WWE: Honky Tonk Man and the 25 Greatest Intercontinental Champions Ever

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WWE: Honky Tonk Man and the 25 Greatest Intercontinental Champions Ever

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    Here comes the rain again Bleachers

    Time to hide away inside my cocoon and work on yet another piece of literature for your eyes to meet.

    Next Sunday at Over The Limit, we finally have an Intercontinental championship match scheduled between Wade Barrett, the champion, and Ezekiel Jackson.

    How many pay-per-views ago has it been now since this great title was defended? Let's just say, there was snow on the ground.

    It is unfortunate because this championship has a rich and prosperous history and should never be taken for granted.

    There is a link between holding this title and making it big in a superstar's career. Not convinced? Ask Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin to name a few.

    Each held this prosperous belt and reached the highest pinnacles pro-wrestling had to offer.

    There have been so many to hold such an honor.

    Who are the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time? Let's shake, rattle and roll into it right now to find out. 

Pat Patterson: The Very First One

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    Number of reigns: one

    Born in Montreal, Quebec.

    He is the first man to ever hold this title.

    As South American Champion, he battled then North American Champion Ted DiBiase in Rio de Janeiro on September 15th, 1979 and won the match to unify the championships thus creating the "Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion."

    His reign lasted until April the following year, losing his title to Ken Patera.

    Pat Patterson is now a retired WWE producer who still acts as a consultant. Many rising stars could profit from his tutelage as he truly is an inspiration.

    Being the first one allows him the honor of being named one of the greatest champions of all time.

Tito Santana

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    Number of reigns: two


    Tito Santana is one of those good old, classic WWE superstars that was popular yet never won the World Championship.

    Winning his first title from "Magnificent" Don Muraco on February 11th, 1984 and defending it proudly until a sneaky Greg Valentine rolled him up for the pin and the title.

    He regained it from "The Hammer" in 1985 during a cage match, and following his loss, Valentine destroyed the belt and so the company was forced to create another—the one we still love today known as "classic Intercontinental title belt" sold on WWE.com.

    Tito finally dropped his title again to a treacherous Randy Savage after "Macho" hit him over the head with a brass ring at the Garden in Boston on February 8th,1986.

    That was the last singles title he'd ever hold, but he did manage to capture the Tag Team championship along with Rick Martel as "Strike Force" in 1987.

    He is now a WWE Hall of Famer, class of 2004 and was recently seen announcing the arrival of Alberto Del Rio on an episode of RAW this past November.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

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    Number of reigns: one

    I love Miss Elizabeth. R.I.P beautiful lady.

    The "Macho Man" was one of the longest-reigning champions with over 410 days. What a reign it was.

    This man is an exceptional superstar. His matches are always full of quality, and with the lovely Liz by his side, they were also the most wonderful to watch.

    His accomplishments speak for themselves, and this man shares the honor of having one of the greatest matches in pro-wrestling history along with Rick Steamboat for their performance at WrestleMania III.

    Though he lost the match and his title, Savage was assured a great and prosperous career afterwards as he captured his first WWE championship the following year.

    To me, he is like a prequel to Shawn Michaels. Not so much the "macho" stuff but more like the glam, the clothes and ruse he displayed. Both had beautiful women by their side, and both shared some similarities in the ring.

    Today, there is not much of a trace of Savage in WWE as the two parties had a falling out over rumors of Savage flirting with then-underage Stephanie McMahon. These are just rumors. Nobody knows the truth better than the respective parties.

    I expect Savage to return someday. Perhaps, he could be the RAW GM? They have recently commissioned some figurines of Randy and last year his DVD collection came out.

    Could those be signs? 

The Ultimate Warrior

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    Number of reigns: two

    The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite of all superstars back in the day when I was but a wee babe.

    He ended the Honky Tonk Man's long and prosperous reign at the very first SummerSlam in 1988—under nine seconds!

    Nobody could stop the freak of nature, and the fans rallied behind him enough to rival even Hulkamania.

    The carnage he brought to the ring was beyond anyone's control until a certain "Ravishing" one arrived and pulled the upset of the year at WrestleMania V. Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan outsmarted the Warrior and delivered onto him his first defeat.

    The Ultimate Warrior, high on Rude's tail, finally recaptured the gold at SummerSlam 1989, with a little help from Roddy Piper of course. 

    Having him as champion once more led to us asking the question: Who could stop him now?

    The answer was no one.

