Kurt Warner

dan phillipsContributor IOctober 6, 2008

Rodney Dangerfield always said, "I get no respect."

Well, in the NFL one guy stands out who gets no respect, and that is Kurt Warner.

I  was talking to my friends the other day and asked them to compare Joe Namath's stats to Warner's, in order to tell me why Namath is even in the Hall of Fame.

Namath threw for 27,663 yards and Warner is at 25,480 while he spent far less time behind the center in his 11 years than Namath did.

Interceptions: Namath with 220, Warner with 102.

Touchdown passes: Namath with 173, Warner with 162.

Quarterback Rating: Namath at 65.5, Warner at 93.7.

Completions: Namath with 1,886 in 3,762 attempts. Warner with 2,053 in 3,142 attempts.

Namath did only have 33 fumbles, while Warner has 85 in his career.

So what makes a greater QB?

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Super Bowls: Namath is 1-0 and Warner is 1-1, but everyone knows the Pats were caught cheating anyway. I remember saying during the Super Bowl in 2001 that it was like the Pats knew our plays. Hmmmm?

Warner also has three perfect games. Only Peyton Manning matches that.

The 2008 Warner has a passer rating of 100.2, which is fifth in the NFL. His 1,472 yards is second to only Denver's Jay Cutler before Monday's game. Warner is also one of only five quarterbacks with at least 10 touchdown passes.

Even after 11 solid NFL seasons, it seems Warner just doesn't get any respect.

Warner fastest to 50 300 Yard games blows away everyone else in how quickly Warner get to the 50 game mark.Also fastest to 30,000 yards.

Only QB in NFL History to throw 13,000 + yard on 2 different teams. The NFL records Warner has keep on coming .