50 Best Logos in Major League Baseball History

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IApril 11, 2011

50 Best Logos in Major League Baseball History

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    Over the years, there have been some very iconic logos in baseball. These logos represent a team and sometimes even more. A city or even a state will stand behind a logo. 

    These logos are ranked not only on how memorable they are but also how cool they actually look. This list includes both current and defunct major league teams.

    Note: All logos come from Chris Creamer's Sports Logos.

50) Colorado Rockies (1993-Present)

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    The Rockies logo uses the team's location in the Rocky Mountains as its focal point. The Rockies color scheme isn't great, but it isn't horrible either. It is surprising that team has not looked for a new official logo at any time since the team's creation.

49) St. Louis Cardinals (1929-1948)

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    This was a very creative logo for its time. There was also an attempt to have the visual effect of the "C" in Cardinals be hanging from the bat that the two birds are on.

48) Seattle Pilots (1969)

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    The Pilots had the shortest existence of any Major League Baseball franchise. They lasted for just one year. The team moved to Milwaukee after their only season.

    The logo invokes two types of pilots. The wings remind people of plane pilots while the wheel in the middle serves as a tribute to ship pilots.

47) Chicago White Sox Alternate (1917)

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    In 1917, the United States was in the midst of fighting World War I. The Chicago White Sox decided to do something patriotic with their logo that year. It looks great and certainly sent a nice message.

46) Houston Astros Alternate (2002-Present)

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    It makes sense that a star would represent a team whose name is a reference to Houston's importance to NASA and the astronaut program. Seeing the state of Texas behind the logo just makes it a bit more interesting than the star on its own.

45) Texas Rangers (1984-1993)

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    On the previous slide I mentioned that the state of Texas behind one of their teams' logo's looks good. The Rangers design looks better than the Astros logo.

44) New York Mets Alternate (1995-1998)

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    This is Mr. Met's first appearance on this list. This is the second time that the team has used Mr. Met as part of their logo. Both times it has looked outstanding.

43) Monteal Expos (1992-2004)

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    While the team no longer exists, their logo lives on. The Expos are the first of many former team's with logo's on this list.

    The logo contains a red "e" which stands for Expos and a blue "b" which stands for baseball. While the logo is not very complex, it is easy to look at.

42) Toronto Blue Jays Alternate (2000-2003)

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    The muscular blue jay wrapped around the letter "T" looks pretty cool. However, the best part of the logo is the tattoo of the maple leaf. It is great that the Jays were able to incorporate their Canadian heritage into their logo.

41) Los Angeles Dodgers (1958-Present)

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    The Dodgers certainly deserve points for the longevity of their logo. Its design is very simple but it works.

40) Detroit Tigers (1961-1993)

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    The Tigers are another team that went with a simple logo that works. The tiger on the logo does not appear to be to intimidating, but it is a nice design.

39) Cleveland Indians Alternate (2002-2007)

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    Chief Wahoo has been an emblem of the Indians for years. The team has faced some controversy over the years from groups that think the logo is racist.

38) Kansas City Royals Alternate (2002-2005)

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    A baseball is also a nice piece on any logo. The royal blue and silver color combination also seems to work very well in this case. Another nice touch is the "baseball club" written on the bottom of the logo.

37) Atlanta Braves (1972-1986)

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    After 1986 the Braves changed the background on the logo from blue to black. This is not a huge change but it does make a huge difference.  This version of the team's logo looks much better.

36) Chicago Cubs (1979-Present)

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    The Cubs logo is a classic. It is among the most recognized logos in baseball.

35) San Francisco Giants Alternate (2000-Present)

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    This is yet another simple logo that features a baseball in it and that looks great. The interlocking "SF" is a nice touch.

34) Detroit Tigers (1994-2005)

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    It appears as if the tiger is breaking out a cage. In addition, the tiger looks much more intimidating than the one in the team's previous logo that made the list.

33) Brooklyn Dodgers (1932-1936)

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    Simple. Classic. Elegant. There are really no other words needed to describe the Brooklyn Dodgers logo.

32) Houston Astros (1965-1974)

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    It's cool that the Astrodome is the centerpiece of this logo. In addition, the baseball's circling around the building make it looks as if it is the center of an atom.

31) Baltimore Orioles Alternate (2009-Present)

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    Integrating the Maryland state flag into the team's logo was an outstanding decision. The logo looks great and it shows state pride.

30) Minnesota Twins Alternate (1961-Present)

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    The "T" and "C" stand for the twin cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul. The logo is very simple but still looks very good.

29) Pittsburgh Pirates (1987-1996)

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    The pirate looks better than the new pirate on the logo the team currently uses. The writing, with the small and subtle cracks, really stands out.

28) Minnesota Twins (2010-Present)

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    This is yet another example of a logo that proves why taking a simple approach is a good way to go. The Twins' new logo looks great and they should use it for years.

27) Boston Braves (1929-1935)

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    The Boston Braves did a better job with their logo than the Atlanta Braves. It is hard to have a complaint about this logo.

26) Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate (2010-Present)

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    The logo looks fantastic. Sadly, this maybe the the only thing about the Pirates that looks good at the moment.

25) Chicago Cubs Alternate (1997-Present)

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    This is a variant on the Cubs' main logo. The bear looks more friendly than fierce, though. It's very similar to the Cubs' play from the past 100 years.

24) Oakland Athletics (1983-1992)

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    This logo is from back in the days of the Bash Bros. The A's stuck with the same design but changed the color scheme in 1993.

23) Seattle Mariners (1993-Present)

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    Just as the Seattle Pilots' logo made note of the Pacific Northwest's ties to pilots, the Mariners logo also makes note of the region's ties to their namesake. The central part of the logo is supposed to represent a compass rose.

22) Houston Colt .45's (1962-1964)

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    It is hard to believe that a team today could ever be named after a gun. However, Houston's franchise was and they had this outstanding logo. Take note of the smoke coming out of the gun forming the "C" in Colt.

21) San Diego Padres (1969-1984)

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    As many people know, "padre" is Spanish for "father." And in this case, the father in the logo is a friar. Based on his stance, it seems as if the poor guy has no clue how to swing a baseball bat.

20) St. Louis Cardinals (1967-1997)

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    This was one of the cooler logos in baseball for a long time. It looks great and its a shame that the Cardinals switched to the logo they have now. However, the hat on the cardinal does look a bit silly.

19) Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2001-2007)

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    This logo is back from the old days when the Rays were still devilish. The logo looks good even though the ray appears to be flying.

18) Oakland Athletics Alternate (1995-Present)

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    This is the Athletics' current alternative logo. One might be asking themselves what an elephant has to do with the Athletics, however. That question will be answered later on in this slideshow.

17) Philadelphia Phillies (1984-1991)

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    What really stands out about this logo is the fact that it has Independence Hall right in the middle of it. That's where Declaration of Independence was signed. It was a great move by the Phillies to have a local landmark on their logo.

16) St. Louis Browns (1952-1953)

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    The Browns get a lot of points for creativity here. That image that you are looking at is supposed to be an elf.

15) Texas Rangers (1972-1982)

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    It's all about the cowboy hat. It's very surprising that the baseball pulls it off.

14) New York Mets (1999-Present)

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    The skyline in the background fits in so seamlessly with the baseball stitching on the logo. It also goes perfectly with a team whose name is short for "metropolitans."

13) Baltimore Orioles (1966-1988)

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    Orioles fans tend to associate this logo with better days for the franchise. The team won three World Series while this was their logo.

12) Toronto Blue Jays

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    The Jays are another AL East team who have fallen on tough times in recent years. The won their only two World Series titles while this was their logo.

11) Milwaukee Braves (1957-1966)

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    There have been multiple logos on this list which have had Indians in them, but this is the best one. It appears as if the Indian is mid war-cry.

10) Washington Senators (1959-1960)

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    Having seen politicians throw out first pitches, it is hard to tell why a team would want to use one to represent them on their logo.

9) Cincinnati Reds (1954-1959)

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    Just like the Mr. Met logo, the Reds logo features an individual with a baseball for a head. The baseball also happens to have a fantastic mustache.

8) Milwaukee Brewers (1978-1993)

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    The genius of this logo is that the glove is actually formed out of both an "M" and a "B". It was a great move when the Brewers began wearing throwbacks with this design.

7) New York Mets Alternate (1963-1970)

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    This is Mr. Met's second appearance on this list. Normally using your mascot as your logo does not work, but it does for the Mets. This is a two for one as Mr. Mets' cap also has the team's hat logo.

6) Boston Red Sox (1976-2008)

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    This is the second-most recognizable logo in baseball. It's a classic and it's simple, which are the two qualities that make it great.

5) New York Yankees (1936-Present)

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    Yet another example where there are not too many elements, but when they come together, they create a masterpiece. There is a reason why the Yankees have stuck with this logo for over 70 years.

4) New York Yankees Alternate (1936-Present)

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    Believe it or not, the most recognizable sports logo in world is actually the Yankees' alternate logo.

3) New York Giants (1908-1916)

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    The Giants were the first team to use the interlocking "NY." The Highlanders, the predecessor to the Yankees, began using the interlocking "NY" in 1909, while the Giants started in 1908.

    For this reason, even though it is the "NY" that the Mets and not the Yankees use, the Giants get the edge over the Yankees.

2) Milwaukee Brewers (1970-1977)

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    Baseball and beer naturally go together. The Brewers decided to take that to a whole other level with this logo. Yes, that is a keg swinging a baseball bat.

1) Philadelphia Athletics (1940-1953)

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    Earlier on I mentioned that readers might be confused as to why the A's use a elephant in their logos. Here is the answer from the team's website:

    "In 1901 Connie Mack and his Philadelphia Athletics became one of the original founders of the American League. In 1902 New York Giants Manager John McGraw dismissed the A's with contempt, by calling them 'The White Elephants.' He meant to imply that Mack shouldn't be allowed to spend money without supervision. Well, Connie Mack took up the gauntlet and defiantly adopted the White Elephant as the team insignia."