Give Me a Break: The 30 Most Annoying Things Sports Fans Do

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIFebruary 14, 2011

Give Me a Break: The 30 Most Annoying Things Sports Fans Do

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    How many times have you seen a sports fan do something, and you just wanted to tell them how ridiculous and annoying they were being?

    It is my responsibility, as a sports fan, to protect the true fans from the ones who have no place in our arenas, ballparks, and stadiums.

    This list was carefully compiled, so that when you see a fellow "fan" committing these sports crimes, you stop them to preserve the integrity of the games. 

    I have reached deep down and found the 30 most annoying things that sports fans do; these should be seen as the biblical commandments followed by all fans in the sports world.

    Therefore, here is the list of the top terrible sports fan habits...

30. The Tomahawk Chop

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    The Tomahawk chop is the Atlanta Braves borderline offensive organized chant where they use their arms as axes, just like the Native Americans used to, for survival.

    They do it all game and nobody ever has the common sense to say, “hey, maybe we do this too much.” In their defense, the team puts the music on, so if you're not doing it, you're just not fitting in.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 3

29. When People Move to Your Section When They Have Bad Seats

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    I cannot sit here and really blame people for trying to move up to the expensive seats because its simply a better game watching experience.

    But, anyone who has ever sat up front knows, when that guy sits down next to you, everyone around gets really annoyed.

    He is usually a pretty ballsy guy, based on his ability to get past security, and its usually pretty awkward.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 3.5

28. When Red Sox Fans Think They Own The Song “Sweet Caroline”

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    It’s a tradition, not a right. Red Sox fans defend this song as if it belongs to them. I have seen people get into words as to whether other people should be able to sing it at baseball games.

    I remember seeing it featured in the movie “Fever Pitch” and realizing, if this is what we are fighting for, they can have it.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 4

27. People That Bang Thundersticks Together During Not Game-Appropriate Times

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    We should all be in favor of using loud noise devices during free throws or during timeout/pregame pump up times. But, banging together thundersticks with 10 minutes left in the second quarter isn’t cool.

    There is no need for this excessive amount of noise in people’s ears when nothing is going on.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 4

26. The People Who Try to Unnecessarily Start the Wave

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    Dear fan,

    Thank you for trying to force onto me a late-1980s fad that is both distracting and obnoxious. There is a reason, like a mullet, it went out of style. Please stop trying to start it and make the rest of us join in.


    Real fan

    Annoying Fan Meter: 4.5

25. "I Could Have Gone Pro If They Would Have Played Every Single Day"

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    “I could have been a pro athlete if I would have worked every day at it,” says the 5’5’’ accountant to his lawyer friend. 

    Yeah you could have, if you spent 10,000 hours on it, grew seven inches, and accumulated any hand-eye coordination.

    We all like to think we could have been the stars we idolize, but in reality, most of us were just born to be fans.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 4.5

24. Say "We" When Referring to Their Team As If They Are on the Team

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    “Yeah, we are going on a long road trip. It’s going to be hard, but I think we can handle it.”

    Since when did the team pronounce you as an official spokesperson? I never got the memo that you joined the team this offseason.

    It is an annoying habit that most sports fan go through at one point or another, but to the average person, makes someone sound a little crazy.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 4.5

23. Person Who Takes The Company Softball Games Way Too Seriously

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    Company softball is an important part of the corporate structure and a good way to get in your bosses good graces.

    It can get competitive at times, but there is always that guy who really isn’t that good, and gets overly emotional when he makes a mistake because he wishes he were a great athlete.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 5

22. The D and Fence Sign Guys

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    Did you know, if you hold up the letter D and a picture of a fence, it means defense? I’m just kidding, of course you do. So why do people do it?

    It is for the guys that were not sure how to spell the word, so they just used pictures. It’s an annoying distraction from the game, and an unnecessary gimmick prop.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 5

21. When People Boo the Guy in the Shooting Competition

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    The commercial break shooting competition brings some interesting characters to the floor. There are usually out of shape, nonathletic people who cannot hit the broad side of a barn.

    I mean, they are not going to bring D-1 shooters out there, or else they will actually have to give up that flight to Tokyo.

