Brady Quinn Makes His Pick for President

Derek HornerAnalyst IIOctober 9, 2008

Strongville, Ohio—Notre Dame’s former Golden Boy, and now a backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, made his pick for President known at a rally in Strongville, Ohio, on Thursday.  Along with fellow first round draft pick Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn introduced John McCain and Sarah Palin to a raucous crowd of 6,000, who had packed themselves into an auditorium to see the Republican candidates along with their surprise guests. 

Known for his All-American personality, GQ looks, and exceptional football skills, Quinn sought to add his reputation and natural marketing ability to the campaign trail for the Republican ticket in a state that George Bush won in 2004.  Ohio, however, remains a battleground state in this election, so Quinn understands that every little bit can help.  What is that little bit?  It's what makes Brady Quinn a natural coverboy.

A former first round pick, Quinn continues to ride the bench behind Derek Anderson, the Brown’s starting quarterback; but that hasn’t stopped Quinn from amassing nearly as many endorsements as Peyton Manning.  Riding his ability to attract people, Quinn has signed endorsements with X-Box, Hummer, Subway, and EAS, while the NFL continues to exploit Quinn’s boyish looks.  Some circles call Quinn the “Greatest Back-Up in History.”

Though the crowd on Thursday was excited, interrupting speeches with deafening cheers, and booing Barack Obama with the same level of guile, John McCain and Sarah Palin continue their battle to overcome the identity of the Bush Administration and the natural consequences of a failing economy.  They understand the hurdle they must overcome to win the election in November.

Understanding that challenge, the Republican duo turned to Quinn, who added an amicable and familiar face to a struggling campaign in the hopes of attracting enough voters to win Ohio's 20 electoral votes.  When the country forgets that you are a Vietnam Veteran who endured the worst conditions imaginable as a POW, and that you have a stellar record of showing up, voting, and uniting both sides of the aisle, you can always count on a familiar face to help you out. 

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For the McCain-Palin ticket, that familiar face is one any mother would love her daughter to bring home:  Brady Quinn.

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