Chyna: 9th Wonder of the World

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Chyna: 9th Wonder of the World

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    I decided to do an article on Chyna. You remember, the Ninth Wonder of the World ?

    I have only seen articles talking about the current divas and the majority of our past Divas, but none of them mentioned my absolute favorite Diva of them all. I still watch her matches on YouTube, the ones that I can find at least; so this article is just to praise her accomplishments.

    Please enjoy!

Debut and Use

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    Chyna, who was born Joanie Laurer debuted in the WWF in 1997, as a plant in the audience during Triple H's match.

    At the time, Triple H was feuding with Goldust, and during a confrontation, Chyna attacked Goldust's manager Marlena. She met Triple H and his best friend and fellow wrestler Shawn Michaels at a bar. They were so impressed by her figure that they suggested she try out for the WWF.

    Vince McMahon was at first hesitant about a woman dominating men, but after further persuasion, he finally agreed to the idea. She was then placed as Triple H’s bodyguard and later an early member of the infamous tag team D-Generation X.

Chyna Makes History

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    Chyna would make history by being the first woman to enter into the Royal Rumble in 1999. Her first elimination was Sexual Chocolate/Mark Henry but would later be eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Still, her presence in the ring at the time sparked headlines.

1st Female Intercontinental Champion

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    Around 1999 and 2000, Chyna qualified for the King of the Ring tournament and also became the No. 1 Contender for the WWF Championship, eventually losing out to Mick Foley.

    At this time, she and Triple H were splitting ways professionally, although keeping a relationship outside of the ring. Branching off solo, she became face during her feud with Jeff Jarrett whose gimmick was denouncing women, in wrestling and otherwise. After a lost to Jarrett at Unforgiven, she won the Intercontinental Champion at No Mercy, 1999.

Latino Heat and Mamacita Era

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    After losing the Intercontinental Championship, Chyna was then paired on-screen as the girlfriend of Eddie Guerrero.

    This would turn Eddie Guerrero face and put the couple over with the fans. We saw this emerge when Chyna interfered in Eddie's match with Chris Jericho for the European Championship. They together became Latino Heat, and she was dubbed his Mamacita. I felt this storyline was perfect because it showed the softer and more feminine side of Chyna.

    Yes, she can get in the ring and handle hers with the men, but people also forgot that she was a woman first and foremost. This storyline saw the two tagging in matches together and ringside supporting each other during matches. Their chemistry was solid and to see Chyna constantly smiling was also a beautiful thing. 

2nd Intercontinental Champion and Break Up.

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    Chyna and Eddie Guerrero were an unstoppable force and the WWE's top couple.

    Chyna became Intercontinental champion for the second time when she and Eddie participated in a tag match against IC champ Val Venis and his manager at the time, Trish Stratus. The match rules were whoever pinned Venis or Stratus, would become champion. After basically dominating Trish, Chyna pinned her to win the match and belt. Of course, Eddie was in full support of his Mamacita, or so it seemed.

    Friction arose in the couple's relationship when Eddie accidentally pinned Chyna in a triple-threat match against Kurt Angle. Eddie had persuaded Commissioner Mick Foley to get in on the match, "afraid" Chyna would be injured by the Olympic gold medalist. In addition to that, Eddie had also pinned Chyna to advance in the King of the Ring tournament.

    Chyna was offered to do Playboy at the disgust of Eddie while Chyna was not comfortable with the fact that Eddie cheated in his matches to win. It appeared that Chyna was going to call it quits, but a sudden marriage proposal postponed that idea. The storyline ended when Chyna found out that Eddie cheated on her while in the shower. Billy Gunn, Chyna's former DX partner and close friend was there to help her through. 

Playboy and Women's Champion

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    In November of 2000, Chyna was asked to pose for Playboy and accepted.

    This became a storyline in which Chyna would be feuding with Right to Censor, a heel stable consisting of Ivory, The Goodfather (formerly known as the Godfather) and Steven Richards. Chyna would mainly be targeting Ivory who was the Women's Champ at the time. The ninth wonder of the world would suffer a neck injury during a match with Ivory at the Royal Rumble, 2001. When she returned, she would win the championship from Ivory at Wrestlemania X-Seven. After becoming Women's champ, Chyna would defeat every and all challengers ranging from Molly Holly, Ivory and Lita.

    (might I add that, during 2001, Chyna looked BEAUTIFUL as ever)

Last Match and Departure

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    Chyna's last match was with Lita at Judgement Day 2001 where she'd retain the title.

    Leading up to the match, Chyna had defended her title in a series of squash matches and during an after match segment, she stated that she really didn't have much competition. And in all honesty, she didn't. But that was until Lita came out. She challenged Chyna for the title in which she was granted this opportunity.

    In a tag team a week before the pay-per-view, the divas were featured in a tag team which would see Chyna refusing to tag in. She was preparing Lita for their match. The match was very good, but Chyna would come out victorious, only to vacant the championship followed by her off-air departure from the company.

Chyna: Never Forgotten

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    The on-screen and off-screen relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was said to be a major part in Chyna's departure, although there is no stated specified reason.

    I for one hate that she left but, of course, I wasn't in her shoes so therefore I cannot judge. She, however, didn't leave wrestling altogether. She would compete internationally, continuing to make history by wrestling famous athletes like The Great Muta, The Great Kabuki and most notably Masahero Chono. Her 2002 Tokyo Dome match against Masahero Chono earned her the title of Nikkian Sport's 2002 Women's Wrestler of the Year.

    Although she's no longer in the ring, I still consider Chyna as the No. 1 female wrestler in history. And even though, we have seen history made with other divas such as Trish Stratus, Lita and Beth Phoenix (second female to enter the Royal Rumble), Chyna will always be No. 1.

    Thank you for reading my tiny slideshow. I hope you enjoyed.

    (I am aware that these are things that people already know. It was just a slideshow to show my appreciation to the 9th Wonder of the World. No negativity please)

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