Charlie Sheen a Role Model for Baseball Players? I Don't Think So!

Greg StarddardContributor IIIMarch 5, 2011

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I've been told that sometimes I'm a little pointed in my remarks in this column. My tone, according to others, can be a little, shall we say, direct.  Well, here I go again.

I can't help but wonder why Charlie Sheen is speaking to college baseball players and taking pictures with major leaguers.  Is he someone we want kids and teenagers to look up to as they pursue a career as a baseball player?

Is he someone major league ballplayers want to associate with in light of his erratic and questionable behavior? One of those who recently "hung out" with Sheen and had his picture taken, was recently nabbed for drunk driving.

Did hanging out with Sheen help him realize drunk driving is deadly and probably not the best thing in the world to do? Apparently not.

Look, we've all been forced to deal with this Sheen stupidity over the past couple of years.  Even if we don't watch the TV reports on him or read the web articles, his face and the headlines greet us every time we log on or turn on the tube. 

We can't get away from it unless we run away from every type of media.  But if I'm a parent of a college baseball player, or a coach for that matter, Sheen is the last person I want around young minds I'm trying to shape and nurture.

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Sure, he'd be a great speaker if he was sincere.  He'd have a great message if he was serious about helping the leaders of tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, everything that comes out of his mouth these days is laughable and quite frankly a waste of time.  Unless of course, you're one of the porn actors he's socializing with these days.

Drink chocolate milk and don't do crack?  That was Sheen's message to the UCLA baseball team.  You're kidding me, right?  

Hey, I think UCLA baseball coach John Savage is a great coach.  No doubt about it. They're ranked No. 5 in the country. 

But if you're gonna pick a motivational speaker to address the team, it can't and shouldn't be Sheen.

If he was sincere, fine. But what does chocolate milk and cocaine have to do with each other? Anyone?  Seems to me Sheen was being Sheen, and if that's the case, never mind, Charlie.  We'll pass on your, eh, motivational speech.

I just wonder what the players thought after listening to Sheen?  What did their parents think when the players called home and said: "Hey mom and dad, Charlie Sheen spoke to us about life today and told us to mix Hershey chocolate syrup with milk." 

Were they proud?  Just askin'.

During that same eventful day at UCLA, Sheen also took a picture with a group of former and current major league baseball players.  One of those in the picture was Oakland A's outfielder Coco Crisp. 

Fast-forward two weeks, and Crisp is arrested on charges of driving under the influence in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

It's probably just a coincidence Crisp was picked up after posing with an actor portrayed by the media as a party animal. 

I'm sure MLB commissioner Bud Selig won't do anything about who major leaguers socialize with, but perhaps it's worth taking note of the situation.

Sheen is a grown man.  He's very wealthy, and for the moment has the No. 1-rated sitcom on television.  He earns about $2 million per episode.  Loves porn stars.  Loves to party. 

According to gossip website TMZ, he had a briefcase full of bricks of cocaine delivered to his house as he partied with a couple of his porn babes. 

I'm not sure If I buy the whole briefcase of cocaine thing, but if anyone can afford to purchase that much for personal use, it's someone who earns $2 million per week.

He's been on every TV show in the country the past few weeks.  CBS suspended his show after he made some controversial remarks about the show's producer.  The show's producer is Jewish and reportedly the comments targeted his ethnicity.

Before I go any further, what's up with the open-season attitude on Jews?  Whether it's Sheen, Rick Sanchez, Mel Gibson or John Galliano, the racial slurs being hurled at Jews has to stop NOW!  That topic is for another day, but certainly worth addressing.

There are plenty of appropriate Hollywood-types in Los Angeles if you're a college coach looking for a celebrity to speak to your team.

What about Tom Hanks?  Jerry West. Tommy Lasorda.  "Sugar" Ray Leonard.  Steven Spielberg.  Denzel Washington.  Magic Johnson.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  The list is endless. And guess what? None of them had cocaine FedExed to their home.

Charlie Sheen can do whatever he wants with his life. But perhaps we have an obligation to keep him away from young athletes who are impressionable and looking for someone to emulate. 

We have to be more responsible and smarter when it comes choosing role models for our kids and teenagers. In the meantime, turn on your TV, there's another tabloid update on Hollywood's latest bad boy.