    Not even Hulk Hogan could defeat him as the two icons met in the main event of WrestleMania VI dubbed "The Ultimate Challenge."

    The Ultimate Warrior captured the WWE championship, and is to this day, the only man to ever hold both titles simultaneously.

    This man's career has met highs and lows, and now, he has returned to parts unknown where he and his "opinions" can fade to nothingness.

    Perhaps, if he is lucky enough he may enter the WWE Hall of Fame.  

"Ravishing" Rick Rude

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    Number of reigns: one

    "Ravishing" Rick Rude was another who, despite a great career, never claimed the world title. He was a great superstar and in phenomenal shape.

    He definitely represented the 80s with his trademark perms and did what few others could do and handed the Ultimate Warrior his first defeat and stole the Intercontinental Championship.

    Back then, I loathed him for that. I couldn't stop and rejoiced when Warrior reclaimed the gold on my birthday in SummerSlam 1989. The very first event I attended. What a night!

    Rick Rude was great when I think of him now. Amazing promos, great body and always bringing the best of himself in the ring are some of the attribute required to make one person a superstar.

    I know I didn't put him in the 20 most-hated wrestlers list, but it called for 20 and not 25 but I could easily have put him in. He was a heat generator.

    Do you know he was also part of the original DX formation back in 1997?

    Unfortunately, Rick Rude passed away back in 1999 at age 40. So young. We will always remember him for the great athlete he was and for the times he picked a woman from the crown to give her the "Rude Awakening."

    What I'd like to have right now, if for all you fat, out of shape, Bleacher Report sweathogs...to keep the noise down while I keep on writing and show you what a real, sexy writer is supposed to look like...Hit the music!

    R.I.P Rick

Mr. Perfect

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    Number of reigns: two

    Curt Hennig a.k.a Mr. Perfect was a rare specimen. 

    It still puzzles me to this day as to why he was never awarded a WWE championship.

    The times were different then as champions reigned much longer and pay-per-view events were months apart. The golden age if you will.

    He did have the honor of being a long champion with his second reign lasting 280 days. He won his first title during a tournament due to the Warrior winning the WWE championship and thus had to vacate the IC belt.

    His were always great, technical matches. Only few had the actual hands-on talent he possessed, and it took one of the such to defeat him.

    Bret Hart won the intercontinental title from Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam 1991. A well-timed defeat as Hennig retired for a while to nurse a career-ending back injury.

    Some say that was one of the reasons he never reached the top. He returned later but never again matched the glory days he once knew.

    He passed away amid controversy in 2003 after overdosing on cocaine and painkillers. Not a perfect end to such a "perfect" superstar.

    His legacy will live on as his son Joseph Hennig, known as Michael McGillicutty, is part of the WWE roster under the RAW banner.

    Could a Henning hold the title again? History may yet repeat itself.

Bret "Hitman" Hart: The Best There Is, Was and Ever Will Be

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    Number of reigns: two

    The "Excellence of Execution" Bret Hart is the greatest wrestler that ever lived. Forget Ric Flair. This man defeated every superstar from Roddy Piper to Hulk Hogan to Goldberg.

    He won the title from an equally great Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam 1991 in front of his family and began the great singles career that stands to this day.

    Bret Hart is my all-time favorite superstar. There is no denying he has done everything there is to do in the business. He was even general manager of RAW last year for those who didn't know.

    One of his great Intercontinental Championship matches occured in London, England in front of over 80 000 people. He lost his championship to brother in-law Davey Boy Smith but gained so much respect and admiration from fans everywhere.

    Not surprising, his first WWE title reign started two months later when he defeated a top icon, Ric Flair, in Saskatoon, Canada.

    He also has one IC title match that has made history yet people never talk about. A ladder match between him and Shawn Michaels back in 1992. There is little record on this one, but Bret Hart claimed many times including in his autobiography that he, not Shawn, was the creator of the legendary match type.

    I don't dispute nobody. I just love my ladder matches and thank both Hart and Michaels for giving us some of the most brilliant moments in WWE history.

    He is still alive and welcomed in WWE. I hope we see the likes of him sooner rather than later.

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels: The Icon, the Showstopper, the Main Event.

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    Number of reigns: three

    I always though that Intercontinental Championship belt looked best on the "Heartbreak Kid."

    The same great things I said about Bret Hart can be said here...with some variation of course as the two disliked each other for years.

    HBK proved to us even the small guys can become legends.

