WWE/WCW: Top 10 Celebrity Crossovers That Should Never Have Been

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 26, 2011

WWE/WCW: Top 10 Celebrity Crossovers That Should Never Have Been

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    On the heels of Snooki's RAW debut, I felt inclined to take a look at celebrities that have previously crossed over to wrestling. Some were forgettable, while others were so bad they can't be forgotten.

    Since the '80s, wrestling and celebrities have had somewhat of a love affair with each other. This affair usually culminates into an appearance on TV or at a pay-per-view.

    Most of the time the celebrities will do a one-off, something like a quick appearance to promote their latest project. Other times they will be in the corner of a wrestler to lend their support in somewhat of a managerial or enforcer role.

    Then there are times where celebrities cross that line and step into the ring to take on a wrestler. Sometimes these appearances last one match, but other times they become a part-time job.

    This is when things usually get out of hand and uncomfortable. Many people have made this transition and for some it actually worked, while others will forever live in wrestling infamy.

    Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Dennis Rodman

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    The former basketball All-Star decided to trade in his sneakers for wrestling boots in 1997. Rodman was friends with Hulk Hogan and upon Hogan's request he found himself wrestling for WCW.

    Rodman was known for being a controversial sports figure, so bringing him into the fold seemed to be a good idea, as it would generate some press for the company.

    However, as time went by, not only did Rodman become an on-air employee, he also found himself as a member of the NWO.

    The NWO was one of the biggest factions going on at the time and adding Rodman was not a good idea. Often times, he would come to the ring in bad shape and not ready to work.

    There were several pay-per-views that Rodman fought in and he didn't fight slouches. Most times he was high up in the card, whether he was teaming with someone or fighting solo.

    Sadly, he was yet another waste of WCW dollars and TV time, as he ultimately added zero entertainment value to his matches and promos.

Jay Leno

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    In 1998, the wrestling business was on fire and everyone, including the "King of Late Night," wanted in. Jay Leno built up an angle with Hulk Hogan.

    For several weeks, he would bash The Hulkster in his monologue. Then eventually, Hogan came on "The Tonight Show" and challenged him to a tag-team match.

    Hogan would team with NWO leader Eric Bischoff, while Leno had Diamond Dallas Page as his partner. The feud ended at WCW pay-per-view Road Wild with Leno and DDP coming out on top.

    With the exception of all the free promotion that WCW got, there was no real value for the fans, and the match reflected that.

Karl Malone

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    Malone was a huge fan of wrestling and decided to jump on the Rodman bandwagon. However, instead of being a heel, Malone was ready to take on Rodman and the NWO.

    The problem being he was not good enough to sell a solo match. Instead, he came off a bit awkward in the promos leading up to his match. Malone's frame was so long that his clotheslines came off looking stiff and odd.

    Malone challenged Hogan and Rodman to a tag match at Bash at the Beach. Malone, of course, had DDP as his partner, this time Hogan and Co. would wind up winning the match in controversial style.


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    The story starts with Sting heading to the ring and being jumped by the Four Horsemen. This led to Sting being locked in a cage.

    It should be noted the cage was intended for Jim Cornette in the previous match. Eventually, this led to the nation's "ultimate peace-officer" to slowly, and I mean slowly, come and save Sting.

    The best, then again worst line was Ole Anderson threatening to turn Robocop into a "bucket of bolts."


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    Essentially, Chucky had a new movie to promote and what better way to promote it then on a live wrestling show?

    Chucky cut off a Rick Steiner promo and the hilarity (not really) continued from there.

Kevin Greene

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    Former All-Pro Kevin Greene also tried his hand at wrestling. Sadly, his move-set consisted of shoulder blocks and defensive football moves.

    This, however, didn't stop him from having a tag-team match against wrestling greats Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.

Beetle Juice

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    For those of you who don't know, Beetle Juice is a part of Howard Stern's "wack-pack." Beetle Juice really provided little as far as content or excitement for that matter.

    Earlier in the show, he was seen calling Jeff Jarrett "Slap-Nuts," which was one of Jarrett's former catchphrases. This led to Jarrett hitting him with his signature "guitar over the head" gag.

    Beetle did exact his revenge on Jarrett by assisting Booker T.  He hit Jarrett with what appears to be the longest low-blow in wrestling history; causing Jarrett to lose the match and his WCW title.

Jeremy Piven

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    In the infancy of the RAW guest host idea, WWE thought it would be a great idea to allow the guest host to interact and control WWE programing.

    Essentially filling the role of General Manager.

    Jeremy Piven proved to be one of the reasons why that doesn't happen anymore. As one of WWE's biggest pay-per-views was renamed right before our eyes.

Lawrence Taylor

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    Taylor was similar to Greene in move-set, he took a beating throughout most of the match.

    However, after several shoulder blocks, including one off of the top rope, the former New York Giants linebacker would go on to beat Bam Bam Bigelow.

David Arquette

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    Arquette was the star of WCW-themed movie, "Ready to Rumble." So, you may ask how do you reward him for such a great movie?

    You make him champion and destroy the WCW title's legacy.

    To make matters worse, it was the main event of a televised show which featured DDP, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett.

    DDP was part of way too many celebrity-themed matches. That alone should make him a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame

The End

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    Well, I hope you enjoyed the debauchery. Sorry for the amount of WCW clips, but they were the kings of misusing celebrities. 

    I leave you with the best Shockmaster video ever, I know he's no celeb, but his legend will always live on.