Motorsports Video Power Rankings: 10 Weirdest Racing Fights of the Decade

Camille Jones@annaxcamilleContributor IIIJune 22, 2011

Motorsports Video Power Rankings: 10 Weirdest Racing Fights of the Decade

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    In the top series of racing, drivers and their teams experience high tensions every weekend. When one move goes wrong, some begin to crack while others go out full-force against another driver. Sometimes, the stress of the moment is taken out in very strange ways. There are big brawls, shouting, and even towels are thrown. There's nothing like a racing fight.

    Here, we'll take a look at ten of the most interesting fights to happen on and off the track in some of the top racing series in the world. Have other favorites?

    Feel free to comment on which fights you think were the weirdest of them all. 

10. Brad Keselowski vs. Denny Hamlin: Nationwide Series, Charlotte 2008

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    This one should also be known as the No. 88 vs. the No. 20 fight. 

    Following an on-track altercation between the Keselowski and Hamlin, havoc broke out on pit road between the two crews. Officials fought to control the brawl while fists were swung and the yelling continued. 

    May it be pointed out that at this time Hamlin was racing in the Nationwide Series, but already a cup driver, while Keselowski was a Nationwide regular. 

9. Jeff Gordon vs. Jeff Burton: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Texas 2010

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    Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton... fighting!? What is wrong with the world!?

    It came as a surprise to many fans when two veterans of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series got into it last year at Texas Motor Speedway after an on-track altercation in which Burton made contact with Gordon, sending him into the wall.

    It was an unlikely pairing, but things seemed to have settled between the two. Though, as we always hear in NASCAR, "It ain't over 'til its over." 

    Who knows when a spark could start things back up?

8. Danica Patrick vs. Milka Duno: IndyCar, Mid-Ohio 2008

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    Between Danica dodging the crew members to explain why she was angry and Milka yelling in her Venezuelan accent with a few incomprehensible words thrown in it, the towel-throwing was just the icing on the cake.

    The two ladies got into it after Milka repeatedly cut Danica off in practice at the Mid-Ohio road course. 

    It was certainly one of the major headlines of the whole event. Well, of the whole season, perhaps. 

    Care to see more Milka? Next slide, please.

7. Ryan Hunter-Reay vs. Milka Duno: IndyCar, Watkin's Glen 2010

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    Here, we see Ryan Hunter-Reay, teammate of Danica Patrick, attempting to "speak" with Milka. Not as easy as it sounds, apparently.

    This time around, Hunter-Reay is trying to explain to Duno that she needed to "drive with her mirrors;" is this the equivalent of "if you see a car coming, move out of the way?" 

    There's just something about drivers trying to discuss an issue with Milka that makes me laugh a bit.

6. Paul Tracy vs. Alex Tagliani: Champ Car, San Jose 2006

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    In the midst of the Champ Car race at San Jose, Paul Tracy ran off the track, spun back around, and tried to rejoin the field. Little did he know that Alex Tagliani was in the same line as he rejoined, running right into him and sending them both around.

    Tagliani waited for Tracy to head back from the track, then pounced. It began with yelling and screaming, and then the real fight broke out. 

    Needless to say, Tracy walked away with a scratch, but had he left his helmet on—we could easily have seen two drivers hit the ground.

5. Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

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    I can't even put a date on this one, because no one really knows when it'll end. This wasn't exactly a physical fight or a face-to-face confrontation, but due to wrecks involving both of them, the rivalry is never-ending.

    They've been calm as of late, but who knows if or when this will really end?

4. Jimmy Spencer vs. Kurt Busch: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

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    Over multiple years starting in 2001, Kurt Busch and Jimmy Spencer had a good number of run-ins on the track.

    This is one rivalry you can't explain; just watch and listen.

3. Kurt Busch vs. Tony Stewart: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, 2007-2008

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    Among a variety of incidents between Stewart and Busch, the confrontation taking place at 0:24 is the one that grabbed NASCAR's attention the most. 

    The endangerment of a pit crew member initiated a points penalty and probation, but it didn't stop there. The fighting continued on the track during the following day in practice. The fighting continued into the pits, where we saw just how weird this rivalry had become. 

2. Kyle Busch vs. Kevin Harvick: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Darlington 2011

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    This is yet another example that's difficult to put a date on because it is essentially ongoing.

    This freshly brewed rivalry initially hit a start during the season finale Homestead race in 2010, and picked back up this season when Busch and Harvick went at it after the Darlington race.

    As you can see, this isn't exactly your normal face-to-face contact. 

    The two were put on one month of probation and were just recently taken off of it. There is much more to come between the two of them.

1. Juan Pablo Montoya vs. the Cameraman: F1, 2003

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    In this off-track incident between Juan Pablo Montoya and a camera man, Juan seemed to have gotten a bit loose and drifted into the camera, resulting in his head being "broken." 

    Since being calmed down by his wife and taken away from the situation, all seems to be well, and the hatred between Montoya and the camera seem to be over. 


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