    He was scheduled to win the title from Bret Hart in the summer of 1992, but after they learned it was to be in England, the British Bulldog took the strap instead followed by Michaels a few months later. It was just a small delay, nothing major. 

    He participated in yet another legendary Intercontinental title match. This time at WrestleMania X. The famous ladder match against Razor Ramon. This was to crown an undisputed champion as both claimed to be the one. Ramon won the match...just watch it!

    The title is truly a key to further one's career as it certainly worked for Shawn. His three reigns were always filled with excitement. HBK really played his character well, even if he lost the title.

    I remember one moment in 1993 where he does a promo saying he was going to win the Rumble and just threw the belt away and said: "Out with the old and in with the new." It was hilarious and the best part was, he was still disputing the fact Razor Ramon was Intercontinental Champion then.

    Shawn Michaels, you made this championship so great, and I loved watching you defend it.

"The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon a.k.a Scott Hall

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    Number of reigns: four

    Oja me chico! Everyone listen to me...Razor Ramon. I got gold around my fingers, gold around my neck and now I've gold...around my waist.

    Scott Hall as Razor Ramon is the first man to ever capture the Intercontinental Championship more than two times. No one had ever done that before, and I was wondering if we'd ever see it happen.

    Those were the good days unlike today where titles change hands like hot potatoes. Championships had value and holding this one meant something really special.

    After his feud with HBK, Razor battled the likes of Jeff Jarrett and his infamous roadie, whom I just wanted to layeth the smack down on.

    Since he, HBK and Kevin Nash paraded around as "The Kliq," it was very rarely we'd see any of them without a title.

    At one point, Shawn Michaels had to forfeit his belt because of a legitimate injury (that one he got after being assaulted by Marines.) Dean Douglas was awarded the belt but had to defend against fellow "Kliq" member Ramon right away.

    It seems controversy never leaves Hall's side. Douglas lost the belt that night and left WWE soon after.enraged.

    Razor Ramon never held the world title, but he sure was a character we will remember always. There will never be another like the "Bad Guy."

    He is now engaged in a serious battle to save his own life from years of addiction and fellow Kliq members stand by his side every minute.

    We, the WWE Universe and fans of pro-wrestling wish you health and recovery. We appreciate your contributions to the sport and hope to see you well and standing in a WWE ring someday alongside your best buddies. 

"Double J" Jeff Jarrett

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    Look at that silly hat...I want to knock it off!
    Look at that silly hat...I want to knock it off!

    Number of reigns: six

    "Double J" Jeff Jarrett...whenever I hear that name, my fists tighten up and I want to beat up a pillow!

    He was without a shadow of a doubt a truly hated wrestler, always sneaking and stealing what wasn't his, namely the Intercontinental title.

    With the help from the Roadie a.k.a Road Dogg Jesse James (New Age Outlaws), he secured his first two titles at the expense of Razor Ramon back in 1995.

    The more I hated him, the more it confirmed he made it as a true "heel," and he was the type of champion you'd just despise...always getting away with it. 

    I figured after six reigns, you do deserve a place amongst the greatest. He is also the one who helped make history and allowed Chyna to become the first female champion ever. 

    Now he, along with Chyna, are both in TNA wasting their time until perhaps they return home to WWE with poppa Vince waiting to deliver a whippin'.

"The Bizarre One" Goldust

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    Number of reigns: three

    Dustin Rhodes was amazing in his Goldust persona back in 1996. Mysterious, plotting and well, let's face it...gay?

    I thought he had a great entrance music and holding the gold made his theme all that more interesting.

    There were skits with Goldust and "Marlena" trying to play mind games with their opponents and him just "wearing" the title...hilarious!

    I have no idea why he never really had a long reign. He lost it once due to an unclear decision but simply took it back minutes later...so silly.

    We can forget about his last reign of two weeks in 1999 after beating Road Dogg...I don't know what that served but it IS in the history books; he lost the belt quickly to The Godfather on April 12th, 1999.

    I still think Goldust served a great purpose in WWE today. His younger brother Cody Rhodes is on fire, and many could use the expertise of such a ring veteran.

    The future is on hold for him now as he recovers from an injury. He also announced that it would soon be time to retire. 

    We haven't seen the last of him though...

Hunter Hearst Helmsley a.k.a Triple H

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    Number of reigns: five

    Yes...yes, it's him!

