Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Jess KContributor IIIJune 7, 2011

Deep sea fishing has always been a thrill, a rush of excitement for the adrenaline junkies of the angling world. When you’re looking for a new fishing challenge hop aboard a chartered boat and reel in the fish of a lifetime.

Deep sea fishing is done in waters 30 ft. or deeper a fair distance from land, it’s also known as offshore fishing. This type of fishing allows anglers to catch a big game fish like tuna, sharks, marlin and swordfish. These are species that anglers would not be able to find if in shallower waters because they need they hunt off shore on schooling fish. Deep sea fishing is an experience of a life time, reeling in those big game fish is an adventure and will be quite a fight for any thrill seeking angler.

There are many locations anglers can go deep sea fishing. Many of these locations offer a wide range of different types of game fish depending on what the angler is looking to target. Some of these popular locations include: Cancun, St. Lucia, Hawaii, Prince Edwards Island and many other coastal areas. Research your location before heading out for a fishing trip; you want to make sure these fish are in season and what species live in which areas of water.

Before loading up the boat with your reel and fishing gear it is important to keep a few things in mind.

1. Be one with nature: in order to have the most success out on the water it is important for any angler to be aware of their surroundings. If you know the area well it will be easier to catch these game fish.

2. When fishing for tuna keep an eye out for other species: dolphins and tuna often school together, therefore it’s important to know the difference between the two species, and make sure not to catch a dolphin.

3. Fish close to a reef: smaller fish live near reefs which is a gold mine for bigger species come feeding time.

4. First time deep sea fishing, go with an expert: if you are a novice angler who has never been deep sea fishing before it’s a good idea to go with someone who has. These experienced anglers will know the waters well and potentially where to catch the game fish. Also for safety reasons having an expert angler will help protect you in case of an emergency.

5. Practice boat safety: it is important to have a boat big enough to handle the rough waves while at sea, as well be able to hold all your gear. Depending on the day the waves may be heavy and your boat must be able to withstand this environment. It’s also important to fish with an expert if you have never deep sea fished before. These experts will give you advice on where the “hot spots” are to catch these game fish, as well as protect you in case of an emergency.

This summer plan a trip with some of your buddies for a weekend of deep sea fishing. The thrill will have you speechless and your adrenaline will be through the roof. Remember the tips before heading out on your adventure of a life time, it’s time to load up the boat and head out to the deep blue waters!