2011 NBA Draft Recap: The Best Players That Went Undrafted

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIJune 24, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Recap: The Best Players That Went Undrafted

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    When guys like Chukwudiebere Maduabum, Tanguy Ngombo and Atar Mojak are drafted, it makes you wonder, WHY? Names have nothing to do with how good a player will be, but you’ve never heard of these guys before.

    So why were they drafted? Every year, foreign players who nobody knows are drafted, and legitimate college basketball players go undrafted. This year a very, very high quality list of players went undrafted.

    (In no order of talent)

Why Did They Go Undrafted?

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    Jamie Skeen, VCU

    On his way to the Final Four last season at VCU, Skeen took out many of the nation’s best college players. Skeen is a big threat in the paint and is a good three point shooter for a power forward. With a high basketball IQ and an excellent motor, it’s really strange to me that Skeen
    wasn’t drafted.

    Jacob Pullen, Kansas State

    Pullen was one of the NCAA’s premier clutch three point shooters. And the game doesn’t need to be on the line; Pullen knocks down threes all day. He prove that he could hold his own against some of college basketball’s best players. We could compare Pullen not being drafted to Scottie Reynolds not being drafted last year.

    Scotty Hopson, Tennessee

    Along with the best haircut in this year's draft class, Hopson is also freakishly athletic. At 6’7", Hopson has an insane 6’11" wingspan. Hopson has NBA three point range and has top-notch scoring instincts. He’s also an explosive leaper and would be a very fun player to watch in the NBA’s dunk contests.

    David Lighty, Ohio State

    After four solid years at the Ohio State University, Light going undrafted raises many eyebrows. Lighty is a good shooter and could provide a spark off of many NBA benches. The Lakers had four second round picks, and I feel that he would have been a good choice for them. Light tweeted this a few minutes after the conclusion of the draft, “U will see me in the NBA I promise u that.....”

Why Did They Go Undrafted?

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    Ben Hansbrough, Notre Dame

    Most people who follow college basketball know Hansbrough. Ben is the younger brother of former UNC star Tyler, who now plays in Indiana for Larry Bird and the Pacers. Ben is a great shooter, and I’m surprised a team didn’t pick him up just for his shooting ability alone.

    Diante Garrett, Iowa State

    Garrett, who attended Iowa State University, was thought of as one of the best passers
    in the draft. Garrett averaged over six assists per game as well as 17.3 points per game. After a stellar season at Iowa State, it’s a shame to see him go undrafted.

    Brad Wannamaker, Pitt

    Wannamaker is just solid overall. Seems like a few teams could have brought him in and
    gave him a chance. He has great feel for the game and really knows how to run a productive offense. His three point shooting could use some work, but with a good midrange game, Wannamaker is solid, like I said above.

    Malcom Thomas, San Diego State

    SDSU’s great season wasn’t all because of Kawhi Leonard. Thomas also was a key contributor in San Diego State’s success last season. He put up 11 points per game along with eight rebounds as well. He’s a great athlete, an excellent defender and can block shots too.

Why Did They Go Undrafted?

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     Demetri McCamey, Illinois

    McCamey is a strong, physical point guard with great court vision. He declared for last year's draft but decided to come back for another year at Illinois. Looks like he should have stayed with his decision to enter the 2010 draft.

    Corey Fisher

    Yeah, Corey Fisher, the kid that supposedly dropped 105 points in an NYC summer league game. If
    that doesn’t prove anything, then what will, right? Fisher is an excellent speed, which makes him a forceful penetrator. He could have really been a good guy to develop for the years to come.

    Dwight Buycks, Marquette

    As a fan of Marquette, I was happy to see Jimmy Butler go to the Bulls, but I was also waiting for another former Golden Eagles name: Dwight Buycks, a very solid point guard with a lot of passion for the game. Buycks should find a nice home in one of the Euro leagues and shall enjoy a very good basketball career.

    Terrence Jennings, Louisville

    A great leaper out of Louisville, Jennings has an NBA body and a decent post game that could have helped the Lakers who had four second round picks.

Why Did They Go Undrafted?

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    Kalin Lucas, Michigan State

    Lucas has great court vision and a solid perimeter game. He probably would have been better entering last year's draft.

    Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech

    Delaney is a strong penetrator, but lacks strength and leaping ability, which may be why he went undrafted.

    Dwight Hardy, St. Johns

    Hardy led St. Johns last season as they took down some of the best teams the NCAA had to offer. With deep range on his jumper, I thought more teams would look at Hardy.

    Xavier Silas, Northern Illinois

    There are some great articles on Silas at DimeMag.com. Check them out.

Conclusion and More Guys Who Went Undrafted

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    I understand that there are only 60 picks and over 100 prospects that could definitely make an NBA team. But I feel that most of the players above could have been drafted before a few of the guys that were
    drafted. All of the guys who went undrafted will either find their way to the NBA, NBA Developmental League or will enjoy many lucrative overseas contracts.But these players take huge hits with the cancellation of the NBA Summer League. It takes away their chance to show NBA teams and even overseas teams what they’ve got.

    Others who went undrafted:

    Greg Smith of Fresno State, Jereme Richmond of Illinois, Jamine Peterson of the NBDL, Justin Holiday of Washington, Rick Jackson of Syracuse, Willie Reed of St Louis, Julyan Stone of UTEP, Michael Dunigan of Oregon, Mike Davis Illinois, Delroy James of Rhode Island and Byrquis Perine of UW-Green Bay.

    For more 2011 NBA draft coverage, stay tuned to Bleacher Report for NBA draft results and NBA draft grades.


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