    The blue blood from Greenwich, CT. Hunter Hearst Helmsley later known to us as the 13-time world champion and holder of a zillion championships, Triple H, the King of Kings.

    That was a silly gimmick back then, but this guy had THE entourage. "The Kliq" watched each other's backs.

    After being punished for the infamous "MSG Incident" where they all broke character in front of people, he came out of a losing slump and captured his first title from Marc Mero on October 21st, 1996.

    His career has always been met with injuries. At one point, he became a "face" and won the title for the second time in a great ladder match against none other than The Rock at SummerSlam 1998.

    What could have been such a perfect run with the championship was cut short by a knee injury. Too bad.

    Oh well...he did go on to win world titles and everything else in the universe including the heart of Stephanie McMahon.

    On a side note...the "Two-Man Powertrip" pairing with Stone Cold in 2001 was a great time to watch WWE. The two of them held all the gold at the same time. It was cut short again by injury...sigh!

    Triple H is nearing the end of his in-ring years, BUT he is now leading the way as creative director to ensure the future looks brighter than it has in years.

    I just hope he gives the Intercontinental Championship a new life and returns its luster that we so desperately want and need. 

Rocky Maivia a.k.a the Rock

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    Number of reigns: two

    I wonder if The Rock looks back on this as a mistake or a learning curve.

    He looked awful back then but still managed to defeat a young Triple H for the title on RAW in February 13th, 1997.

    His first "face" run never got the reaction desired and so he turned into one of the best "heels" in the business by joining the Nation of Domination.

    Having enrolled in a feud over the title with then-champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, he managed to have the belt handed over to him by the Rattlesnake because the latter needed to nurse a neck injury. 

    He also witnessed Austin throwing the title belt into the river. To my sorrow, WWE commissioned a new belt and thus ended the days of the "classic" one.

    The Rock had a very long reign the second time around, 265 days to be exact. That is very long and defended it every single time, whether questionable or not.

    Triple H and his DX band claimed the gold after an impressive match at SummerSlam 1998.

    Soon after, the Great One erased all memory of this loss as he entered his first WWE championship reign and the rest is history.

    Now, we are blessed by having him return home to us, and he will deliver a much-needed "People's Elbow" to John Cena and his legacy on the grand stage of them all, WrestleMania XXVIII.

"The King of Harts" Owen Hart

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    Number of reigns: two

    "Owen 3:16 says: I just broke your neck."

    That was the slogan this great wrestler used in his feud with Steve Austin in 1997.

    We all know what happened to him. A man who gave his life for the sport. He has earned his place here amongst the greatest and let no one dispute that.

    There is little mentioned about Owen nowadays as there have been some legal battles engaged between the parties in the last years.

    His legacy will live on. I believe in my heart he would have reached the top just like his brother Bret, and we would have a very different WWE today had he lived.

    Important things to remember about his Intercontinental title reign:

    -He won his first from The Rock on an episode of RAW, and it made him a double champion as he held the Tag Team titles with the British Bulldog.

    -Though he lost it to Stone Cold at SummerSlam 1997, he piledrove Austin to the mat resulting in breaking the neck of the Rattlesnake which ultimately led to him retiring years later. NOT ON PURPOSE!

    - He lost his second title to Austin yet again the same night his brother Bret fell victim to the infamous "Montreal Screwjob." That was on November 9th, 1997. 

    I missed that one because I had to work. It was in my hometown, imagine that.

    The fire for the business burns great in the Hart family.

    Perhaps someday, his own son or daughter may take up the mantle and bring home some coveted titles.

"The Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Number of reigns: two

    There is a reason we don't see piledrivers anymore in WWE.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin broke his neck that night at SummerSlam 1997, and he very well could have lost his life.

    It is one of those cases where an accident happens. Little did we know, it was already the beginning of the end for the Rattlesnake. His career ended a few years later in 2003 when he "officially" retired. 

    We now know, despite his legal issues and conflicts behind the scene, the injury to his neck never fully healed, and thus, he had to remove himself from harm's way. Just like Edge.

    The Intercontinental Championship only served to propel him further up the ladder.

    I feel this step has been lost in the last years as newcomers are thrust into the main event scene so quickly and fail because the public hasn't gotten the "feel" for them yet.

    Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger and Sheamus are prime examples.

    He is one of those great superstars that have this championship as part of his legacy. The rule of it being a career maker applies here.

    I say it again. Many former World Champions have been great Intercontinental Champions along the way.

