UFC 129 Results: 5 Mark Hominick Head and Eye Photos After Fight with Jose Aldo

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UFC 129 Results: 5 Mark Hominick Head and Eye Photos After Fight with Jose Aldo

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    Credit: MMAFighting.com
    Credit: MMAFighting.com

    Photos of Mark Hominick's hematoma following his loss at UFC 129 to Jose Aldo are flooding in, and Bleacher Report is here to compile all of the nastiness in one location!

    Hominick's display of heart in front of his hometown fans was nothing short of extraordinary, as the Canadian took extreme punishment early in the fight but fought on to decisively win the final round of the fight and nearly take the title from Aldo.

    In the end, though, what fans will be talking about is the horrible-looking, softball-sized bulge above his right eye that UFC commentator Joe Rogan described as "a second head." The bump puffed up just seconds after he took a punch and a forearm from Aldo while on the ground.

    So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best photos of this injury that can be found on the Internet just hours after the UFC featherweight title fight between Aldo and Hominick.

    Photo Credit: MMAFighting.com

Instant Swelling

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    Jose Aldo knocked Mark Hominick to the ground with a big punch, but delivered the real damage once the fight went to the ground in the form of a huge forearm/elbow from the top.

Near Stoppage

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    Credit: MMAFighting.com
    Credit: MMAFighting.com

    "Big" John McCarthy had to momentarily stop the fight in order to give the doctor time to examine the hematoma.

    The doctor took a good look at the injury but decided to let the fight continue, much to the delight of the fans in attendance and those of us watching at home.

    Photo Credit: MMAFighting.com

Bloodied and Beaten but Possessing the Heart of a Champion

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    Credit: MMAFighting.com
    Credit: MMAFighting.com

    As if the terrible cut under his left eye wasn't bad enough, the skin-stretching blood bubble above his right eye made for one of the worst-looking post-fight faces in the history the sport.

    Hominick wouldn't give up even though his face had to have been in excruciating pain.

    He left the fight with a loss on his record, but his performance will definitely be remembered as a memorable display of toughness.

    Photo Credit: MMAFighting.com


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    Always one to give credit where credit is due, Mark Hominick was his usual classy self in the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

    It was rather humorous and ironic, though, to see him wearing a "Headrush" t-shirt with a massive bubble of blood pulsating from the top of his head.

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