50 Biggest Collisions in Sports

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50 Biggest Collisions in Sports

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    At our core, human beings are a savage bunch.

    So when we see violent collisions, it really gets our blood pumping.

    How else do you explain Philadelphia Eagles fans cheering with glee seeing someone laying on the ground hurt?

    Or hollering like a wild man when I see blood shed after one person crashing into another?

    Here are the Top 50 Most Jaw Dropping Collisions in Sports.

    *Note: Because there are literally thousands of collisions to choose from, and most are forgettable, I most definitely have missed a few. I mean no disrespect to your favorite player or team if I forgot one. It just means I am human. If you give me one that is colossal, I will be happy to include it.

    Thank you. 

No. 50: Carlos Santana, Meet Adam Dunn

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    Maybe not the biggest collision of all time, but quite possibly the funniest.

    I'm guessing Donkey was mad because he probably struck out three times, twice looking, before this play happened.

No. 49: Two Children at Home Plate

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    Listen at the beginning.

    The PA announcer told them not to run into each other.

    And then he declares a tie.

    I want to hang out with this guy.

No. 48: Dirty Soccer Tackle

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    If I saw more of this in the game of soccer, I would watch a lot more.

    Instead, I have to watch 140 lb men squirm on the field for five minutes after being slightly tapped.

    God, I can't wait for football.

No. 47: Mike Cameron vs. Carlos Beltran

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    Because the MLB lives in the stone age and isn't near as cool as the NHL or NBA, they don't allow YouTube videos.

    But having said that, this hit can't be disrespected.

    Mike Cameron needed facial reconstruction after this brutal hit in the outfield.


No. 46: Ronald Petrovicky Sees Stars

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    Mike Richards decided he didn't want Atlanta to have a team anymore, so he took matters into his own hands.

No. 45: T.J. Ward > Chad Ochocinco

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    I think this is why Chad Johnson changed his name to Ochocinco.

    He couldn't remember his old name after this collision.

No. 44: Darren Woodson > Darrell Jackson

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    There are a few ways to put a man to sleep.

    You can go the way of the woman and sing a calming song.

    You can use a common stranglehold know as the sleeperhold.

    Or you you can do this.

No. 43: Isaiah Kala Ka'aihue

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    With all this talk about home plate collisions, these types of collisions are the examples people should talk about when they want a rule change.

    I love home plate collisions. When they are clean.

    This guy wasn't even in the baseline, making it a dirty play.

    Maybe Ka'aihue and his child bearing hips will learn to play nice next time.

No. 42: Milan Lucic > Mike Van Ryn and Glass

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    Lucic almost quit hockey because he was diagnosed with Scheurmann's disease.

    Luckily he didn't, because now I have a great excuse to listen to Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox.

No. 41: Ray Lewis > Dustin Keller

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    I get excited whenever I know that Ray Lewis is on the field, because I know that I will probably have the honor of seeing a massive and violent hit.

    In this instance, I got what I wanted.

No. 40: Rob Blake > Corey Perry

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    I grew up on baseball.

    Admittedly, I don't know much about hockey.

    However, I know about cross checks and hip checks.

    Is this a cup check?

No. 39: Adam Everett Carlos Lee

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    Adam Everett's face says it all.

    Anytime Carlos Lee is coming at you with a full head of steam, something that will hurt a lot is about to happen.

No. 38: Brian Campell > R.J. Umberger

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    Sometimes, the comments are more entertaining than the YouTube video itself.

    This is 100% true when rap videos are involved.

    Blackhawks928 described this hit in Game 1 of the 2006 Stanley Playoffs better than I ever could:

    "How would you like your Umberger? Knocked the **** out!!"

No. 37: Niklas Kronwall > Martin Havlat

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    Havlat later voted that Niklas' name should legally be changed to Brickwall.

    The Blackhawks had their revenge a year later when they drank from Lord Stanley's Cup.

