Victory Road Becomes Highway to Hell for TNA Wrestling

Josh Brewer@AlwaysBrewingCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2011

More than 100 years ago, George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

If recent events are any indication, neither Eric Bischoff nor Hulk Hogan nor Vince Russo have ever perused a copy of Santayana's Reason in Common Sense.

Next Saturday, Mar. 26th, marks the 10-year anniversary of the death of WCW. Apparently, Bischoff wanted to celebrate the occasion, albeit a bit early, by sending another promotion to death row.

The Internet Wrestling Community is more than aware of the events of Mar. 13th's Victory Road pay-per-view. There are two theories presently circulating the IWC—either Jeff Hardy was truly in no condition to compete at the event, or the entire situation is an elaborate work.

Either way, TNA appears to have received its death sentence. Barring a massive and complete overhaul of the promotion, there is no coming back from this.

Putting a wrestler in a main event in the condition Hardy appeared to be in Sunday night is absolutely appalling. Various Internet reports state Hardy needed to be physically dragged to the entrance ramp before the now infamous main event, explaining Hardy's delayed entrance.

Hardy also appeared to stumble a number of times upon his journey to the ring, at one point nearly falling off the ring stairs.

If Hardy truly was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, the most important thing for the former WWE and TNA world champion is to get help. If Hardy is so wrapped up in a potential substance addiction, someone needs to step in and help Hardy make a change.

There is no way for us to know if anyone has already done this, but the reasons why close friend Shannon Moore and/or older brother Matt Hardy allowed Jeff to continue down this road (if that is indeed the case) are incomprehensible.

Jeff Hardy cannot proceed without severe punishment. Taking Hardy off the next month of programming is a slap on the wrist.

The guy is lucky to have a job after Sunday's stunt. It isn't the first time TNA management suspected Hardy of showing up to an event under the influence. He also has a history of illegal activity involving drugs.

Word is that an official announcement regarding Hardy's future is on the horizon. Maybe Hardy should be fired. Maybe he should be suspended for a lengthy period of time.

The solution is simple. The decision needs to be put into Hardy's hands. Offer him a simple ultimatum: Rehab or unemployment.

If he cares about his professional wrestling career, he'll go to rehab. WWE sent him packing, and assuredly won't touch him with a 20-foot pole now. If he burns his bridge with TNA, wrestling for a major American promotion may be nothing more than a fantasy.

TNA is just as much to blame, though. Hardy should have never been allowed to compete Sunday night. There is no excuse for that. Letting Hardy get away with this type of behavior with very little punishment is just as bad.

If this is another elaborate plan to, quote-unquote, pull one over on the boys, the entire creative team should be fired. Today.

Bischoff, Hogan and Russo made a habit out of elaborate works in the dying days of WCW. One would think the three men would be smart enough to learn that it didn't work then. Pro wrestling fans are smarter than they were 10 years ago, so if these works didn't go over then, they're certainly not going to go over now.

Duping the vast majority of the talent you write for is equally reprehensible. Many of the men in the TNA locker room, including some of the business' most established talents, do not deserve to be aboard the runaway train they appear to be trapped on.

Many people, including me, have destroyed TNA for a multitude of reasons. This abomination of a main event is, by far, the worst offense to date.

On the bright side, there really isn't anywhere to go but up. But can the company really go up with the current creative and administrative team in place?

History will show us that last Sunday night's events will be for TNA what the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom" was for WCW. Once you lose the fans, your promotion is in serious jeopardy. One would think Bischoff, Hogan and Russo would remember this from their time spent burying, and eventually killing, WCW, but I suppose that is giving the three pro wrestling veterans much more credit than they're due.

Paul Heyman's name has been floated around as the man who may be able to fix TNA. But I'll repeat the name I agree has the knowledge and wherewithal to bring TNA back from death row.

Jim Ross.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ross would bother leaving his post with WWE in favor of a creative control position with TNA.

The so-called catch-22 is TNA president Dixie Carter. She, along with Jeff Jarrett, allows Bischoff, Russo and Hogan to drive the TNA train straight off the tracks. If she had any sense about her, she'd fire all three and do anything and everything she could to get a true wrestling mind like Ross into control.

It may not be long before we see a DVD entitled, The Rise and Fall of TNA. Unless there are drastic changes made, TNA doesn't have much time left. The Jeff Hardy debacle was TNA crashing down to rock bottom.

Maybe Ring of Honor can provide WWE with a true competitor.


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