Pro Wrestling: The Best Puerto Rican Promotion Is World Wrestling Council (WWC)

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJuly 7, 2011

When you think about the best pro-wrestling promotion, most people think of the promotions in the United States, such as WWE, TNA, and ROH. 

People often overlook the other promotions located around the world.

There are many more promotions worldwide. Some of these international promotions are located in Mexico, Australia, and Japan. There are even a few promotions in Puerto Rico.

Although Puerto Rico only has a few promotions within the country itself, they have become known quite well to the dedicated and hardcore wrestling fanbase.

But perhaps no promotion is quite as well-known as the World Wrestling Council, or the WWC, and that could be because it is the best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico as well.

Originally founded in 1973 as Capitol Sports Promotions, it was a part of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) until it became bankrupt, and the company was rebought once again.

Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica then became the new owners. As new owners, and part-time wrestler in Colon's case, they tried to first make their company famous regionally.

They started airing a TV show called Super Estrellas de la  Lucha Libre every weekend to start gaining popularity with the people of Puerto Rico.

Eventually, they decided to do live tours as well and began by going to inner-country towns, where they often filled up the stadiums due to being the only show that visited those places.

This idea worked as the company became ever-growing in national popularity.

It was so popular that American stars started coming over to WWC and wrestling there. Stars such as Abdullah the Butcher, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Dory Funk Jr., Dutch Mantell, and Bruiser Brody all came over to partake in the company's events.

But eventually, all good things must come to an end, and WWC was no exception.

The stars from America started leaving after the infamous murder of Bruiser Brody occurred in the company's locker room, and the convict was never fully punished and was actually allowed to compete again.

The American stars blamed the WWC for not really giving much of a push to fully convict the murderer, and thus decided to leave altogether.

After a few down-years for the company, the company officially changed its name to World Wrestling Council (WWC) around the mid-1990s.

With a name change, they began the "recovery" process, trying to rebuild the company without any added exposure from the American stars.

The company also started featuring some female stars, such as La Tigresa, and making them play an important role in the rehabbing company.

But during their recovery phase, a new rival promotion arrived by the name of the IWA, and it started competing with the WWC for the wrestling fanbase.

They still continue to be rivals to this day, but during their early tenure as rivals, each company tried to outdo one another. 

Many wrestlers started jumping ship from one company to another depending on the better promotion at the time, which was reminiscent of the Monday Night Wars, except to a lesser value.

But eventually, WWC started pushing its homegrown stars. It made stars in its own right, but perhaps the best example of stars made is in the two Colon brothers in Carlito and Eddie Colon(Primo).

In 2004, WWC put the two brothers in a match at their Aniversario PPV.

It was perhaps the best match in WWC's history as it delivered to all the hype.

If you doubt that there was a lot of hype, remember that the owner of WWC is Carlos Colon, who is the dad of the two brothers in Carlito and Eddie Colon.

It was all family hype, as it was not only hyped through the same "Brother vs Brother" feud, but with the family tie-in of their dad being the company owner, too.

It was basically the match and feud that defined the company, and helped bring exposure to the company as well.

How do I know?

Well, in that same year, Carlito was hired by the WWE, who many consider to be the top wrestling promotion in the world, or at least it was until it focused more into entertainment.

Let me repeat. Carlito was HIRED by the WWE! He was also given the United States championship upon his debut! Maybe the exposure from the WWC is not so bad after all.

The WWC must be doing something right if one of its stars in Carlito was hired by the WWE, and if later on, another one of their stars in Eddie Colon was hired by that same mainstream company as well.

But after those two hirings, WWC had lost two of its stars, so it had to focus on more of its homegrown talent again.

So once again, they started focusing on homegrown talent, and the exposure from the two hirings helped them gain more exposure.

It gained more exposure because certain stars from TNA started visiting often and performing in the WWC's shows as well.

More specifically, those TNA stars came to perform at WWC's Aniversario PPV, which is equivalent to WWE's Wrestlemania and TNA's Bound for Glory. (Look at their past PPV cards for proof).

Now, at Aniversario 2011, even more stars are coming as we will get matches such as Mickie James vs Sarita, Eddie (Primo) Colon vs Chavo Guerrero, and Carlito vs Abyss for the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship.

But the stars and PPV are not what make World Wrestling Council the best Puerto Rican promotion in Puerto Rico. 

The reason why WWC is the best Puerto Rican promotion is because despite the lack of wrestling companies in Puerto Rico, WWC is the one with the richest history and the only company to prove that it can rise from its fall.

WWC somehow found a way to persevere through the tough times where declining ratings were ruining it, and when the company became bankrupt as well.

WWC somehow managed to survive with only homegrown talent for a few years, and eventually received its credibility back by putting on a real wrestling show that gave the fans what they wanted, while also delivering to the hype.

It provided, and still does provide, wrestling and entertainment.

It once built up possibly one of the greatest female wrestlers in La Tigresa, along with a few others, and also built stars in Carlito and Eddie Colon before the WWE did.

Currently, WWC is still growing, and if it continues to stick with the plan that made it relevant the first time, it may become big enough that it may soon be able to compete with other wrestling promotions as the best with the most exposure. 

For now, it's still growing and is currently the best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico with the potential of becoming the best in the world today.


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