NASCAR: Kyle Busch Doesn't Know How Lucky He Is to Not Be Behind Bars!

Russell SchmidtContributor IMay 13, 2011

Kyle Busch is very lucky this shot isn't a mug shot from the local police department.
Kyle Busch is very lucky this shot isn't a mug shot from the local police department.Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Racin' with Russ - Last week's shenanigans between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick ended with a faint air punch by Harvick and a car punted into the pit lane wall.

Yes, they both received $25,000 fines and a four race probationary period, both fairly tame in comparison to what might have been a very serious situation.

For Busch, pushing Harvick's unmanned car out of the way without regard for NASCAR personnel, the media and NASCAR crewmen is on the verge of criminal.

What if that car took off down pit lane bouncing off people and cars? Would the fines have been the same from NASCAR? I should hope not.

There could have easily been people seriously hurt if not killed with his total disregard for life and limb because of being so scared of what Harvick or his crew might have done to the Gibbs stick figure while sitting in his 3500 car while wearing a helmet.

Monday's nationwide headlines could have shown a police mug shot of Kyle Busch charged with vehicular homicide!

His constant taking people out on and off the track has got to stop before we read the balance of these stories on the police blotter pages.

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In all of the subsequent interviews since this incident occurred, I have not heard a hint of remorse or regret for his reckless actions.

Should the penalties have been more harsh for Busch? You bet! Many race fans (myself included) feel that a three race suspension, year long probation, and a $250,000 fine would have caught a lot more attention than the little slap on the wrist he received.

What do you feel? Drop me a line.

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