Five Double Standards Against TNA

troy smithContributor IIIFebruary 25, 2011

Five Double Standards Against TNA

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    Introduction: This is my first article here on Bleacher Report so first, a little bit about me.

    My name is Troy Smith. I'm 25 years old. I'm from the USA, but I currently live in South Korea. I've been a lifelong wrestling fan.

    My current favorite wrestling shows are TNA Impact and WWE Raw. I also enjoy NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

    These are five things that I see as double standards. For some reason, when WWE does these things, it’s okay. However, when TNA does them, they get bashed for it.

1. Suspension of Disbelief

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    The Undertaker can be buried alive and come back. Kane can make fire shoot from the ring. Paul Bearer can be buried alive in cement and thrown off a balcony.

    Not to mention that Edge apparently kidnapped him, took him overseas and back to the USA while still being held hostage. We’ll all suspend disbelief for those angles.

    Yet, the idea of Hulk Hogan giving Abyss his Hall of Fame ring and Abyss getting a confidence boost from having it is considered too stupid to be believed by the Internet Wrestling Community.

2. Comedy

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    The WWE can have the Khali kiss cam, Santino Marella and Hornswoggle vs. The Swagger Soaring Eagle in a match on Smackdown. I don’t hear any complaints.

    But if TNA does a one-minute comedy clip with Eric Young, everyone trashes them.

    Can you imagine the rants we’d get if TNA had Hornswoggle or a guy winning matches with The Cobra?

3. Using Celebrities

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    TNA brings in one of the Jersey Shore girls JWoww. She has one segment on Impact.

    WWE had a YEAR of Raw guest hosts screwing up names of wrestlers, PPVs and having matches on TV, and yet TNA got more hate for having JWoww once.

4. Poor Use Of Championships

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    Why does Daniel Bryan have a belt that no one wants? The belt hasn’t been defended in months.

    The IC champ got beaten clean at the last PPV. Sheamus gets the WWE title after being on TV less than a year.

    And, of course, there was last week's Smackdown weirdness with the World Heavyweight title and this week's Raw with the Tag team titles. No one seems to care.

    But Robbie E get’s the X-Division title too soon, and it’s an IWC meltdown. Abyss is off TV selling an injury and fans tweet Dixie Carter demanding that the TV Title be held up.

5. Rehashing Old Things

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    WWE debuts the Nexus. They say they want to take over, they do group beat downs, they have matching T-Shirts and they ended up splitting into two separate factions.

    Yet, according to the IWC, Immortal is the nWo rip-off.


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    I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope to bring you more; at least one per week. Feedback is much appreciated.

    P.S. Since I live in Korea, here's a photo of Gail Kim.