Allan McNish Video: Watch Debris Pelt Spectators as McNish Flips over Fence

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJune 11, 2011

Allan McNish Video Sees No. 3 Audi Slam into Barrier in France

The 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans started of typically on Saturday, with race cars zooming through the track at high velocities.

Some would even say it started off a little uneventfully, as evidenced by the speed of Lola Aston Martin's No. 22, which appeared to be a little behind the pace at the start of this video.

But Allan McNish wasn't going to go quietly into that good night.

The next shot in the video sees McNish flying into Anthony Beltoise's No. 58 Ferrari with reckless abandon, skidding across the gravel, then shattering into a barricade of tires, which, I think it's safe to say, did its job (although I would presume the man running away from that renegade tire wouldn't agree).

This is one of those crashes where you expect the worse to happen, and it's amazing that McNish reportedly walked away from this and no one was harmed.

In fact, it appeared all the exploding debris from the collision didn't nick a soul, which is miraculous given the amount of debris that flew through the air after impact.

McNish was taken to a medical center and then a nearby hospital for checks after the crash.

McNish's crash on Saturday emphatically demonstrates how dangerous car racing truly is (despite all the advancements in safety) and how each and every race drivers are putting themselves in harm's way in exchange for their passion of the sport.

Every one of the 56 drivers in the race's 79th edition on Saturday should be praised for their commitment to a sport that can turn disastrous at any moment.

McNish's crash was only further proof of this.