Are the Oakland Raiders Still the Winningest Team in the NFL?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 22, 2011

By defeating the Kansas City Chiefs next season, the Oakland Raiders will improve their record as NFLs winningest team!
By defeating the Kansas City Chiefs next season, the Oakland Raiders will improve their record as NFLs winningest team!Tim Umphrey/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders had for decades been known as the "Winningest Team in the NFL." However, the past decade has not been nice at all for the Raiders. The team had gone through various coaches such as Art Shell, Lane Kiffin and Tom Cable. The team spirit seemed to be lacking and veterans that were brought in to elevate play seemed to slumber themselves.

There were of course some stellar players, but the coaching was at best average until head coach Tom Cable was able to turn things around in the last two seasons. The biggest factor for losing games was the NFL's biggest draft bust named JaMarcus Russell. As a QB, he literally sank the Oakland Raiders. However, this article is not about Russell.

Although they were in a slumber, the Raiders have still managed to come out last season with a perfect 6-0 against their rivals. They also improved to an 8-8 record having improved the running game and opening the passing game as well.

But the question still remains: Are the Oakland Raider still the "Winningest Team in the NFL?

The Chicago Bears have the record for most games won, but versus the Raiders they are tied 6-6. Yet when it comes to wins against opponents, then the Raiders seem to have that record owned.

The Raiders currently have a .500 or better record against 24 of 31 teams in the National Football League. The seven teams that have a better record against the Silver and Black are the Baltimore Ravens (1-5), the Houston Texans (1-5), the Jacksonville Jaquars (1-4), the Kansas City Chiefs (47-52), the New England Patriots (14-14 with 1 tie) and lastly the New Orleans Saints ( 5-5 with 1 tie).

Looking at the numbers above it's easy to see that the Raiders can improve upon that record by defeating the Patriots this season. The same rule applies to the Saints as they are also in a tie with the Silver and Black and one win from the dark side would improve the record.

As for the other teams, the Oakland Raiders are not scheduled to play them this season, but in time, the Raiders will meet them, and the results should be positive as the team looks to be improved since the hiring of Hue Jackson.

This season the Raiders will once again play their AFC West rival Kansas City Chiefs, and if this season is a repeat of last, then the record moves to a 49-52. Last season the Oakland Raiders poured it on as Jacoby Ford was simply too much for CB Brandon Flowers to contain.

It is great news to hear that even though the Silver and Black has been in a "lull" since Super Bowl 2002, they are still the ones to defeat. The Raiders have defeated so many opponents that if they were to leave the planet for a year and return they would still carry the title as "NFL's Winningest Team!"

Life is good if you are a Raider fan. Writing this article, coach John Madden comes to mind as the Raiders won a lot of games under his coaching. In fact, Madden's record is 112 wins, 39 losses and seven ties.

Madden was a Super Bowl winning head coach and was also the youngest coach to reach 100 career regular season wins! It should be noted that he compiled his wins in 10 seasons.

Madden contributed in a huge manner to the Oakland success, and because of him they are the "winningest team" ever. Madden's winning percentage, including playoff games, places second in NFL history. Not only did he win a Super Bowl, but he never had a losing season.

Now that's remarkable, and there is no other coach in the NFL that will ever come close to what John Madden has done for the Silver and Black!  

Go Oakland Raiders and let's continue defeating opponents til we get to Super Bowl win No. 4 in 2011!


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