Place Your Bets: Predictions For Week 2

Stephen BandsContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

I know, I know...Week 1 in the NFL sure was a bummer.  Favorites foibled, promises broken, QBs wearing the number 12 fell down and didn't get back up for a whole season.  So you didn't do so hot with your picks.  That's what Week 1 is for, to test the waters, to see who's good and who just blew all their steam trying to beat the Colts.  This week though, this week will be better.

Now, you could make your picks blindly, or use the old system you were using.  If those work for you, that's great, but I have a better idea...listen to me.

First things first...

Sunday, September 14, 1:00 PM EST

Chicago at Carolina

The Chicago Bears may have beat the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, but don't think that didn't suck all the power out of them.  Also, their defense has always been kind of iffy.  The Carolina Panthers did have to put on quite a show to beat San Diego, but they're the kind of team that can use momentum and build on it.  Also, winning in the last second gives you a kind of confidence you just don't lose right away.  Winner: Carolina Panthers

Tennessee at Cincinnati

This should be a no-brainer.  Cincinnati looked laughable last week against a Ravens team that's in the middle of rebuilding.  Also, Tennessee's defense is adequate (which is enough to beat the Bengals apparently) and their run offense is half-decent (which is more than enough to beat the Bengals...apparently).  Winner: Tennessee Titans

Green Bay at Detroit

Green Bay looked great with their new quarterback against the Vikings last week.  They should be able to do the same against the Lions this week, especially since those "overhauls" Detroit was talking about didn't seem to have any effect against the stereotypically God awful Falcons.  Winner: Green Bay Packers

Buffalo at Jacksonville

If Jason Peters plays as well as expected this coming weekend, this could be a close one.  Also, the Jags will have an unseasoned O-line, meaning their famous run game will be put to the test.  If their defense doesn't improve, they could blow it at home.  Still...Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Oakland at Kansas City

What ever happened to that improved offense I heard so much about in the off-season.  After seeing their performance in Week 1, Oakland doesn't seem to stand a chance against even the most feeble of AFC competitors (other than themselves of course).  This one will be close too folks, seeing how both teams are pretty horrible.  The slight edge goes to the home team.  Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Indianapolis at Minnesota

Indy looked bad this past week, but what can you expect when your Quarterback/god hasn't been playing since late-July?  Since they still get to play in a dome (worst invention in football history), they get the edge over the basically leaderless Vikings, who would be good if only they had a real QB like...Brett Favre maybe.  Winner: Indianapolis Colts

New York Giants at St. Louis

The Giants are still looking good after a Super Bowl win (usually a curse for the next season) and a bumpy off-season (also usually a curse), especially after their decisive victory against the Redskins.  They should be able to easily route the St. Louis Rams, the team that looked the worst out of all 32 last week and is predicted by many (including yours truly) to be this year's Dolphins.  Winner: New York Giants

New Orleans at Washington

This looks to be a game worth watching, and maybe laughing at.  With the Saints new defense and Reggie Bush, they seem to be all but unstoppable against the Redskins and their new-found inability to hold on to that ovoid, leather thing.  Winner: New Orleans Saints

Sunday, September 14, 4:05 PM EST

San Francisco at Seattle

Let's see if San Francisco can hold on to the ball against a team that can't move the ball.  Which is worse, 5 turnovers, or losing to Buffalo 34-10?  I say the turnovers, plus the Seahawks have that "12th Man" thing going for them, if he bothers to show up.  Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing last Sunday.  It crawled across the screen: "Atlanta 34, Detroit 21, Final."  I knew Detroit was bad, I didn't know they were that bad.  Or maybe Atlanta has finally got it together with new quarterback Matt Ryan.  Tampa Bay didn't look so hot last week, and their defense is getting worse, but I still have to give it to the hometown pirates.  Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, September 14, 4:15 PM EST

Miami at Arizona

Miami still needs to show a lot of improvement if they want they want me to believe that Bill Parcells is really in charge over there.  Also, the Cardinals looked like they actually knew some football basics and won a game the old-fashioned way...running out the clock before running out of luck.  Winner: Arizona Cardinals

San Diego at Denver

So they lost to the Panthers, who cares?  The Chargers have too many weapons and too good a defense to lose this one.  Also, Denver beat Oakland in a landslide.  Now they'll be cocky and relaxed, a bad combination when your opponents are out for blood.  Winner: San Diego Chargers

Baltimore at Houston

A more classic match up there isn't.  A team with something to prove playing a team with nothing to lose (don't say dignity, the Texans apparently lost that long ago).  Joe Flacco looked good against Cincinnati last week, and the defense is back to its old self...brutally punishing.  Include the Texans' loss of Ahman Green and I say this one's wrapped itself up.  Winner: Baltimore Ravens

New England at New York Jets

So New England doesn't have Brady, the maestro, #12 anymore, but they're still pretty good as a team.  Just remember, if Brady had last year's Ravens O-line, he'd be looking like last year's Ravens quarterback.  Now, the Jets do have Brett, the Gun-Slinger, holder of the NFL Record "Holder of Most NFL Records," but can his front line hold up against Vrabel, Bruschi, and Thomas?  Ooh, I think my throwing arm is a little tired.  Winner: New England Patriots

Sunday, September 14, 8:15 PM EST

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

The Steelers are ranked #1 in the AFC currently, let's see if they can keep that up.  If Big Ben and Willie Parker stay healthy...they just might do it.  That and Cleveland has a history of losing to Pittsburgh, so this one's pretty much in the bag.  Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Monday, September 15, 8:30 PM EST

Philadelphia at Dallas

Philadelphia crushed the Rams, but that's not saying much.  Now they have to play against the big Dallas...on a Monday!  Donovan McNabb was good last week, but no one runs the show at home like Dallas in the Fall.  Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Expect to go 16-0 this week folks.  Steve has never been wrong...except that one time...and that other time...and that time in 2007 when he picked the Ravens to beat the Dolphins.

Stephen Bands is a Senior at UMBC. He spends his free time being good at what he does...predicting winners.


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