"The Rated-R Superstar" Edge

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    Number of reigns: five

    The Rated-R Superstar is proof that this belt holds the key to the top of the mountain.

    He has held it numerous times and with him as champion, it remained a most coveted title.

    Remember September 23rd, 2001 at Unforgiven?

    It was a championship match between former tag team partner and friends, Edge and Christian. You have been dying for a feud between them this year. Just go watch their matches back then and use that to satiate your need.

    Though he never held his titles very long, Edge was always a consummate WWE superstar who literally gave his body for us, the fans. 

    Now he has retired, but we haven't seen the last of him. Oh No!

"The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna

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    Number of reigns: two (three..not recognized by WWE)

    The first woman to ever hold this title is definitely on the greatest list. Chyna is a phenom. 

    I don't care how many scandals or porn films she's been involved in, there will never be another one like her.

    It is unfortunate she chose to relocate to TNA lately as they will waste her talent and prevent her from entering the WWE Hall of Fame.

    She held the title two times officially. Her other reign came when she and Chris Jericho co-held the title after a controversial match on January 3rd, 2000.

    The company doesn't recognize this period and claims the championship to be vacant. It was later won by Y2J at the Royal Rumble 2000.

    Which ever the magical number, Chyna made an impact on the wrestling world and showed us all how great women can be in the squared circle.

    Too bad she didn't have a long enough reign. Eddie Guerrero made sure of that and pinned his "mamasita" in a triple threat match on RAW in September of 2000.

    We miss you Chyna.

    I won't be watching TNA, but I will love to read all about it right here on Bleacher Report.

"Y2J" Chris Jericho

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    Number of reigns: a record nine!

    Welcome to...RAW.. IS.. JERICHO!!!!!

    I miss watching Chris Jericho on WWE time.

    He is the superstar to hold the most reigns. Let it be known that the last time this championship meant anything of value was when he fought for and held it back in 2009 in a feud with Rey Mysterio. 

    He has been in great matches with the likes of Edge, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam, to name a few, and all for this precious piece of gold.

    Then again, anywhere Chris Jericho appears or anything he touches turns to gold as he is truly a remarkable superstar.

    Hopefully this year, we may have a return of the Codebreaker to WWE, and hopefully, he can get his hands on this title to make it an even 10.

Rob Van Dam

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    Number of reigns: six

    RVD has the second-most number of reigns behind Jericho. 

    His last title victory occurred on April 30th, 2006 at Backlash, and it was also for the very coveted Money in the Bank briefcase he had just won a few weeks prior.

    Dangerous to put that up yes, but the prize was great. The Intercontinental title served him well as he became WWE Champion later during the year.

    He is an exciting superstar to watch. His holding the title meant we were assured to have at least two good things in the match: Hope to see a Frog Splash and a title defense.

    Now he is in TNA...and lost to Sting...double sigh!

    How the mighty have fallen.

"The Legend-Killer" Randy Orton

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    Number of reigns: one

    I love the fact he reigned with the championship for over 200 days! 

    After the previous champions basically traded the title over and over, Orton brought some much-needed stability to the division.

    There was no denying this man had the stuff to make a true superstar even back then. He learned a lot from his time with Triple H and Ric Flair.

    You can hardly remember him being the "Legend Killer" as his viper-cold eyes wait to strike and put an end to his competition.

    This championship fit his persona very well. The young, up-and-coming mid-carder holding his first piece of gold high up. Looked great!

    Recipe to make a World Champion:

    - Great promos skills

    - Great look

    - Attitude

    - The Intercontinental Championship

    Randy has it all.

"The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin

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    Number of reigns: three

    Shelton Benjamin...though I never was a fan of him back then, I now have come to appreciate his matches and talent and wonder if his recent return to WWE dark matches means he plans to return on-air.

    I wonder if there is truth behind the fact that many black men have held the IC title yet none have claimed the World title since The Rock in 2002.

    Let's hope there is no racism at work here. It is unfortunate because Benjamin for one, had incredible in-ring ability and worked well on the mic. What was the problem?

    There are some you can say "Mid-card for life" but not this three-time Intercontinental Champion.

    He is placed here on this list for the quality of his matches, and his numerous reigns to name a few things.

    A young man like him has years left in his career. Could the rule of IC Champs becoming World Champs apply to him as well?

    Only time will tell.

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

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    Number of reigns: one

    I love the fact he became champion so late in his career. It proves that the title is superior to the superstar.

