Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb: Both Will Be Philadelphia Eagles Next Season

WesAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2011

Backups wear visors, starters wear helmets.
Backups wear visors, starters wear helmets.Doug Benc/Getty Images

You can do whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it.

Well, maybe not. Sometimes you can wish, try, and dream all you want, but you won't get whatever it is you so desperately crave.

Take Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb for example. He wants to be a starting quarterback next year and he doesn't care where it is.

Not gonna happen.

Kolb is going nowhere next season and neither is Michael Vick for that matter. You can stop trying to figure out who Kolb's next suitor will be, or if the Eagles will offer Vick a contract.

Once an agreement is made in the league's collective bargaining agreement, Vick will get his money and Kolb will get his headset.

It makes sense on every level.

Let's start with Kolb and a quote that has football fans going brain dead.

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"I love it here, as everybody knows,” Kolb said following the Eagles' 21-16 Wild Card loss to the Green Bay Packers. “My family’s settled in here. I would love to be starting here. But I want to be starting somewhere.”

People across the country think this quote equates to the Eagles being either forced to trade Kolb or parting ways with Vick.

Are you serious?

That single quote delivers that type of message?

Here's how a random person in the Eagles front office should handle that quote when they speak to Kolb.

"Oh Kevin, that's a nice thought. Excuse me, I have to tie my shoe. Can you hold this clipboard for a second?"

What leverage does Kolb have? Is he going to be a disgruntled backup?

Maybe he'll scribble on his wristband or lose the pen that accompanies the clipboard? Or maybe he will get grass stains on his uniform.

He will stand there with a visor on his head or whatever sideline gear the NFL pumps out and wait until Vick goes down with an injury.

And even if Kolb is upset with his situation you can bet every last dime you have he will play his heart out if and when he steps onto the field. Because if he tanks it on the field he will never get a shot as a starter.

The only way the Eagles will trade Kolb is if they get a deal that can't refuse. I'm talking about a first-round draft pick.

Judging Kolb by his 76.1 quarterback rating, seven touchdowns, seven picks and 1,197 passing yards, I'd say it's highly unlikely a team like Cleveland or Miami is going to sling one of those bad boys at the Eagles.

But here is something else to consider for all of the trade dorks out there: there is no CBA is in place.

Without one, you can't make a trade. It's that simple. You can draft players, but you can't trade them.

But there are other downfalls to not having a CBA.

Teams will not be able to work with players or allow them to use team facilities.

So why in the world would the Eagles look to move a quarterback who knows the system well and replace him with someone who they will have no contact with prior to the draft?  

The Eagles would also be making a sound financial decision to bring Kolb back since they will only owe him $715,000 in 2011. For more details about his contract go here

With Kolb's situation all cleared up, let's take a look at Vick.

It is rare to see one player mask as many deficiencies as Vick did in one season. At times he made you forget how bad the offensive line was, how boneheaded Andy Reid's play-calling was and how soft and heartless the defense was.

Yes, Vick did choke on the final pass of the season, but no one should get bent out of shape over it. Until that pass we've only seen Vick deliver in the clutch and there is no reason to think the trend will reverse in the playoffs.

Not only did Vick display his incredible talents this year, he also showed us there is room for improvement.

Can you imagine if Vick's MVP-like season can actually be better next year?

It's reason enough to break the bank and it will happen.

According to people who actually cover the team, ya know, for a living, they are saying the Eagles will sign Vick with some sort of franchise tag and then once the CBA is in place they will work out a long-term deal.

So for all of you out there who are searching for the next team to pay Vick or Kolb you can put your mind to something else that actually might happen.


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