in 2009-2010), and would have another three or four bunnies.

    You can't tell me that D12 isn't salivating at a chance to be teamed with one of the best assist-men in the NBA.

4. Kevin Garnett

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    Kevin Garnett is tired. Really, really tired.

    That's what happens when you've played 1,300 games (not including Olympics) at 110 miles per hour. Garnett has been described as "maniacal," "possessed," or even "completely and utterly insane."

    But the fact remains, the Big Ticket is one of the 30 best players of all time, and is recognized as one of the most intense and demanding leaders in NBA history. His defensive prowess is well documented, and many people think that his ferocity single-handedly sprung Boston to a World Championship in 2008.

    Here is the problem, though. KG is on his way out. There were even some reports that he might retire this offseason regardless of the NBA lockout.

    Those rumors have somewhat faded, but Garnett's desire to leave the game is clear.

    If the Celtics make a run for Howard, Defensive Player of the Year three seasons straight (NBA record), I would be shocked to see KG walk away. The opportunity to play with a defensive competitor of Howard's caliber is not something that comes along often.

    I can't even imagine how dominant they would be down low. The two best defenders in the NBA, side by side.

3. Boston

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    We all know that Howard has his demands.

    One of those demands is that he wants to go to a place of champions. A place where winning is second nature. He wants to go to Los Angeles, but I think he will settle for Boston.

    Starting with Bill Russell, to "the Chief," Robert Parish, to Kevin Garnett, the Celtics have a pretty storied history of defensively adept big men.

    Howard can surely be next on that exclusive list.

    Coach Doc Rivers is considered one of the best in the business, and with the way things are going in Boston right now, D12 can expect that fans will settle for nothing less than a championship.

    Just the way he wants it.

2. Danny Ainge

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    Danny Ainge. The man who saved the famed Boston Celtics franchise from complete NBA obscurity.

    How he did it, we will never know. But as a Boston fan, I am sure as hell thankful he did.

    It was July 31st, 2007, and it was the day the Boston Celtics were changed forever. Ainge somehow, some way, finagled a deal with Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale to bring tortured superstar, Kevin Garnett, to Boston.

    It remains the biggest deal in NBA history that returned only a single player.

    The Celtics traded five players and two first-round draft picks, and in return, they got hope. With Paul Pierce playing team captain, Ray Allen playing clutch shooter, and Garnett playing defensive enforcer, the Celtics went on to win their ever elusive 17th championship.

    Now, four years later, we are left to wonder.

    What did Ainge plan to do when these guys got too old? Was there ever a plan? Are the Celtics going to move forward with Rajon Rondo as their leader?

    Celtics fans are hoping that Ainge's plan involves an athletic center from the Orlando Magic. If Danny can pull this off, and bring No. 12 to Boston, he will go down as one of the greatest GMs in NBA history.

1. The NBA Lockout

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    Let us not forget what the Howard rumors are predicated on.

    This is what Blakely wrote on

    But if there's no 2011-2012 season, that is what we would call a game-changer in the pursuit of Howard. He could terminate his contract and thus become a free agent next summer.

    In essence, the Celtics basically have no chance of trading for Howard at the trade deadline. Their only hope is that the NBA locks out all of the 2011-2012 season, which would force Howard directly into free agency.

    And here is where things are going to get testy.

    There will be no NBA season in 2011-2012.

    I hate it as much as you do, but we have to face the facts. This is not the same thing as the NFL lockout. This isn't going to be fixed in a couple of months. Early projections from some experts are saying that the lockout will end some time after November, and possibly into December or January.

    You know what that means: no season.

    So while most NBA fans mourn, there will assuredly be a small group of Celtics fans somewhere praying that the lockout wipes out the season just so Boston could have the chance of signing Dwight Howard.

    And you know what? They may not have to pray so hard, as the likelihood of a cancelled season becomes more and more evident.

    What do you guys think? Could the Celtics nab Howard? Will the NBA season be cancelled?

    Let me know in the comments section below!!