Top Athlete Trick Shots From Around the Web

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2011

Top Athlete Trick Shots From Around the Web

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    LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 20:  (L-R) Dwight Howard #12 of the Orlando Magic and the Eastern Conference, singer Justin Bieber, and Chicago Bulls mascot 'Benny the Bull' courtside during the 2011 NBA All-Star game at Staples Center on February 20, 2011 in
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    Let's be honest, who doesn't love seeing a trick shot?

    They all seem to be automatic sensations on YouTube, athletes doing things that would make the rest of the world stand up and collectively pop their jaws back in their mouths.

    And making it look relatively easy too.

    The last few weeks, the internet has raved over Johnny Mac, a.k.a. UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee, who's trick shot montage became a phenomenon on YouTube. And of course, when there are internet phenomenons, there are always people trying to one up it.

    So in that spirit, we decided to find the top athlete trick shots from around the web and rank them here. I tried to find the best videos while proving their authenticity, but it is hard to tell. Unfortunately that means the commercial from back in the day of John Elway throwing the Nerf Vortex 90 yards into the empty endzone at Folsom Field is out of the equation.

    But here are the best athlete trick shots around.

20. Kobe Bryant

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    We start with a submission from Kobe Bryant.

    Granted it's not the most impressive thing in the world, but being able to bounce a ball and have it go right in like a finger-roll is nothing to sneer at either. That takes some skill and it would be enough to have Bill Raftery describe is as "phenomenal...with a kiss."

    Now if he was only doing that in mid-air while jumping over a car.

19. Dwyane Wade

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    Another basketball superstar checks in on the countdown, this time it's Dwyane Wade.

    Hitting the shot from sitting down is always a nice touch, but we've seen that before. Now knocking down a shot from the back of the gym and almost to the concourse, that adds a certain degree of difficulty. He still makes it look relatively easy, but that's impressive. 

18. Tiger Woods

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    I was considering leaving this off, but it's hard not to. We all remember this commercial from back in the day when Tiger Woods was beyond big, when he was winning majors left and right and when we didn't know that much about his personal life.

    This was back when Tiger Woods ruled the world. Unfortunately it seems like a lifetime ago.

17. Chris Webber

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    Yes, it's another basketball shot. But now we're starting to get into the tricky stuff.

    This is Chris Webber during a warm-up in his Pistons days, taking a shot from half court. Now we've seen half-court shots during warm-ups before, in fact we'll see a few more later on this list. That doesn't make this shot special.

    Instead it's the arc that almost takes it off the ceiling, then the bounce around the free throw line before it makes a pure swish. And it didn't go off the backboard either, just a little roll right at the rim and into the net.

16. LeBron James from Behind the Net

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    It was such a simpler time then. 

    Back when LeBron ruled Cleveland, the Cavs were the top seed in the East and had what seemed like an eternity between playoff rounds. Of course, it never resulted in a championship, but it made for some impressive trick shots like this first one from LeBron going behind the net at an angle.

    Then he walks off into the tunnel. An omen, perhaps...

15. Roger Federer

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    There's another video out there of this trick shot from Federer, who apparently pulled his best William Tell routine at one of his Gillette photo shoots with what looks like one of those aluminum beer bottles.

    There's some question as to the authenticity of this because it happens so fast (can you think how frightened the poor guy must be that he has a Federer serve coming towards his head), so this video has it in slow-motion plus Federer doing it again.

    And they say he's lost it.

14. Chris Paul

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    CP3 makes the list for this interesting shot, which has a strong degree of difficulty to it.

    To be honest, I don't know what's more impressive: using the ceiling beam as a prop, making the shot or bouncing it off the ceiling, off the beam and into the net?

    I have to say, all three make it look good.

13. Josh Womack

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    If nothing else, Josh Womack can add Internet star to his resume.

    This isn't really a trick shot per se as much as it is just a crazy skill, but it's not only still eye-popping to see a bat spin like a helicopter blade, but also that he does with relative ease. Unfortunately, judging by his career .257 average in the minor leagues despite being a second round pick of the Seattle Mariners in 2002, it hasn't served him well.

12. Jeanette Lee

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    Considering this is a trick shot list, there had to be at least one billiards or bowling shot in here somewhere.

    So who else to have on the list when it comes to billiards then the Black Widow herself, one of the most recognizable pool players in the world taking out all 12 balls at once from the old SportsScience program a couple of years back. 

    That's something to see.

11. Ray Allen

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    Ray Allen might be one of the purest shooters the game has ever seen.

