College Football 2011: Power Ranking the Top 75 Team Logos

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2011

College Football 2011: Power Ranking the Top 75 Team Logos

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    One thing about sports is that no matter what team you pledge your allegiance too, there are always other team logos you may be drawn to.

    Some people may sport the Old English "D," but are not Tigers fans, while other fans could be drawn to the black and gold of the Steelers.

    Logos have the ability to transcend sports loyalty and find their way into fashion. Here are the top 75 logos in college football that have found a way to be found across the nation or very simply, just look awesome.

No. 75: Akron

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    From 2002 until the coming year, Akron has been using some variations of their current logo that all execute the blue and gold school colors.

No. 74: Wake Forest

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    Very simple, but at the same time could be very easily overlooked. The upside for the Demon Deacons is this a big improvement on past logos.

No. 73: Iowa State

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    One of the more current versions of the Iowa State logo is a step in the right direction. The downside is, Iowa's look will always overshadow them inside the state.

No. 72: Buffalo

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    While the team on the field may not be impressive, you have to give Buffalo credit for having a solid-looking logo. However minor, it is a distraction from how bad the team's history is.

No. 71: Rutgers

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    In 2001, Rutgers decided to join other programs by going to the block lettering.

    Unfortunately for them, the logo just does not have the historical power some other programs have.

No. 70: Virginia

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    In 1994, Virginia made a huge upgrade in the logo department with this team logo. You wont hear many Virginia fans complain about the change.

No. 69: Arizona State

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    Arizona State decided this would be the year that they should update their entire look.

    Hopefully next year may be the year they decide to go back to their original look.

No. 68: ECU

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    While the logo and look for ECU are solid, you cannot help but think that a team named the Pirates could have chosen a lot better colors for their logo and uniform.

No. 67: Syracuse

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    Syracuse is one of the teams that has a stronger basketball history than football, but the logo is still widely recognizable and works for the Orange.

No. 66: Houston

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    While Houston does have a look to show off their Cougar, the locking "U" and "H" are a good look, but far from the best block lettering combination.

No. 65: Air Force

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    The Air Force Falcons have an outstanding logo that is fitting for one of our service academies. The light blue and white look great; add in a bit of red, and you could have a very patriotic look.

No. 64: N.C. State

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    While there is certainly nothing wrong with the logo, like ECU, with a strong nickname like the Wolfpack, you would think they could have done better than this.

No. 63: Cincinnati

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    This logo has remained relatively unchanged since 1990. While Cincinnati tried to make the logo look more fierce in 2006, it was not much of an update.

No. 62: South Florida

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    While the South Florida Bulls have not been around that long, the school has done a good job putting together a respectable logo, but with all the other Florida programs, it struggles to get on the radar.

No. 61: Purdue

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    Purdue is a team that should drop the single letter logo and go full time to their other option.

    This is just not a look that does the program justice.

No. 60: Kansas State

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    Before 1989, Kansas State had some logos that would today get them laughed off retail shelves.

    Since making a change, the Wildcats have a unique look for a common nickname.

No. 59: BYU

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    The one thing BYU has done over the years is made the school's logo simpler. As is the case with some of the more classic looks, sometimes less is more.

No. 58: Colorado State

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    The only thing that has really changed for Colorado State has been the green and yellow coloring. Either way, the Rams have put together a good-looking logo.

No. 57: Mississippi State

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    Mississippi State has also found a way to stay close to their original logo. While it may not be as nice as other SEC logos, it is still one of the top 75 logos in the nation.

No. 56: Maryland

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    Like other schools, Maryland has continued to improve their look, and this change in 1997 is their best look to date.

No. 55: Kansas

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    In 1941, Kansas came out with a logo much like this one. Since then, the logo has had very little done to it.

No. 54: Fresno State

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    In 1997, Fresno State went to this Bulldog look and have not looked back. With consistent success, Pat Hill is hoping to help the program take a step forward in 2011.

No. 53: Kentucky

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    Another school whose basketball's history carries more weight is Kentucky. Despite that fact, the Kentucky logo is still a strong look in the historic SEC.

No. 52: Oregon State

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    For 25 years, the Beavers have had this as their program's logo, and it doesn't appear to be heading for a change anytime soon.

No. 51: Indiana

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    Another school to see little change to their logo is the Indiana Hoosiers. Since 1976, the IU has remained virtually the same.

No. 50: Army

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    Next up on the list are the Army Black Knights.

