NFL: The Buffalo Bills and 5 Best NFL Uniform Changes of the Decade

Carlos SandovalAnalyst IIIJune 25, 2011

NFL: The Buffalo Bills and 5 Best NFL Uniform Changes of the Decade

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    The Buffalo Bills unveiled their new uniforms for the 2011 season, and unless you don't know beauty, these dreads are gorgeous.

    You can check them out here. They're very retro and look pretty similar to the swag the Bills rocked back in the 80s. Which isn't a new concept among sports teams in the late 2000s; think the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs and other teams that seen a much more retro-themed uniform scheme.

    It's evident that the change is both sexy and classy, but they aren't the only teams that have done well in making a drastic uniform change.

    Let's look back to this past decade (from 2000 through 2011) to check out the best uniform changes NFL teams have made, shall we?

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5. St. Louis Rams, 2000

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    The St. Louis Rams did a pretty good job back in 2000, switching from the light blue and bright yellow color scheme to a navy blue-and-gold color scheme.

    The concept was obvious: modernize and completely overhaul the uniforms to separate itself from the 90s and uniforms prior. It worked, and the Rams looked like a completely different team. 

    The change was subtle besides the color change, but the Rams did really well in ushering in a new era, one which saw them get to two Super Bowls in three years to open up the decade. 

4. Arizona Cardinals, 2005

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    The Arizona Cardinals' dreads that lasted through 2005 looked pretty basic. The pinstripes were straight; they had the Arizona flag on their sleeve and the entire outfit looked bland.

    When the Cardinals switched things up in 2005, the jerseys became oh so sexy.

    The stripes became curved lines that had an arrow-sharp ending on the tights, adding some flair despite the change being simple. The multi-chromatic scheme on the shirts added an element of complexion and a bold feeling, while adding the name of the team to the front. (Hey, it helped; I barely knew the name of that team until they picked up Kurt Warner.) 

    The team's outfit was a success and brought good karma: They reached their first-ever Super Bowl in 2008 under Kurt Warner. (Maybe it's just Kurt Warner's appearance on teams that cause uniform changes.) 

3. Minnesota Vikings, 2006

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    The Minnesota Vikings donned a uniform that was generally well-respected among NFL fans abroad; the color scheme was attractive, but the jerseys were, let's be honest, overly simplistic.

    The Vikings seemed to be pretty envious of the Cardinals' uniform change in 2005 and did a lot of similar things to overhaul their basic uniforms.

    They added a bit more of a dichromatic scheme to the jerseys, adding yellow to the collars and large white stripes to the sleeves, while also adding some different-colored curves to the sides. The pants also had curved lines to replace the basic stripes.

    The changes resulted in a completely different set of swag for the Vikings—the jerseys became far bolder and way flashier.     

2. Seattle Seahawks, 2002

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    The Seattle Seahawks completely overhauled their old uniforms that had lasted through the 2001 season.

    The colors of green and blue were bright and had a lot of definition, with the theme looking like every other team in the 90s—straight stripes down the side of the pants, pinstripes across the sleeves and an otherwise monochromatic top. The Seahawk on the helmet looked flat, but had some cool-looking blue and green stripes emanating from the back of it. 

    Their change for the 2002 season improved greatly on a pretty awesome uniform. 

    The color blue changed to a darker, teal-ish blue while the green that was so easy to spot in 2001 had nearly disappeared the next season. A lighter teal was added as a secondary color, as well.

    The Seahawk also underwent a makeover, with the bird looking sharper and more slanted, in addition to meaner and bolder.

    They also have an alternate jersey that reminds us all why there are such things as traffic vests.   

1. San Diego Chargers, 2007

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    When Drew Brees left, newly crowned first-time starter Philip Rivers established himself as the leader of the team and Norv Turner was hired, the San Diego Chargers felt compelled to usher in a new era of playoff-choking football because, well, they would actually start becoming a playoff team. 

    (Note: I say this with the utmost respect, since I'm kind of a Chargers' fan.)

    The Chargers' uniforms that lasted through the 2005 season looked pretty bland for the times, with the dark blue being the only color Chargers' fans could see on the field when their team played at home. 

    Then the team made a hell of a change, making the Chargers' unis look meaner and flashier. 

    The basic elements stood—a bolt running alongside the tights remained and bolts on both sleeves stuck where they were. 

    But the shapes that were ushered in proved to be stronger and allowed the bolts to become more defined, while the baby blue was sprinkled in the outlines of numbers and bolts across the uniform; before, baby blue wasn't even present in the main uniforms.

    As a result, the bolts stood out, making everything pop, while reshaping the bolts slightly and making the colors brighter, if even subtly.