The NBA's Top 30 Point Guards

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 30, 2010

The NBA's Top 30 Point Guards

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    Chris Paul, superstar
    Chris Paul, superstarChris Graythen/Getty Images

    Is it too early to call this year the year of the point guard?

    Maybe so, but either way, the amount of point guards that are leading teams is amazing. 

    Name the team: the Thunder, the Celtics, Knicks, or Bulls, but the upstart teams in the league are being led by young point guards who are taking leadership roles. 

    Veterans are rising as well, as players like Tony Parker and Jameer Nelson are having career seasons at surprisingly young ages. 

    How is all of this happening? Point guards are on the rise.

    Is it that big of a factor, having a good point guard? Ask the Heat, who started slowly due to no clear point guard leading the team (though Carlos Arroyo is on the list). All Top 5 point guards on the list are on a team that if the season would end today, would make the playoffs.

    No, it is no coincidence, good point guards make playoff teams.

    So with no further wait, here is the Top 30 Point Guards in the NBA of this season

30: Carlos Arroyo

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    OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 10:  Carlos Arroyo #8 of the Miami Heat goes up for a layup against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena on December 10, 2010 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and
    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Yes, the Heat are not the Big 4. Carlos is not a star on the team, but he plays a key role as point guard for a team that is lacking in strong bench play.

    Carlos has been averaging just 6.6 points a game, but it is important to see that he is also just averaging 5 shots a game. His minutes are at a career high, and Carlos is attempting as many three point shots as he has in his whole career.

    That should lower his field goal percentage, but his percentage is actually on the rise this year. 

    His playing minutes being a career high is mostly due to the fact that his backup is the currently unreliable Mario Chalmers. 

    Carlos barely makes this list, his scoring numbers are the lowest of anyone on this list. His small numbers are attributed to the fact that Dwayne Wade and others have been filling in for Carlos at the point while he plays 2 or circulates the three line. 

    Still, his key role on a possible NBA Finals team makes him worthy of being above players who did not make the cut or play the same role on a losing team.

29: Derek Fisher

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    D-Fish fights for the lane
    D-Fish fights for the laneHarry How/Getty Images

    The 34 year old Derek Fisher seems to be playing better basketball than he even was during the Lakers NBA Finals win run last year. His 7-2-2 (points,rebounds,assists) is the same as the 2009-10 season, but the small things have been greatly improving for him.

    His three point shooting has improved, as Derek is hitting 40% of his deep shots. Not to mention his steals being up from 1 to 1.5, and his free throw shooting has improved

    In many ways, Fisher is the anchor of the Lakers two straight titles. His veteran attitude is mostly based off the success he has had with the Lakers organization (1996-2004, 2007-10). 

    Is age getting to his numbers?

    Fisher had incredibly similar numbers in 2003-04, but at that point he was only 29. Fisher has had the same kind of playing style for almost all of his career, don't be disturbed by him only scoring 7 points or only averaging a few assists.

    That is how you shine on a team that includes Kobe Bryant.

27: Wesley Matthews

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    The surprise: Young Wesley Matthews
    The surprise: Young Wesley MatthewsRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    Wesley Matthews is below our next character because Wesley, though listed as a point guard, is really a true shooting guard. 

    Still, Wesley's role filling in for the banged up Brandon Roy has been very impressive. His move from last year's Jazz team to a bench role to starting for the Trailblazers has been seamless.

    His scoring has been a huge part of the Trailblazers moving well without an Oden or Roy, as he has averaged 15.7 ppg and hasn't scored less than 10 points since December 3rd. 

    His three point shooting has been strong but not on the same par as his rookie season last year. His assist numbers are no better than last year and his rebounding is still mediocre at best. 

    Wesley has proved to be partially one-dimensional, as his scoring continues to be his strongest statistic. Still, Wesley has proved himself to be proficient at keeping the ball in his hands (few turnovers) and rarely getting into foul trouble.

    Andre Miller is the Trailblazer point guard, but the 6'5'' Wesley has proved to have some attributes of a huge point guard and has shown bright this season in the Northwest.

28: Baron Davis

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    Baron Davis: How Long Will He Be in LA?
    Baron Davis: How Long Will He Be in LA?Harry How/Getty Images

    Baron Davis has had his season cut very short so far by injuries, and his relationship with the Clippers has looked a little troubled (i.e. Owner Don Sterling screaming at Baron from the sidelines?) 

    Baron's assist, points and rebounding averages are all season lows since his rookie season. His three point shooting has been awful, just 17.6%, but Baron still plays a leadership role with the transitioning. 

    Baron's minutes are far down from his past seasons, but he is above Arroyo and Fisher simply because he plays a leading role for his team and is a key part of their weak offense.

    His assist numbers are still stronger than many point guards, and Davis does show he still has a knack for stealing the ball from other teams. 

    His move from the Warriors to the Clippers has been poor over the last three seasons, as most careers end up in the Clippers organization. 

    Baron is far from the point guard elite these days, as his career slowly, slowly ends.

26: Mike Bibby

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    Bibby leads the struggling Hawks
    Bibby leads the struggling HawksChris Graythen/Getty Images

    The Atlanta Hawks have had a challenging season, being capitalized by a Joe Johnson injury and Josh Smith having trouble scoring at times.

    Mike Bibby, on the other hand, has improved on his 2009-10 season. His minutes, scoring and assists are all up (in small qualities, mind you) while shooting at a higher percentage since his 2002-03 season. 

