TNA News: TNA Says They Have Severed Ties with Chyna and Jeff Hardy Trial Update

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIJune 4, 2011

It is being reported by TMZ.com that the contract between former WWE female wrestler Chyna and TNA has been terminated.

Things between her and the company became shaky after it was reported that Chyna was working on her second adult film. Despite that, the two sides had continued to work towards a long-term contract, and there were some reports that it was already signed, but talks seemed to have stopped.

TMZ reports that Chyna was told by TNA that if her second sex tape, "Backdoor Into Chyna," was released by Vivid Video later this month, she would never work for them again. TNA has since told Chyna that their previous contract offer is off the table for good. Chyna told TMZ, "The whole thing has been constant drama ... it's all good in the end ... [TNA] is missing the boat ... FREEDOOOOOM!" 

My personal thoughts on the subject are this: I don't really care.

Chyna is a good women's wrestler, don't get me wrong, but if she wants to do her own thing then she should go do her own thing. She was at a crossroad in life and choose the adult film business over wrestling, and that's fine.

TNA did the right thing here. Theres a big difference between one of your wrestlers posing for playboy and one of your wrestlers being in a "hardcore" adult film. On that note, anyone that would want to see Chyna in an adult film needs to take a serious look at themselves in the mirror and get their lives together.

The sad thing is that by working with TNA for the little time that she did, Chyna probably screwed herself (no pun intended) out of getting into the WWE's Hall of Fame anytime soon, if not ever. 

In other TNA news, Jeff Hardy's drug case has been delayed once again. The never-ending drug trial feels like one of TNA's storylines it's been going on so long. The reason for the delay is that Moore County Sentencing Services program administrator Becky Carlson missed her June 1st deadline for Hardy's evaluation. The trial is now set to take place June 27th.

Also TNA is now branding its live events as the "Impact Wrestling World Tour." 

Thanks for reading and please comment bellow on everything from if TNA made the right move, if you're getting Chyna's new sex tape (and if so why), whether the Jeff Hardy trial will ever happen or just whatever you'd like to comment about.


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