Michel Platini: A Football Disgrace Continues

Simon JohnsonCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Michel Platini has finally proven that he is an absolute moron and has gone madder than his good mate Sepp Blatter. This fool needs to be removed from his post as UEFA President.

Platini has always disliked English football and has done his best to constantly belittle the achievements of English clubs and the national side. His constant attempts to tweak the rules of European football and make football less English are well documented.

His comments recently regarding Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger were absolutely ludicrous and smacked of intense jealousy.

Surely no-one in the football world can agree with this mans opinion of Arsene Wenger as a manager...not even fans of their biggest rivals.

You would think that in these harsh economic times that UEFA's governing body would be holding Arsenal and their manager up as a model of how a club should be run.

i.e. As a club that operates well within its financial means, plans for the future of the club, focuses on bringing through young talent, etc...

Instead, Platini chose to attempt to belittle the achievements of Arsenal and their manager and showed the football world that he is completely out of touch with the goings-on of modern football.

Even going so far as to say that he hoped video technology was not introduced, a view that is clearly only a minority opinion nowadays. Platini went on to show the obvious jealousy he feels for his fellow Frenchman by adding, "It would make me happy that Arsene Wenger never sees it."

Where does this dislike come from?

The French Football Federation, of which Platini has been a part previously, has never been a fan of Wenger's.

Maybe the jealousy comes from the fact the Arsene Wenger is a Frenchman helping to raise the stature of an English side, as Platini clearly hates English clubs and English football with a passion.

Maybe the jealousy comes from Platini's one attempt at management, an attempt that saw France eliminated from Italia '90 qualification and make an early exit from Sweden '92.

Maybe the jealousy comes from the fact that Platini is now nothing but a bureaucrat, whilst Wenger is one of the most respected managers in Europe.

Who knows?

What I do know is this, Platini is as disgraceful in his current position as UEFA boss as he was brilliant playing for the French national team.

This snivelling, conniving, insanely jealous, overtly Anglophobic excuse for a man is a disgrace as a human being and a disgrace as UEFA President.

I, for one, would love to see him out of a job as quickly as possible and replaced with someone who has half a brain and is good for football.


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