WrestleMania 27 Results: 10 Things We Learned from Edge's Win over Del Rio

Luis HerreraAnalyst IApril 4, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Finally, Edge managed to win a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania.

After three defeats in a row at the The Grandest Stage of All and against almost all predictions, the Rated-R Superstar retained his title by pinning Alberto del Rio.

What did we learn from this match? Let’s see.

1. The World Heavyweight Championship is the New Intercontinental Championship

This was the third PPV in a row in which the World Heavyweight Championship was defended at the start.

The WHC was also the first on the Royal Rumble and second in the Elimination Chamber card.

Last year, that was usually the Intercontinental Championship’s spot.

2. SmackDown is the B-Show

Okay, we already knew that, but the WWE decided to make sure of it.

Not only was the SmackDown’s main title the show opener, but the other two matches of the blue brand followed immediately.

From the second hour of the event until the end, it was almost entirely a Raw PPV.

Yes, The Undertaker is in the SmackDown’s roster, but he has barely appeared in the show since his feud with Kane.

3. The World Heavyweight Championship Means Less Than a Commentators Feud

The Edge vs. Del Rio match lasted a bit more than 11 minutes.

The match between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole almost reached the 14th minute mark.

Even the post-match in the Lawler vs. Cole match lasted longer than Edge and Christian’s celebration.

4. Winning the Royal Rumble Means Nothing Anymore

Alberto del Rio is the fourth Royal Rumble winner in a row that loses his title match at WrestleMania.

It’s okay to have a sense of unpredictability, but having so many Rumble winners losing could damage the prestige of this PPV.

To make things worse, Del Rio was coming from the biggest RR ever, defeating 39 other wrestlers.

5. We Won’t See an Edge vs. Christian Feud Soon

Many fans expected Christian to be the X-factor in this match, costing Edge the title and leading to a feud between them.

It didn’t happen. Instead of that, the two Canadian stars celebrated in the end.

Hey, at least we can enjoy the tag team for a while.

6. Heels Are No Longer Allowed to Look Strong

Alberto del Rio made a big impact since his arrival to the WWE.

He had the charisma, the in-ring skills and the gimmick, but better yet, he was a heel able to win on his own merits.

No more.

In the weeks leading to WrestleMania, Del Rio lost two singles matches against Christian and a few more tag-team bouts with Brodus Clay on his corner.

Even with Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez interfering, he couldn’t beat an injured Edge.

Welcome to heel’s hell.

7. After Sheamus and Jack Swagger, the WWE Got Cold Feet

Sheamus got his first WWE Championship two months after joining the Raw roster and his second one less than a year later, never defending it cleanly.

He is now in the mid-card and got snubbed of the live televised event.

Jack Swagger won Money in the Bank after a losing streak against Santino Marella and cashed in less than a week later.

He is now Michael Cole’s trainer.

The WWE seemed to have learned the lesson and opted to properly build the next contenders: Wade Barrett and Alberto del Rio.

Both were credible main-eventers, but both failed to win the title.

8. Edge and Christian Hate Fancy Cars

What follows a big win? A big celebration.

What’s the best celebration possible at WrestleMania? Vandalizing a car!

I guess Edge and Christian reminded the world when they had to walk or take the bus to go training.


9. Edge Has Little Left in the Tank

This was a good match, but having seen Alberto del Rio since his days as Dos Caras Jr., I know he wasn’t wrestling at his full potential yesterday.

Del Rio had to run a pace Edge could keep, so this wasn’t as good as it would be, say, three years ago, when Edge was still in great shape.

The fact Edge is finally getting a very long reign (I don’t care about Dolph Ziggler’s 10-minute reign, Edge has been the champion since early December) also tells me he is approaching the end.

10. Alberto Del Rio’s Momentum Is Over

Not only did Alberto lose, but he got humiliated after the match, begging for his car, that ended up being ruined anyway.

He can recover, of course, but right now his character has lost a lot of credibility.

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