Tiger Woods' Dubai Spit Wad WAS a Big Deal and Here's Why

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 15, 2011

Sergio Garcia congratulates Tiger Woods on winning their spitting contest.
Sergio Garcia congratulates Tiger Woods on winning their spitting contest.Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Big deal or no big deal?

Fact is, the spitting incident involving Tiger Woods on Sunday in Dubai WAS a big deal.

The reasons are very clear.

We're talking about major cultural differences between Middle East countries and the United States. Ask anyone who has traveled abroad in the land of sand and there's a huge list of "no-no" behavior.

We're also talking dollars—huge dollars for the European Tour, huge dollars for Tiger Woods.

Dubai sponsors the European Tour's year-ending big-bash—the Race to Dubai, it's called. That's why the European Tour acted so swiftly and even announced publicly that it had fined Woods. The PGA Tour doesn't announce fines. This would have been like Tiger spitting on the FedEx headquarters building.

Second, you may have noticed how fast Tiger apologized. It took him much longer than that to apologize to his wife for his, you know, transgressions.

Third, spitting in Dubai has become a big deal, especially with all the imported workers during the real estate boom that went bust. Seems those foreigners were spitting after chewing on betel leaves. Spitting in Dubai is now an offense that can be punishable by deportation.

Yes, once again Tiger has issued a mea culpa, this time on Twitter.

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Said he should know better.

After sucking $55 million out of Dubai since 2006 then another $3 million this past week, yes, Tiger should know better.

Dubai's been a great host.

And Tiger's simply been a lousy guest.