WWE: Spring Cleaning Is Coming! Who Stays and Who Goes?

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 5, 2011

WWE: Spring Cleaning Is Coming! Who Stays and Who Goes?

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    According to sources, the WWE is planning on releasing 12 to 14 superstars.

    Last year we witnessed WWE drop some big names such as Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James. Who should we expect this year? 

    With the cancellation of WWE Superstars I expect a lot of lower/mid card guys to get the pink slip.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some "big" names in WWE were released during "WWE Spring Cleaning."

    Here's a list of the 12 to 14 people I think will get the pink slip this Spring.

Curt Hawkins

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    Curt has been regularly competing on Superstars for sometime now. With the show soon to be taken off the air will WWE drop this former tag team champion?

    WWE hasn't had anything for this guy ever since the La Familia days with Edge, Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder and Hawkins.

    After that Hawkins didn't do much. He was partnered with Vance Archer, who was released by WWE. I think Curt Hawkins will soon follow his former partner.

    (For the record: Hawkins won tag title gold with Ryder not Archer).


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    I wouldn't be surprised if most of you didn't know this guy.

    He used to be a member of Cryme Tyme but his partner was released by WWE. Since then he has rarely appeared on Smackdown and mostly appears on Superstars. Any time he's on Smackdown he jobs to a bigger star.

    I believe JTG, like Hawkins, will soon follow behind his tag team partner. Don't be surprised if JTG is gone by this Spring.

Yoshi Tatsu

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    Tatsu has a pretty even chance of staying in WWE.

    WWE likes the global popularity and Tatsu is pretty popular in Japan. Another with that global popularity is Great Khali. Tatsu promotes WWE in Japan while Khali promotes it in India.

    Tatsu won the Wrestlemania 26 dark match battle royal. Out lasting about 20 other competitors.

    I don't think Tatsu is at risk for being released as much as everyone else on the list.

Trent Barreta

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    Trent who?

    Trent Barreta. He was on ECW with his tag team partner, who was released by WWE last year.

    Barreta is another regular on Superstars and with that show going down, so might Trent. Though we have seen Trent on Smackdown in the past, there could be a chance of him being a Smackdown regular.

    Barreta is one of my personal favorites on this list and I'd be upset, but not too surprised, if WWE did give Barreta the pink slip.

    Hopefully he'll appear on Smackdown more often, thus keeping his job.

The Usos

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    These guys have a good chance of leaving WWE.

    They went from number one contenders to these random guys. They were once considered a threat to the tag team titles and can still be if WWE wants them to. Last I've seen of these two, they were in a dance off against Great Khali and Mark Henry. Who won? Khali and Henry.

    Jimmy and Jey Uso have lost their valet to Santino Marella and are rarely on Raw.

    The only way they will stay is if WWE starts to give a damn about tag team wrestling, which they clearly don't.

    Jimmy and Jey, Uso brothers. It was nice knowin' ya. Hopefully you can take your tag team skills elsewhere. 

Alicia Fox

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    When was the last time this woman was on TV?

    She won the WWE Divas Championship over the summer when Melina and Beth Phoenix were out due to injuries. Melina returned and quickly won the title from Fox.

    I my opinion, Fox is sloppy in the ring and her finisher can really hurt someone. 

    Alicia Fox doesn't cut it in my book. Goodbye, Alicia.

Tyler Reks

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    Tyler Reks. Former member of the ECW roster was repackaged and sent to Smackdown for a short time. There he debuted as a heel and WWE completely "forgot" about his history in ECW as a babyface surfer dude.

    Alright. New look, new intensity, new everything. Things are looking up for Reks, that is, until he is sent to Superstars. He had good matches on Thursday nights and good feuds with Chris Masters but it wasn't in front of a big crowd.

    Reks would've been better off on Friday nights, exposing his new self in front of a bigger audience. 

    I don't think WWE should drop him yet, but keep building on him.

    I don't want to see him go, but I wouldn't be surprised.


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    "Mr. Thursday Nights," Primo.

    Primo is mostly seen competing on Superstars and is quite the star of the show. He is the most used superstar on the show, I believe.

    If given a chance I think Primo can make an interesting United States or Intercontinental Champion. Maybe even outshine his brother, former WWE Superstar, Carlito.

    I don't think WWE should drop Primo but then again, if Shelton Benjamin gets the pink slip I think anyone can.

Mark Henry

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    Word is that Henry is upset with WWE. I don't know why, but he is.

    The one thing that can save Henry's career is a heel turn. How many big guys in the WWE are face? Big Show, Kane, Khali, Henry, did I forget anyone?

    Why doesn't WWE make a monster heel? Henry was a good one back in ECW and could be good once again. It'd be interesting to see a monster heel Mark Henry take the blue brand by storm and insert himself into the world title picture.

    Henry has been thinking about retirement though. So what'll come first? The pink slip or the retirement?


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    "What's up?!"

    R-Truth is a former United States Champion. He held the title for about seven days. He is injury prone and hardly seen on Raw.

    He spends most of his time on Superstars or NXT when called upon.

    R-Truth is 39 years old and isn't getting any younger. His career is coming to a close and he is rarely seen in WWE.

    I do think he will be gone by Spring and that's the truth. I wouldn't expect a TNA return neither.

Chris Masters

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    I highly doubt Masters will be released, but it's possible.

    He was undefeated for a while on Smackdown before losing to Jack Swagger. He quickly recovered from the loss and continued his hot streak.

    He is currently a pro on NXT.

    Masters isn't going anywhere. There was a rumor that he would receive a push after the Royal Rumble. He didn't win any titles, but he was undefeated and I hope to see more of him. 

Drew McIntyre

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    Anything is possible.

    What is Drew doing right now? Nothing.

    He missed Wrestlemania and WWE hasn't given him anything good in months. He had some obsession with Kelly Kelly but that seems to be over, I guess.

    If Drew truly is the "Chosen One" then WWE would use him. With the draft coming, maybe Raw has more to offer Drew. 

    I wouldn't expect Drew to be gone from WWE and it would be a shock.

The End

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    Honorable Mention:

    Ted DiBiase:

     What happened to him? He is lost! His valet, Maryse, isn't helping either. A few weeks ago he interrupted HHH only to get beat senseless. Ted is lost in the mix of the Raw roster and a move to Friday nights would definitely help. Ted will stay because of family ties but more importantly, his in ring ability and skill.

    Evan Bourne:

     Bourne came back from an injury and defeated Sheamus in a squash match, with assist from HHH. Since beating the United States Champion, WWE hasn't been using Bourne too much. Bourne has never won a title in WWE and it's about time he does. He is staying because he is amazing in the ring.

    That's all folks! Anyone I forgot? Be sure to let me know in the comment section! Now just enjoy a picture of the WWE Divas Champion, Eve. I love Eve.