    Ric Flair felt it was important enough to have in his collection. A championship is a championship, and John Cena for example, has never held this one. 

    Some big shots should learn that every title means something and if you didn't own it at one point then you haven't done it all.

    CM Punk is learning this right now as he might be set up to battle for the United States championship soon.

    As for the Nature Boy, though he had just one reign, he's had quite a nice run at 155 days. I also had the pleasure of him slapping the taste out of Carlito's mouth to win it.

    That is how I would see it were I a WWE superstar. If the top title was temporarily out of my reach, I would definitely remain relevant and become the Intercontinental Champion.

    That is just me, I like myself covered in gold. So did Ric Flair it seems.

Johnny Nitro/John Morrison

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    Number of reigns: three

    Here we have a favorite of the "IWC" it seems.

    Back in 2009, JoMo claimed his third Intercontinental Championship by defeating Rey Mysterio on SmackDown.

    I thought he was a great champion...still wonder why they gave it to McIntyre so soon. 

    There is no sign of him winning a World title just yet, but should he capture this belt once more, I'd hope for a longer reign.

    In his "Nitro" days, he and Melina made a delightful pair. He accomplished the unexpected and pinned Shelton Benjamin at Vengeance 2006 to claim his first piece of singles gold.

    Subsequently, he won and lost the title to Jeff Hardy after just seven days. What is the point of title reigns like that? I still don't have a straight answer..

    He should head over to SmackDown and regain this championship. It would bring back some shine to both him and the belt.

    We always get great, exciting matches when he is around. All his Intercontinental title matches were great. I loved the match he had with The Miz at Bragging Right 2009.

    He still has a really cool entrance as well. Now there goes a real champion.

    John, Melina...over here! Flick Flick Flick Flick (Lights, cameras...action!) 

Jeff Hardy

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    Number of reigns: four

    The Extreme Enigma!!

    Loved him back in WWE.

    He has personal demons to vanquish but let's not take anything away from this young man. 

    Even Umaga was taken to his limits when the two fought for the title.

    His first reign came when he outsmarted Triple H and sneaked away with the title in 2001. He made his first steps towards his singles career.

    After defeating Umaga to claim the title for the fourth time in 2007, he held it for a good long 190 days. Very good accomplishment for an age where titles are traded like hot potatoes no?

    Losing it to Jericho is not a bad thing when you think of it either.

    The Intercontinental Championship served him just as well as The Rock and all the others because Jeff Hardy is a former World Champion.

    I hope he takes the time he needs to recover.

    Soon enough we will witness yet another "Swanton Bomb."

    We haven't seen the last of this Will-o-Wisp.

Honky Tonk Man: The Greatest of All Time

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    Number of reigns: one

    Here we are folks.

    The end and as luck would have it, at over 454 days, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time is truly this man.

    The Honky Tonk Man

    He did it and did it well. As a true "heel" character, he accomplished the impossible and defeated "The Dragon" Rick Steamboat in June of 1987 to win the gold.

    He cheated, used foreign objects and had valets interfere on his behalf. I love it!

    That is how you do it folks.

    Nobody will ever..EVER...match this guy's length as champion. It is impossible in current WWE standards.

    You have you typical, awesome champions like Randy Savage and then you have the crafty, sneaky ones that always prevail no matter what the odds.


    I'm not.

    Santino Marella may have tried to break the record but failed miserably. 

    On a personal note, I jumped for joy when the Ultimate Warrior thrashed him in under nine seconds to win the belt.

    Can't blame me, I was 11 back then.

    It may have been the only championship he's ever held but is cemented his character upon WWE history for all time.

    Look for him to be in the Hall of Fame someday. I guarantee it.

A Long Line of Prestige

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    There you have it.

    The greatest of all time. Because they held it many times, one long time or just because they were that damn good.

    All were excellent superstars, and some may have passed on but their legacy will live on.

    I am very proud to own a replica of this most prestigious WWE championship.

    It has served to elevate some of the greatest superstars in history to heights beyond expectation. 

    Should the WWE ever decide to unify some of their championships, you can forget they would EVER remove this one as it is part of it's very core.

    Intercontinental Champions deserve respect. Everyone of them, on this list or not.

    They have delivered some of the greatest matches in all of pro-wrestling, and their legacy will be inscribed in the record books for all time.

    Thank you to all who have held my beloved championship. You are the greatest there can be.