No. 36: Ray Maualuga: The Undertaker

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    UCLA quarterback Patrick Cowan decided to run to the sideline, but before he could reach his destination, Ray Maulaluga did his best to make it his final destination.

No. 35: Niklas Kronwall > Dany Heatley

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    To answer the announcer's question of why Heatley is going to the locker room, it is because he had to have a psychological evaluation after seeing the face of God after Kronwall's hit.

No. 34: Darius Kasparaitis > Eric Lindros

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    Keep your head up.

    Lindros was out 18 games because of this hit.

No. 33: Ray Lewis > Chad Ochocinco

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    There are two people in this world I wouldn't ever mess with in the entire world.

    One is the fictional character Khal Drago of HBO's Game of Thrones.

    The other is Ray Lewis. This is why.

No. 32: Dion Phaneuf > Denny Hamel

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    Maybe Denny Hamel said he was head over heels over Elisha Cuthbert, so Phaneuf made him pay by putting his heels over his head.

No. 31: Bryan Marchment vs. Kyle Wanvig

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    The Knee Destroyer Specialist decided it was time for a body check in the middle of the ice.

    Unfortunately for Wanvig, he was Marchment's victim when he decided it was time.

No. 30: Darcy Tucker > Sami Kapanen

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    Sami Kapanen was just standing there, minding his own business and then...


    Right in the kisser.

No. 29: Dustin Brown > Matt Cooke

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    How is your head Cookie?

    Listen at the :21 mark.

    Somebody yells it, pardon their French.

No. 28: Derek Boogaard > Rene Bourque

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    This is why they call him the Boogeyman!!!

    Actually, I don't know if they do.

    Do they? 

    They should.

No. 27: Simon Dwyer > Jared Waerea-Hargreaves

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    "Was that a beauty or a bruty?"

    Can't it be both?

No. 26: Cory Sarich > Patrick Marleau

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    That is my puck!

    Nobody ever touches my puck!

    Man, I love me some excuses to throw out some Happy Gilmore quotes.

No. 25: Scott Stevens > Ron Francis

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    Scott Stevens has made a living making hits like these.

    I honestly think he stays up at night like a madman, just obsessing over destroying someone in the next athletic activity he participates in.

No. 24: Zack Follet > Danny Amendola

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    It's not the Emerald City.

    Or the Windy City.

    But it does have Zack Follet burying people, Robo Cop and a high crime rate, so it's Violent City.

No. 23: Pablo Sandoval Gets Kung Fu Panda'd

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    Before Pablo Sandoval was waddling around the bases as Kung Fu Panda, he was in the minor leagues, taking enormous hits like this one.

    He held on as well.

    What a badass.

No. 22: The Catch II

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    When I first saw this hit, I thought T.O. would disappear, similar to the people who disappear in War of the World with Tom Cruise.

    No way do I blame Owens for crying after this.

No. 21: Josh Lewsey > Mat Rogers

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    Rugby is absolutely terrifying and makes all other sports look like ballet.

    These hits happen with no pads, no protection, not anything.

    I doubled over in pain just watching this.

No. 20: Dion Phaneuf > Rostislav Oslez

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    Phaneuf referred to this hit as his biggest in the 2004 World Junior Championships.

    I can't say I disagree.

No. 19: Ryan Clark > Willis McGahee

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    I read somewhere in a magazine that I completely made up that Ryan Clark enjoys science fiction.

    He likes it so much that he tried to hit McGahee into the 5th dimension.

No. 18: Dunta Robinson > DeSean Jackson

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    Jackson is still lying on the ground after being buried by Robinson.

    Wait, no he isn't.

    He is probably relaxing somewhere near a body of water while the rest of us walk around dazed and confused, not knowing whether we will have football or not.

No. 17: Scott Stevens > Eric Lindros

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    Usually, the 6'4, 245 pound freight train dishes out the extreme punishment.

    But when you enter Scott Stevens domain, you will most likely find yourself lying on the ice, wondering what just happened.

