2011 MLB Trade Dealine: 5 Reasons Why Trades Happen

Jacob BieleckiContributor IIJuly 2, 2011

2011 MLB Trade Dealine: 5 Reasons Why Trades Happen

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    During the last weeks of July there will be major trades coming for MLB.  This article will provide some answers as to why major league teams trade away certain players; whether it is to make a playoff push or if they have run into some financial trouble, there is always a reason why teams in MLB trade athletes.

1. Free Agency

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    There are quite a few teams that consistently find themselves in this situation.  Teams like the Cleveland Indians have traded away several players because they didn't have deep enough pockets to keep their players. 

    The Florida Marlins are also victims of this; however, this is mainly due to the fact that their owner, Jeffery Loria, refuses to spend money, which became evident when most of the 2003 World Series team was put on the trading block.

2. Trading Veterans for Youth

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    Teams looking to trade away established superstars for promising younger players is also a reason why a trade could happen.  The Toronto Blue Jays did this with Roy Halladay and more recently with Vernon Wells when they found a willing sap...excuse me, a buyer for him.  In return the Jays received several cream-of-the-crop prospects that can lead them back to their championship days of the '90s.

3. Financial Troubles

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    When a team runs into severe financial issues, trades are sometimes the only way out.  The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets are currently in this pickle. 

    Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was attempting to use the team to pay off his ex-wife through TV deals and other unethical practices, which forced Bud Selig to step in and investigate the team's finances.  If this goes on any longer the Dodgers may have no option but to trade players like Matt Kemp.

    Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon are caught up in a huge lawsuit with victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme since it was revealed that the father and son duo made a substantial amount of money with him.  If the Wilpons lose they would potentially have to pay billions of dollars to Madoff's victims.  This might lead to Jose Reyes being traded to a playoff contender.

4. Playoffs

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    Teams looking to strengthen their lineups may resort to trading prospects away for more experienced players to lead them to the postseason.  This will most likely happen at some point during this season as division races get tighter.

5. Rebuilding

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    Some teams are flat-out awful and need to start again fresh.  That usually means getting rid of veteran players by trading them for younger players.  This is basically the same as slide No. 2, but in this case the team is horrible.  Cliff Lee was traded to the Texas Rangers because the Seattle Mariners knew they were better off trading him for other players.