    Since this latest installment in 1994, Army had nowhere to go but up based on their previous logos.

No. 49: Hawaii

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    When you change to anything from the Rainbow Warriors, you deserve all the credit in the world. Give Hawaii credit for finally making that change.

No. 48: Arizona

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    Out of the Pac-12, Arizona has gone with the block lettering since 1990. While there is nothing wrong with the logo, it could be time to utilize the Wildcat nickname better than they have done in the past.

No. 47: Boston College

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    Since 1946, Boston College has had some combination of the BC and Eagle. This is by far the best logo they have had.

No. 46: Colorado

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    Another team to have just played with the shades of their main colors but keep everything else true to form is Colorado.

    Now in the Pac-12, the Buffaloes continue with a look they have had since 1980.

No. 45: Pittsburgh

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    While the logo that shows off the Panther is nice, the very simple PITT logo is straightforward and to the point.

No. 44: Illinois

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    In 2004, Illinois made a move to the simple block "I," and much like others on this list, they made the right move.

    This version of the Illinois logo should stick around for a while.

No. 43: Minnesota

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    Gophers fans and college football fans in general can agree that going with the logo that is not displaying the Gopher is best for Minnesota.

No. 42: Utah

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    Utah has remained steady since 1975 and has kept their logo unchanged. In the coming season, Utah takes its program and logo into the Pac-12 for a chance to reach a new level.

No. 41: Ole Miss

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    Mississippi has done a good job of branding themselves as "Ole Miss," and the logo helps further those efforts. Not much that should be changed at all.

No. 40: Georgia Tech

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    Whether it is the lettering logo or the Yellow Jacket, Georgia Tech has a good look from the colors, through the logo.

    Since 1969, not much has changed—nor should it.

No. 39: Louisville

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    From 1984 on, Louisville has used the Cardinal head as their logo, and that continues today. The cardinal red and overlook of the logo has it creeping toward the midway point of the top 75.

No. 38: Boise State

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    When it comes to Boise State, it generally garners a love-it or hate-it attitude.

    With that being said, the Broncos find themselves toward the middle of that list.

No. 37: Washington State

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    While the Washington State logo may not be flying off merchandise racks around the nation, one thing is for sure: You will always see it flying on Saturday mornings during College GameDay.

No. 36: Cal

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    While the Cal look is very simple, it still looks great.

    To date, it is the best-looking logo the program has gone with.

No. 35: Clemson

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    In 1976, Clemson went with this logo and has left it untouched.

    While simple, it is another example of knowing when to not mess with a good thing in college football.

No. 34: Northwestern

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    A team that had nowhere to go but up off an earlier logo was Northwestern.

    In 1981, the Wildcats moved to this logo and are hoping to finally gain some conference success with it.

No. 33: Washington

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    Throughout their program's history, Washington has kept things simple as well.

    No matter if they went with the Huskies logo or the block "W" logo, it has always been a good look.

No. 32: Texas A&M

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    Easy and simple sums up the Texas A&M logo. The block lettering has made up the Aggies' logo since 1978.

No. 31: Missouri

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    In the past, Missouri's logo resembled the block "M" made famous by Michigan.

    The newest Tigers logo is a great change, and one that should stick around.

No. 30: West Virginia

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    Since 1980, the West Virginia Mountaineers have gone with this logo and have no reason to make a change anytime soon.

No. 29: TCU

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    The Horned Frog has held steady since 1995. As the TCU program gains more steam and moves to the Big East, it will gain more recognition.

No. 28: Texas Tech

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    In 2000, Texas Tech gave their logo a small update to make it look more current, but for the most part, it has stayed the same since 1963.

    Despite a good logo, it is hard to compete instate when you are going up against Texas.

No. 27: Oklahoma State

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    Much like Texas Tech, Oklahoma State is forced to compete with Oklahoma both on and off the field.

    The Cowboys' logo is a good look, but simply does not have the stature the Sooners' logo has.

No. 26: Arkansas

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    Another SEC team toward the top half of the list is Arkansas. The Razorbacks have enjoyed a strong logo history that continues through today.

No. 25: South Carolina

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    The list adds another SEC team, as South Carolina's Gamecock logo gets on the list.

    As simple as it is, the logo can be found all over the college football landscape.

No. 24: North Carolina

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    Recognized all over college basketball, the North Carolina Tar Heels' "NC" has been recognized all over the nation.