    So if someone was going to hit a no-look, behind-the-back half court shot during warm ups, it would be Ray Allen. Besides, that's a pretty good trick to hit a shot like that. Especially when Allen had to arch his back to do so.

10. Rasheed Wallace

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    Rasheed Wallace might be one of the best shooting big men of his era. But I'm guessing you didn't know he could shoot three-pointers with both his hands, or that he can hit a shot from directly behind the basket.

    Or that he can lay it up into the ball rack on a bounce. To be honest, I was impressed with the ball rack shot, because that's pretty tough.

9. Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard's had a couple of trick shots before, especially a couple that have been underhanded.

    But the best by far might be this shot he hit at last year's All-Star Weekend when he hit this 41-foot half court shot while sitting down, which got into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest shot sitting down.

    He's had some other ones, but this is the most impressive of the lot. Sitting down always raises the degree of difficulty.

8. LeBron Goes the Length of the Court

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    LeBron makes his second appearance on this list with this heave from 92 feet away, which definitely raises the degree of difficulty.

    By the way, we remember a while back when LeBron was thinking about playing football. With an arm like that, you don't think some team would sign him up. Right away, on that throw alone he'd be the starting quarterback in Carolina.

7. Jake Heaps

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    Speaking of football, we finally get our first football clip of the list, courtesy of BYU quarterback Jake Heaps. 

    According to the video, Heaps was shooting a promo for BYU basketball, but he just happened to lay a spiral into the net from the lower bleachers.

    You know, no big deal.

    Although I must say while making the shot is pretty cool, if I was a BYU Cougars fan, I'd be more excited about Heaps putting a perfect spiral right in the net. That's one heck of a throw.

6. Monta Ellis

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    Monta Ellis is one of the most talented players in the league.

    That being said, this is still pretty cool. Behind the back from the side of the net is hard enough because there's no support of a backboard, but then add that he's doing it from the tunnel and a couple of rows deep in the tunnel to boot. 

    That's when he unleashes this shot that's more like a heave that hits the hoop. And while he gets some help from the rim, still a strong trick shot.

5. Vince Carter

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    Perhaps inspired by Dwight Howard, Vince Carter decided to try the sitting down shot himself. 

    Not only does he hit the net, he would've obliterated the world record for the longest sitting-down shot. Of course, it wasn't documented by Guinness, which just seems to make sense considering how Carter's career has gone to this point. 

    Still, it's a great trick shot. 

4. Zach Enyeart

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    Zach Enyeart, a long-snapper at Washington State, has decided to go viral in trying to get a team to notice him in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    And he's hoping by cashing in on the trick shot craze, he'll be able to get some attention. And I must say, it's quite appealing. Obviously, hitting the tire sitting in the bleachers is a pretty impressive feat. But for me, hitting the tennis ball dangling between the kid's legs is the best shot of the bunch.

    One reason is because of the pinpoint accuracy needed to make a snap like that, but also the danger in the kid holding the tennis ball between the legs. That takes guts, to say the least.

3. Ronaldinho

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    It's a little hard to see because of the background, the angle and how far away the camera is, but yes, that is Ronaldinho and he is playing catch with the goal.

    I don't care what you might think of soccer, you have to admit that's impressive and it takes a lot of skill to use the crossbar like a brick wall to play keep away with. Just another skill that one of the best players in the world makes look relatively easy.

2. Alex Tanney

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    Alex Tanney of Monmouth College in Illinois was the first guy to take the cue from Johnny McEntee and create his own trick shot video.

    And as far as trick shot videos go, it's pretty impressive stuff. There's the usual shots involving the uprights, including Tanney pulling a JaMarcus Russell and hitting the crossbar on one knee from 50 yards away. There's Tanney firing a completed pass into a moving car, including one moving away from him on a deserted road.

    But then there's this ricochet shot in the basketball gym, where Tanney bounces it off of the passing net and into the hoop from the foul line. That alone rises the level of the video. 

1. Johnny McEntee

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    And then there's the original: Johnny Mac.

    The ball-in-a-basket-from-a-balcony, knock-a-book-from-someone's-hand, open-a-door-from-15-yards-away backup quarterback from the University of Connecticut. It's pretty easy to doubt this video at first, but the more you see it, the more impressive it gets.

    The blindfold adds a nice touch, as does the skeet-shooting pass knocking the other ball out of the air. But the plate toss and the Domino's sign off the car might be the best of all. 

    Any way you look at it, it's hard not to make this No. 1.