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September 2008

When you reflect on UCLA Football and the big backs of its lore you cannot miss Theotis Brown and James McAlister.  The amazing stats of these two backs in UCLA  history and Theotis then to the NFL remain etched in history.  McAlister forever a legend in both football and track with his historic long jumping ability.  But, the biggest kept secret in college football is college football's best big back with no carries.  "It's"  a Moose.  No doubt, all the bells and whistles of legendary big backs:  Speed - 4.5 or better for the coveted 40; Strength: strongest man on UCLA football, former shotputter, broke UCLA famous back Maurice Drew's freshman squat record; Smarts - All PAC 10 Academic Team; Size - 6.1 and 240.  It is Moose Trevor Theriot.  And, already, the national television announcers on ESPN and Versus, after the big win over Tennessee by UCLA and even after the devastating loss to BYU are saying - "prototype fullback that can do it all".  Ironic twist?  You will not see Moose Theriot's stats in the final tablets of college post game lore.  To date in his coveted UCLA career of which he stormed in as a walk on?  No carries under the defunct offense of Karl Dorrell, the ex UCLA coach that left with the worst offensive use of fullbacks in UCLA history.  But now, big back fans are literall "chowin" on the Norm Chow use of Moose.  Norm Chow has found his big back and we can bet the world's finest offensive coordinator is going to free the Moose even more after the BYU game.  Any NFL pundit or college football guru is going to look at Moose Theriot's near break of an 80 yard kick off return for a touchdown, went only 40 blistering yards and was nipped by a sideline foot, and agree that Theriot is a bonafide rocket of a humvee that will be set free.  How does a Moose thing happen at this level?  Undiscovered out of famous Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach, CA, that has delivered college greats such as Cal's Fullback Manderino now NFL practice squad for the Chiefs, Shane  Foley - ex USC QB, Steve Bukich, son of NFL QB'er Rudy Bukich, and on and on, Theriot was an All CIF MVP tailback and Shrine Game 2005 MVP Linebacker.  No ride offers and one trip to San Jose State where Dick Tomey said to his face: "you can play 6 college spots".  Theriot opted to challenge UCLA and won.  Moose is now fullride and blasting defenders with blocking skills that are seemingly NFL ready.  At BYU on Saturday Theriot was all over the field in blocking and cut blocking on sweeps.  Versus announcers were frothing at his kick off return that could have sparked the Bruins. 

There is a Moose on the loose and this is a Moose even Palin cannot shoot down.  Best Big Back In America.  Coming soon and coming on bigger says James Jett: "The kid has a monstrous athletic background in track and field, weightlifting, and football.  His father obviously passed on the track genes."  The "Moose Father"  happens to be former UCLA track star and captain Brian Theriot from the 80's, ironically a high school top 400 meter man out of the same Newport Harbor touring in the 46's, then a (miler?) at 3:56 for UCLA.  Moose is no miler but certainly the biggest fastest big man we have seen in years.

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