    But the worst is when fans boo others because they think they can do better. I am a culprit of this crime, but seriously, the pressure is much greater than it appears.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 5.5

20. Try to Anticipate a Play Before It Happens Guy

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    We all know the guy who will watch a baseball game and call what the next pitch will be, because he “knows the signs.”

    I can buy that someone has a general knowledge how a catcher calls a game, but I think it’s a bit more sophisticated.

    Even if he is right, who wants to know what’s coming next anyway. Let me watch and I will find out in 10 seconds.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 5.5

19. Write Sign for the Network The Game Is Being Watched On Guy

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    Its okay to try to get a little recognition when you're at the game. But, one of the cheapest ways of doing so, is bringing a sign that spells out the network that the game is on.

    We get it, the game is on ABC, but making it an acronym for “Always Beat Cleveland” (sorry, had to do it), doesn’t make you more of a sports fan.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 6

18. People Who Are Too Good to Sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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    I know singing is not for everyone, but when you go to a baseball game, let loose a little and enjoy one of the best traditions in all of sports.

    There are people who sit there and pretend like it's not even going on. It's time to get off your high horse because we know you know the words.

    Here it is if you forgot how it goes:

    Annoying Fan Meter: 6

17. Taking a Pictures with The Mascots

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    Despite the fact that there is technically a human underneath that suit, we should not treat mascots as people. They are annoying, don’t really make you enjoy the game any more, and are constantly getting in the way of the game.

    So when I see someone go take a picture with one, because his or her buddy dared him, I want to cringe. It’s entertaining for about a second, and then they realize they have a picture with a giant bear. Good job.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7

16. Wear T-Shirts of Rival Teams Because They Look Cool

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    Hey, if you’re a Yankees fan, and I see you wearing a Padres t-shirt because you found it at a vintage, trendy store, I don’t like you. No Yankee fan should be wearing another team’s apparel, even if they play on the unimportant West Coast.

    And then don’t get mad when someone questions your fandom. “This shirt looked cool” is not an explanation, it’s an excuse.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7

15. Speak Exclusively About the Glory Days of Their Teams and Ignore the Present

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    This applies to all Pittsburgh Pirates fans. If your team won the title three years ago, it doesn’t mean you can excuse every dumb move they are making today.

    There is certainly a grace period, but come on, your team was good years ago, so stop talking about the glory days.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7

14. Go Behind Sports Announcers During Post Game and Make Stupid Faces

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    This is a branch off of waving to the camera. After the game, or during time outs, the cameras will sometimes do a close up on the play-by-play and color commentator, showing a snippet of the crowd behind them.

    Instead of sitting quietly, fans generally insist on making faces, and waving uncontrollably. It's quite the social experiment.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7.5 

13. Talk About the Sixth Round Pick Their Team Took in the NFL Draft

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    FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 16:  Quarterback Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots throws a pass during their 2011 AFC divisional playoff game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on January 16, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty
    Elsa/Getty Images

    Just because Mel Kiper tells you that you got good value at this pick, because some people thought he would go in the fourth round, doesn’t mean I care at all about your late-round NFL draft picks. The 23rd-ranked tight end is not exciting.

    We will know soon enough if he is any good in the pros, let alone will make the team. I know you're committed to your team, but get off your couch and go do something productive with your life.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7.5

12. Talking About Your Fantasy Teams

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    I love fantasy sports. I even like talking about it from time to time. But, how often do you walk into a conversation about trading players and picking up free agents, only five minutes later to be surprised that they are not talking about real life. 

    It is downright depressing. Nobody wants to hear about your .5 point-loss to your sister, who you let in the league because you thought she had no idea what she is doing.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 7.5

11. Freak out over The T-Shirt Toss

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    You came for the MLB or NBA game, but you stay for the T-shirt toss. You bought $75 seats, but what really gets you off your feet is the 50-cent promotional T-shirt, littered with local restaurants and car dealerships plastered all over it.

    The team has hit 10 straight three-pointers, and you haven’t moved a muscle, but when the mascot and his cheerleaders come out with the T-shirt cannon, you're up as if your seat was on fire.

