The Many Feuds of Kevin Harvick, Pt. 1: Happy vs. The Biff

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2008

Ah, Kevin Harvick. Whether it's hosting 'Happy's Hour' on FOX or threatening to kick the asses of fellow drivers, you never fail to give writers, bloggers, and fans something to talk about.

So why not recap some of these classic moments that Hurricane Harvick has brought us? Take a walk with me down memory lane as we recount the many feuds of Happy Harvick...

To begin telling the story, we must go back all the way to 2002.

It was a clear day in Bristol, Tennessee when, on lap 241 of a 250 lap then Busch Series event, Harvick was sent into the wall after contact with Greg Biffle. To say the least, Happy wasn't too happy about it.

“Basically, he (Greg Biffle) got impatient and we were the second car he had spun out,” Harvick said on Saturday. “It wasn't just us that had been taken out today. You know, if he had got up under me, I would have just moved out of the way and he would have went by.

“But it's not like we were racing for the win. We were racing for seventh—seventh. Obviously he's done it time and time again to numerous and numerous amounts of people.

“I just wasn't going to put up with it. I needed to let him know that I wasn't going to put up with it. You can't tolerate people shoving you around or putting you in the fence—especially when we do these one-race deals, and especially when people (like him) are running for the championship.”

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Most drivers would be upset and retire to their motor home. But not our dear friend Kevin Harvick. Oh no; instead, ladies and gentleman, Harvick sat atop his pit box until the end of the race. A NASCAR official asked Harvick if he was okay, which Harvick responded by telling the official he was fine and that nothing would happen.

Please add lying to his rap sheet.

After Biffle finished fifth and was being interviewed by the media, Harvick flew across the roof of Biffle's number 60 Grainger Ford, grabbing him around the throat and exchanging words before NASCAR officials broke up the incident.

Harvick was fined $15,000 and placed on probation until August 28.

Don't worry, fans at home—that didn't stop Happy Harvick from keeping us all entertained. In fact, Harvick made history when he became the first driver ever to be suspended for his aggressive actions.

After on track incident during a Martinsville truck race with Coy Gibbs, in which they got together several times on the track, Harvick ran into the back of Gibbs under caution. Harvick was then called to the NASCAR trailer, parking his race-truck in front of the hauler, and having a ninety minute meeting with officials before he was suspended. Kenny Wallace took his place in the following Cup race, in which he finished 32nd.

And I know what you're thinking—is that the end of the Harvick-Biffle feud? But I want more! Well fans, don't fret.

In July 2005, Harvick and 'The Biff' had it out again in Chicagoland. However, things were kept on track- except for the name calling, of course.

Biffle believed Harvick intentionally didn't pass leader Reed Sorenson to prevent Biffle from getting the Lucky Dog award.

"I think Kevin Harvick's a chicken," Biffle said. "I think he's a punk. And I wish he was sitting right here beside me.

"You've got to be that desperate to try to win a race? He must not want to race a long time because that's going to some pretty extreme measures...Whatever. That's just the way he drives, the way he thinks.”

Harvick, however, claimed he couldn't pass Sorenson, following that statement up by calling him a primadonna and saying Biffle needed to "quit whining or I'll stop it."

This isn't the end of the 'Many Feuds of Kevin Harvick.'

Coming up, I'll be spotlighting fan favorites like when Harvick fought Ricky Rudd on a car, the time he feuded with teammates, the time he called a fellow driver a 'rubberneck,' and many more!

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