New York Cosmos: Acknowledging Dan Cherry & Company

Cesar Diaz@@gritwriterCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2011

"Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not... that way." - Michael Scott (The Office)

If television has taught me anything it's that two individuals of different personalities will reluctantly get along for the greater good. In Boxing, there was Howard Cossell and Muhammad Ali. In professional wrestling, there was Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. If you're old enough to remember the "A-Team", there was the relationship between B.A. Baracus and H.M. "Howling" Murdock.

In the case of Chief Marketing Officer Dan Cherry, I maybe his opposite. Other than the fact that both of us yearn for the New York Cosmos to become the 20th MLS Franchise, we have nothing in common.

What do I know about Dan Cherry? Not much—the only thing I know about Dan is that he considers Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn his home. While he's from the area where the catch-phrase is "do or die", I'm from the Bronx where catchphrases aren't necessary.

So why am I acknowledging Dan Cherry? During Saturday's NYFEST at Pier 40, Dan Cherry proclaimed that everything I say is true. While I've been accused of exaggerating the truth, Dan was the first to see that I'm only illuminating it.

Living in a society where an honest man like myself is constantly exposed to lying, hypocritical, parasitic tapeworms with unfulfilled goals whenever I leave my apartment, it's good to be recognized as an earnest individual. As a way of showing my appreciation, I will acknowledge Dan Cherry of the New York Cosmos.

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I'm sure you've figured out by now that the first half of this article is a satire.

Like any profession, you tend to interact with people from different organizations. Over time, an unspoken trust and respect is usually established. Or at a minimum, a tolerance of patience...

Depending on the individuals, there may be moments of playful banter as both parties are handling their obligations for their respected companies. 

In the case of Dan and myself, we come from different boroughs. If you remove the geographical differences, we're basically two individuals aspiring to be phenomenal in our chosen professions.

Moments after I humorously told Dan that I was going to write an article about his proclamation of yours truly, I seriously asked myself why not? It pertains to soccer and I know how dedicated Dan and his fellow colleagues are in their efforts to bring back the New York Cosmos.

While Paul Kemsley, Terry Byrne, Pelé, Eric Cantona, and Cobi Jones are rightfully mentioned in the news as they go through the proper channels in order to convince MLS of rewarding the New York Cosmos the 20th MLS Franchise, you as Cosmos fans mustn't forget the rest of the staff. If you've been to any of the New York Cosmos events, you know how professional and approachable they are towards the fans.

Cosmos fans should be grateful that Dan Cherry and his colleagues have been brought together to ensure the return of their beloved team. When it's said and done, they've built the foundation for the organization. Not only do they understand the importance of the New York Cosmos, they also recognize and embrace New York City's diversity.

With nothing else to really add—keep up the excellent work and thank you all for your efforts in bringing back the Cosmos.

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