    As the football program tries to catch up to the basketball team, it could get even bigger.

No. 23: Virginia Tech

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    Another logo that has been around for almost 30 years is the Hokies' logo.

    With the increased success Frank Beamer has brought to the program, the more widely known the program has become.

No. 22: Stanford

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    Next up is the Stanford Cardinal.

    Once the school made the choice to go with this logo, they haven't looked back—and it's a good thing they haven't.

No. 21: Michigan State

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    Normally when a school is this high on the list, they are not overshadowed by another team in their own state, but that is the boat Michigan State finds themselves in.

    Despite that fact, the Spartans have a great logo and color combination that isn't going anywhere.

No. 20: Oregon

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    Despite their ever-changing uniforms, one thing that has stayed steady over the past decade has been the Oregon "O."

    While it may change colors depending on the helmet the Ducks wear, it is something that has been marketed perfectly.

No. 19: Iowa

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    Iowa not only has great uniforms, but the logo completes the entire uniform.

    With the black and gold combination, Iowa knows they have a winner on their hands.

No. 18: Auburn

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    As we approach the top 15, we find another SEC team getting into the mix.

    Auburn went with this logo in 1966, and fans across the nation are appreciative they have not changed it.

No. 17: Wisconsin

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    The Big Ten continues to represent well, as Wisconsin falls in at No. 17.

    Wisconsin has stuck with the "W" the past 20 years and will continue to be one of the classic conference looks.

No. 16: Penn State

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    Almost as famous as their head coach is their logo. Penn State has one of the most recognizable logos in the nation.

No. 15: LSU

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    Regardless of the small changes made to the LSU logo, the Tigers have always had a strong look.

No. 14: Nebraska

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    Nebraska brings their historic program and great logo to the Big Ten this year.

    Since 1992, Nebraska has stuck with a similar logo, but decided to drop the "Nebraska" across the middle to stick with the block "N." Either way, it is one of the great logos in college football.

No. 13: Tennessee

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    One thing college football fans understand is that when it comes to logos, it is not all about flash, and Tennessee understands that well.

    This SEC logo finds itself just outside the top 10.

No. 12: UCLA

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    Since 1973, UCLA has been going with this logo, and there is no reason to make a switch.

    While you will see the Bruin logo used, the cursive "UCLA" is something seen from coast to coast.

No. 11: Georgia

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    Georgia sits just outside the top 10, but not by much.

    Georgia put together this logo early on and has done exactly what it should do—nothing.

No. 10: Miami

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    The "U" has done a great job marketing themselves the past 20 years and has almost turned this logo into a brand.

    On any Saturday in the fall you can find a Hurricane player putting up the "U."

No. 9: Oklahoma

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    Since they originated the "OU" look in 1967, Oklahoma has made minor changes to the logo, but have remained close to the original.

    The Sooners are a strong program that is not let down by their logo.

No. 8: USC

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    Despite the sanctions placed against the Trojans, high school kids around the nation are still growing up looking to wear the Trojans' logo and will continue to.

No. 7: Texas

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    One of the most well-known logos in the nation is the Texas Longhorn.

    Texas not only has a strong program history, but this logo stretches over decades and will continue to remain unchanged.

No. 6: Florida State

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    Not much has changed for Florida State since the mid 1970's, and that is a good thing.

    Florida State and Florida go toe-to-toe on the field, and they also go up against each other on store shelves throughout the year.

No. 5: Florida

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    Florida has been a force in the SEC for a while now, and their logo lives up to that reputation.

    After making a change in 1992, the Gators have continued to make the logo better and better, and have found a winner.

No. 4: Alabama

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    The best logo in the SEC goes to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    While simple, the logo is timeless and will not undergo a change anytime in the near future.

No. 3: Ohio State

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    Ohio State has also kept things simple and have one of the best logos in the nation, but it is not tops in their own conference.

    For the most part, OSU has kept things the same, and for their fans and program, that is a good thing.

No. 2: Notre Dame

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    While the Fighting Leprechaun is often associated with Notre Dame, the interlocking letters come in right near the top of this list.

    Notre Dame fans can be found around the world, and have fallen in love with the program and the logo that represents it. 

No. 1: Michigan

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    Despite going through a rough patch as of late, no program has done a better job consistently marketing their logo than Michigan.

    The block "M" has become a staple in sports in general, and you will often see fans sporting this logo across the nation.


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