Floyd Mayweather Giving Back to Genaro Hernandez: Money May Paying for Funeral

Clayton HollowayContributor IIIJune 13, 2011

Nothing in this world is cheap. Cars, clothes, gas, living and even when you die, its expensive.

Former Super Featherweight champion Genaro "Chicanito" Hernandez passed away last week at the age of 45 after losing his battle with cancer.

Chicanito had a great 14 year career only losing twice; once to Oscar De La Hoya and losing his championship in his last fight, to then 21 year old Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather (41-0, 25 KOs) has had a superstar career ever since defeating Herandez and winning his first title.

Floyd Mayweather has always appreciated and thanked Hernandez for giving him the opportunity to fight for his belt and apparently he still appreciates it to this day.

There are many stories circulating different boxing websites, boxingscene.com, eastsideboxing.com and even Elie Seckbach the YouTube boxing sensation uploaded a video talking about how Floyd Mayweather Jr is paying for Genaro Hernandez's funeral.

My first impression seeing Seckbach's video was, "Wow! That's very admirable of Mayweather!"

Mayweather is known for flaunting his money, even giving himself the moniker, Money Mayweather a few years back. I personally have seen him spend and tip large amounts of money with my very own eyes.

The way he comes off to the public is, arrogant, flashy, spoiled, cocky, etc. the list can go on and on.

One thing is certain though, if this story is true, you have to set biases aside and acknowledge the good deed he is doing.

As someone who has last a few family members these past few years, I can tell you funerals are very expensive. I saw the financial frustration my mother and aunt went through these past couple of years to pay for my grandmother's and nana's funerals. Definitely something you don't want to empty your bank account for but it had to be done.

Prior to Hernandez's death he had been out of the ring for nearly 13 years. I don't know his or his family's financial situation but I assuming they could have used a little help.

An average cost of a funeral can reach up to $15,000 according to funeralplanning101.com. Now to Floyd Mayweather, that is nothing. The guy is notorious for carrying around $20,000 with him on any given day. Not everyone is Floyd Mayweather though and 15 grand to the average household is a lot of money.

But that's not the point. He didn't have to step up to the plate and help out the Hernandez family... but he did and that speak volumes. That shows a lot about the man. You call that character.

Now the Mayweather critics are most likely going to say its a publicity stunt. I don't think so. I think the guy has a heart and at times he isn't afraid to use his money for a good cause.

What do you think?

To check out the Elie Seckbach's video, click on the video above.