Miami Dolphins Management Situation: It Simply Shows a Lack Of Confidence

Kevin RyanContributor IIIJanuary 9, 2011

Hello! Want to coach my team?
Hello! Want to coach my team?Marc Serota/Getty Images

By now, everybody knows what the situation is. And the Dolphins PR department, as well as certain individuals, will say what it needs to and save as much face as it, and they, can. Meanwhile, up north, one of Miami's division rivals will make its second trip to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs in as many years. Its coach is crass. And though his confidence could be described as pompous and downright unrealistic, it is also genuine and his team is responding to it. The Jets quarterback play, for example, leaves plenty to be desired, but Mark Sanchez plays with heart. He throws the deep and intermediate pass when necessary, when the time on the clock winds down to a precious few seconds.Β 

I tell you it's the type of confidence that may be missing from the Dolphin playbook.

Desperation is not enough. This need to win must be tempered with confidence, patience and expertise. Is this something Coach Tony Sparano can bring to the table in 2011? Perhaps. We have seen flashes. The 2008 regular season would be one example, and there were other fleeting moments. The Dolphins fan base can only keep its collective fins crossed that our time will come around again. Meanwhile, we can watch the Jets or the Pats do their thing, but I digress.

When an owner is faced with a decision as to whether to keep a coach or not, it should be well thought out and end on a definitive note. It is the first order of business, and an owner should not factor in the NFL-hopeful, free-agent coaching-list. Similarly, if I were an owner and I feel it is time to let a coach go, I can do so with confidence, and I do not need to consider his replacement until after the fact. Hypothetically, if there is no big name free agent coach out there, I know I can find some young guy who fits the bill. If, on the other hand, I choose to retain the present coach, then the big wigs, that throw their name into the prospective coaching ring, simply do not land on my radar. Period. It is as simple as that and it is very confident.

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The waffling that was going on from owner Stephen Ross was disconcerting to say the least, and it reeks of desperation [despair-rations]. Can Jeff Ireland and Coach Sparano transcend such a conundrum? This remains to be seen. What if Sparano can bring the team back and he becomes a sought after commodity in a couple of years? Will this debacle disappear from his memory, or will it stick in his craw? If it did stay with him, who could blame him?

Meanwhile we have Coach Ryan's big face to content with for at least one more week. Enjoy everybody!!!


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