No. 16: Storm Catcher Mitch Canham > Rancho Catcher Flint Whipke

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    Whipke, being on his knees, must have been begging to get buried.

    Canham was more than willing to pull out his shovel and start digging.

No. 15: Matt Cepicky > Andy Dominique

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    Sure, the hit was huge.

    But Marlon Byrd in center field everybody!

    I have never had the opportunity to truck someone over.

    Is it fun? 

    It looks fun.

No. 14: Random Catcher Collision

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    What makes this hit even better is that the catcher held on to the ball.

    The guy was out.

    Talk about getting an out the hard way.

No. 13: Reggie Brown > Junior Rosegreen

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    The YouTube video cut out just before Chris Tucker ran on to the field and yelled "You just got knocked the **** out!"

    Don't worry, Brown is okay now.

    He is a practice squad member on the Tampa Bay Bucs.

No. 12: Scott Stevens > Paul Kariya

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    In his final appearance on this list, Scott Stevens was so afraid of the Mighty Ducks pulling out the unstoppable flying V, he put an end to it before it could start.

No. 11: Cory Sarich

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    I don't know who the poor soul is who received this hit since there about a total of four pixels on this video.

    But what I do know is that I don't think it would be very much fun doing a flip on top of some ice.

    Just saying.

No. 10: Buster Posey Hit by Scott Cousins

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    A lot has been made about this play involving Posey.

    Apparently, Cousins has been receiving death threats.

    Can we stop being such wussies in today's age and realize that this clean play is part of the game of baseball?

No. 9: Owen Franks Kills People

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    Anytime a YouTube videos title begins with BONE CRUSHING!!! and the man who is hit is having blood ooze from his head, just know that by the end of the video, I am probably celebrating like a child who just received an N64 on his birthday.

    I'm sorry.

    I have problems.

No. 8: Quentin Coryatt

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    Coryatt reminded this wide receiver why they earned the nickname Wrecking Crew.

    Good to see a skinny cornerback fist pumping towards a defenseless human being.

No. 7: Anquan Boldin: Man Amongst Boys

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    If you had told me Anquan Boldin didn't play in the NFL anymore after this hit, I would have believed you.

    But I see him playing, and I still don't believe it.

No. 6: Maryland Baseball

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    I can't make any jokes about his collision in a contest between the Miami Hurricanes and the Maryland Terrapins.

    This crap is just plain scary.

No. 5: Scott Stevens > Viktor Kozlov

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    Just in case the Russians forgot that America dominates everyone, Scott Stevens reminded him in the harshest way possible.


    You're telling me Stevens is Canadian?


    Well, I guess even our little brother dominates Russia!

No. 4: Johnny Damon and Damian Jackson

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    In this slide, you get to watch a rare MLB video on YouTube, AND learn something.

    Aren't I just amazing?

No. 3: Darrell Reid > Chris Henry

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    Chris Henry thought he arrived in Never Never Land after Darrell Reid decided to run full speed through him.

No. 2: Pete Rose > Ray Fosse

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    Probably the most famous baseball collision in the sports history.

    Remember, this was in an All-Star game.

    Can you imagine this happening in today's All-Star game?

    Me neither.

No. 1: Sheldon Brown > Reggie Bush

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    This collision was in honor of the day of my birth.

    All I wanted was a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, but a collision that created such force that a star could be begat from it works too.

Additions from Readers

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    Like I promised, here are some epic collisions that make my entire body hurt...

    Thanks guys, keep reading!

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    "Where does this one fit in???" - Ben Kelly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNAWvhfBlNo 

    Answer: At the top. Good God.

    From Kevin Iszler: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPbraVljIrc



    Ben Ben:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uh_aWqm2I0&feature=related

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    Pringle 00: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wfu46ZGHm-U

    Trevor Bourdette: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGsutVPOXw Sean Taylor RIP

     Gary Cooper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3byTNRoxujo Massive soccer injury