Los Angeles' 'Brooklyn Dodgers' Uniform and the Top 20 MLB Throwback Unis

Anthony LifrieriContributor IApril 25, 2011

Los Angeles' 'Brooklyn Dodgers' Uniform and the Top 20 MLB Throwback Unis

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    The Yankees need no throwbacks because their uniform has been for the most part the same for decades now.
    The Yankees need no throwbacks because their uniform has been for the most part the same for decades now.Nick Laham/Getty Images

    Recently, the Dodgers announced they would wear their Brooklyn Dodger throwback uniforms for a few home games this season. 

    Other teams like the Braves, Reds and various others said they would follow suit and wear their own throwbacks during games this year too.

    Some teams have great throwback uniforms, and others are terrible looking. 

    Either way, they all stand out in a good or bad way from the other uniforms today.

    Here is a list of the top 20 throwback jerseys in MLB history.

Brooklyn Dodgers

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    The Dodgers were a Brooklyn institution until 1958, when they moved to Los Angeles. 

    Granted, the uniforms stayed mostly the same. 

    Still, there’s nothing like seeing the old “Brooklyn” on the Dodger uniforms to remind us a bygone era, when baseball dominated Brooklyn, and it was still just a game.


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    When we think of old school Braves, we think of Hank Aaron hitting the big record-breaking home run. 

    The Braves’ throwback jersey is actually one of the nicer throwbacks, and will be friendly sight when they play the Dodgers later this week.


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    Who can forget the old yellow and green throwback uniform of the Oakland A’s? 

    The jersey was from a period of when the A’s dominated baseball, and had one of the game’s most dynamic dynasties, with players including Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter.


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    The Orioles throwback jersey is pretty much the same as their current jersey. 

    However, the Orioles had a different logo on their jersey, which is honestly silly looking. 

    Still, it brings back the past of one of baseball’s most storied franchises.


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    The Cubs are another team with a similar throwback jersey to their current jersey, but the solid blue on the throwback is nicer than the white with pinstripes on their current jersey. 

    The Cubs will wear their throwback for a few games this season, and it will remind the North Side fans of days gone by.


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    The Reds are baseball’s oldest professional team, dating back to 1869, but the throwback jerseys aren’t nearly that old, and are for the most part, the same as their current jerseys. 

    The major difference between the current and throwback Reds Jersey is the giant lettering of the player’s last name on the back of the jersey.

    The lettering makes for a different and original that few teams used.


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    The Tigers throwback jersey certainly won’t keep their players out of fancy restaurants—they have a proper collar on them. 

    The Jersey itself is gray and black, with the same logo, but it is a decidedly blander jersey, and represents baseball at the turn of the 20th century.


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    Another team committed to wearing throwbacks against the Dodgers this season, the Padres might win the award for ugliest throwback uniform. 

    The Brown and Orange-Yellow uniforms are horrific, and if I were a Padre, I’d be embarrassed to wear it. 

    Still, the Padre throwback does win points for uniqueness, and it will serve as a reminder how much their uniform has improved over the years.


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    The other leader in the competition of ugliest throwback jersey, the Pirates throwback uniform may actually be worse than the Padres. 

    The weird cap is what ruins the uniform because it looks nothing like a baseball cap. 

    Still, the actual jersey is ok, but it's hard to work with yellow as a primary color.

    Ironically, this uniform saw the Pirates’ greatest success, and now their nicer uniform is during some of their darker days.

Blue Jays

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    One of baseball’s nicest throwback jerseys, the Blue Jays powder-blue throwbacks still hold up well, along with the friendly looking Blue Jay logo of yesteryear.

    Seeing this jersey should bring Blue Jay fans back to the days of the early '90s when baseball was an institution in Toronto, and the Jays fielded one of the greatest teams ever.


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    The Royals are another team with a handsome looking powder-blue throwback. 

    This throwback is similar to the Royals current uniform, but the powder-blue jersey makes the uniform stand out from the other darker uniforms of today. 


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    The Brewers’ throwback uniform has a vintage look to them despite the fact they are only from the mid 90s. 

    They are powder blue, and feature an interlocking “MB” on it similar to the “ND” in Notre Dame. 

    It made for a sharp looking jersey, and harkens back to the days that the Brewers were in the American League.


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    What is with baseball and light blue throwback jerseys? 

    The Royals, Blue Jays, Brewers and Phillies all have that light blue coloring on their jersey, and it works well for all three of them. 

    The Phillies’ logo is also prominent on the jersey itself, and adds a sharp accent to it.


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    The Mets' throwback road jersey is from their glory days of the mid 1980s. It is grey with “New York” written in blue script letters outlined in orange.

    The Jersey is one of the few gray jerseys that are attractive, mostly because of the way New York is written. 

    The blue and orange stripes on the sides and the blue collar also add to the aesthetics of the jersey.


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    The Angels throwback uniform is similar to their current uniform. 

    Obviously, the logo on the hat is different because they were the California Angels.

    The band around the arm of the jersey is larger and a bit more regal looking. 

    The band is so nice, the Angels should think about incorporating it into their current uniform.


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    I love the way “Indians” is written on the pure white jersey

    It really adds a mystique to one of baseball’s oldest franchises. 

    The patch on the left sleeve also gives the jersey a lot of personality.


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    The Mariners throwback is awesome because of the trident in their logo. 

    The royal blue in the road and the white in the home go well around the logo, and makes for a uniform that could be nicer than their current uniform.

White sox

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    Nothing SCREAMS the 1980s like the White Sox’s throwback Jersey. 

    “Sox” is in block letters and has retro-'80s red and blue stripes around it.

    This jersey is a total blast from the past.

Astros/Colt .45s

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    The Astros were originally known as the Colt .45s, which was the gun that won the west. 

    Their jersey featured a cowboy six-shooter on the front of their jersey. 

    The “C” in Colt was also fashioned so that it looked like smoke from the barrel of the gun.

    Politically incorrect? Yes. Awesome at the same time? Also Yes.

Astros Again...

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    They were once known as the Boys in Orange, because of their orange and yellow jerseys in the early 1970s. 

    A truly horrific uniform, because of the loud colors and lack of any semblance of fashion sense. 

    As cool as the Colt .45s uniform was, the Orange uniforms were as lame.