Battle Los Angeles: The Miami Heat Are Desperate for a Win

FancloudContributor IIIMarch 10, 2011

Chris Bosh is not happy with his role with the Miami Heat
Chris Bosh is not happy with his role with the Miami HeatVictor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Miami Heat will battle the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at American Airlines Arena.

This isn't just another meaningless mid-week regular season NBA game.

For the Miami Heat, it might be their last opportunity to prove they have what it takes to be considered a championship contender.

The Heat are in the middle of an epic free-fall, having lost their last four home games and five overall.  

Over the last few weeks, the Miami Heat have unraveled on the national stage. Head coach Erik Spoelstra has publicly called out his players for "crying" after a loss. Spoelstra later dubbed the incident "Crygate."

After the Heat lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, their fifth in a row, Chris Bosh publicly complained of his role on the team.

And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the Los Angeles Lakers are waiting for Miami, ready to get revenge for the 96-80 thumping they took from the Heat at home on Christmas Day.

The Lakers are the hottest team in the NBA, having won their last eight games including a emphatic 16-point victory in San Antonio.

The Miami Heat have a battle on their hands. A victory against the defending champs can redefine their season.

Another embarrassing home loss will continue their downward spiral and national embarrassment. If they lose to the Lakers by 20-plus points, as many predict, the Heat will not only be considered the biggest joke in the NBA, it might destroy their locker room.

There has never been more riding on a mid-week regular season NBA game in March. The Miami Heat will battle Los Angeles with everything they have, and will probably lose. 


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