    Even Mom gets up for this one, and the look on the people’s faces of those who don’t get a shirt is the same one displayed on a real fan's face when they lose the actual game.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8

10. Heckle Bad Bullpen Pitchers

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    The guy who has had too much to drink in the bleachers always seems to find the mop-up guy in the bullpen to befriend.

    At the end of the day, he is still on a major league team, making more money than you, but you have to make fun of everything from his oversized gut to the fact that he will never get in the game.

    For this one fan, it’s the highlight of the game, and probably the highlight of his week.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8

9. People Who Steal a Ball from a Little Kid

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    Everyone wants a foul ball, but don’t be the guy that steals one from a little kid.

    The game should be about the kids, and if you’re a 20-something, realize that it means more for a little kid to get a ball than for you to show it off to your buddies and forget about it at the stadium.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8

8. Yell at the TV

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    Who wants to watch a game with the person who yells at the players on TV like the players hear them?

    Everyone is watching the same game, yet this one person feels the need to talk to the players after he misses a free throw or strikes out.

    Its something fans have not bee able to figure out yet, but there is no microphone on their TVs to the players.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8

7. Freaking Out for The Jumbo Tron or TV Cameras

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    People sit generally reserved in their seats during the game. But when the cameraman comes around, it's as if he offered a cash prize to the person who does the dumbest thing on camera.

    Best-case scenario, you make it onto the jumbotron, or television for five seconds. Worst case scenario, you make it on the jumbotron or television for five seconds and now everyone around you knows how truly crazy you are.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8.5

6. Fans Booing Own Winning Team for Not Scoring 100 Points to Get Free Food

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    You might say, how is it possible that people would boo their own team for winning a game. Well, when Taco Bell is giving out free tacos or burritos if the team wins and scores more than 100 points, and your team holds the ball with 99 points, up 15, people get restless.

    This is a juvenile fan action that should be met with laughter from the players. It is no longer good enough to just win. Now, we must further embarrass the other team so everyone gets a 50-cent taco.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8.5

    Don't believe me, look here

5. Wear a Jersey to Game Where That Team Is Not Playing

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    ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 06:  Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers jerseys are displayed inside the Pro Shop at Cowboys Stadium before Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    At this year’s Super Bowl party I attended, between the Packers and Steelers, I saw two different people wearing Jets gear. Did they not get the memo that they weren’t playing in the game?

    I know that might be a broad example because of the scope of the game, but think about how many baseball games you have been to where people wear a Yankees or Red Sox hat to a game that neither team is playing in.

    We know you’re a bandwagon fan, but you don’t need to publicize it.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 8.5

4. Get in Fights at Games

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    Nothing says man like getting liquored up and fighting a guy at the game who doesn’t agree with you that the team should have tried the suicide squeeze with two outs and a runner on third.

    Getting drunk at the baseball game: $60. 

    Spending the night in Yankee Stadium jail: priceless.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 9 

3. Say That We Should Go for It on 4th Down, in the Middle of the First Quarter

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    THIS IS NOT MADDEN! There are actual decisions to be made that are not determined by your whimsical desires to see your team attempt a fourth-and-1 QB sneak, which always works in a video game.

    Fans cannot generally see in the long term, and that field position is a huge part of football. It is an uneducated thought that proves to everyone watching that this guy should never coach football.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 9.5

2. Running Onto The Field

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    This is the ultimate annoying, egotistical action that a fan can do. Back in the day, they use to show people running on the field. That was entertaining, but now, all they do is go up to the analysts while they waste time to get you off the field.

    Rarely is there ever a point to this person’s actions, which are usually greeted with a swift tackle or a taser to the back. Don’t run onto the field; you're just wasting everyone’s time.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 10

1. Bandwagoners!

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    This is the ultimate sports sin. How can the sports world tolerate someone who does not have a team, but only a philosophy: follow the team that is in the lead.

    This is the most annoying type of fan, who takes on a liking for the Lakers because they have Kobe. Let's see how many Cavaliers fans we have, now that LeBron has left.

    Annoying Fan Meter: 10

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