    His three pointers this year? Incredible. He is shooting at 49.3% behind the arc, which is currently third in the league (the top above him? A combined 163 three point attempts. Bibby himself had 136). 

    Bibby often struggles on defense (he has done awful against the pick and roll), but Mike Bibby has found a key leadership role in his 12th season in the league. 

    He is no longer one of the point guards elite, much like Davis, but unlike him he has an opportunity to succeed in the playoffs.

    Mike Bibby needs the Hawks and success to keep his career alive, and they need him too.

25: Beno Udrih

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    Udrih Has Shined On a Depleted Kings Squad
    Udrih Has Shined On a Depleted Kings SquadChris Graythen/Getty Images

    Beno might no longer be celebrating championships like his days in San Antonio, but he also isn't seeing much of the bench and showing he is worthy of starting minutes. 

    In his fourth season in Sacramento, Udrih has been consistent as their starting point guard. Each season he has had somewhere from 11 to 14 ppg, 4-5 apg, and 2-4 rpg. The numbers for a point guard are not exactly spectacular, but they are consistent and encouraging.

    For a team that has had conflicts and troubled rookies (oh, Cousins), some consistency is more than exciting. Udrih has proved to be a worthy starting point guard, but his three point shooting is still poor but his field goal percentage is strong and his free throw shooting is at a three year high.

    Other than that? Well, everything is on the same averages as usual for him.

    I guess you could say that he is... consistent.

24: Jason Kidd

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    A grizzled veteran on a roaring Mav's squad
    A grizzled veteran on a roaring Mav's squadMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Jason Kidd begins a new section of this list: the Elite 24. The next 24 players have proved this year to be worthy of starting every game and have at least strong succeeded in one basketball aspect.

    Jason Kidd has been a leader for his team in a few categories, averaging 8 points per game and also adding 8.8 assists per game. Both numbers are down from last year, but those digits still carry strong weight in a league that has few grizzled veterans like Kidd left.

    His 16 year career seems far from over, as Kidd leads a Mavericks team with the second best record in the NBA. It is clear that Jason Kidd began his career in Dallas and would like to finish it here as well, but his numbers prove that he is still young and vibrant.

    His shooting is down from last year though, as he has had his 3 point shooting (43% to 35% made) and field goal percentage (from 42% to 37%). His minutes are down and almost every statistic has fallen a little bit from his great year last year.

    But last year was exactly that: a surprise. His numbers this year are much more realistic for a 37 year old. 

    He doesn't score or control a game like he used to, but this grizzled Jason Kidd is no slouch. He still has the potential to lead a strong Mavericks team.

23: Darren Collison

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    After filling in amazing for CP3 last year, Darren has moved on to bigger things
    After filling in amazing for CP3 last year, Darren has moved on to bigger thingsChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Darren Collison was shocking last year, a rookie coming in to replace the surefire All Star Chris Paul on the New Orleans Hornets, as he plowed through the difficult West conference and was able to lead his team.

    This year would obviously include a move for Darren once CP3 came back, so Darren ended up in Indiana on the young Pacer team.

    So far, there was no bump on this speed lane.

    He has shown he can score with success, averaging 13.4 points per game and making 45.9% of his shots. His knack at assists is still a work in progress, as he has averaged 4.1 assists per game this season. Yet he has not had a single game with more than 10 assists, and has struggled shooting three pointers this season.

    Still, he has improved his free throw shooting and his turnovers have decreased. Last year was the amazing last year, Collison has separated himself from that and ha made it clear that he is building a new identity in Indianapolis.

    With his skill set and at just 23? Collison has a very bright future. 

22: Jose Calderon

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    Calderon has used team injuries to raise his playing level
    Calderon has used team injuries to raise his playing levelStephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Jose Calderon was born in Spain, came to the U.S to play soccer and ended up on a Canadian team's roster. Yes, the Raptor's Calderon is complicated.

    But his 2010/11 season is not: Calderon has proved that he is more than just a scorer, he has the ability to start and succeed in assisting.

    His assists average is not the best of the career, not even second best, but they have the ability to eclipse 10  often. Calderon has had more than 10 assists five times this season, while making it a double-double with points in three different occasions.

    Calderon is not starting something new in his numbers (9.9 ppg, 7.3 apg), and it is unlikely that he adds to these numbers this season or next. It does show that he can be successful as a point guard when given the chance though, and that there is more to his game than his three point shooting (42.1%) and field goal percentage (49.4% on the career).

    He is no spring chick, but Calderon deserves respect for the job he has done this season.

21: DJ Augustin

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    A starting role, a new coach? DJ reaping the rewards
    A starting role, a new coach? DJ reaping the rewardsStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

    When Raymond Felton flew out of Charlotte and bought into the Big Apple's new look, DJ Augustin jumped out of his shadows and took the Bobcats by the reigns.

    After a great rookie year, the sophomore slump kicked in last year as Felton established himself in the league. This year, at the age of just 23, Augustin has doubled his scoring (up to 13 ppg) and assists (up to 6 apg). 

    His three point shooting has struggled, but with Larry Brown and Silas in, Augustin looks to have his offensive strategy be much more favorable. 

    His first game? Augustin scored 27 points with the new offense and looks to add to this, the defensive style of Larry Brown now gone.

    Still DJ is still a work in progress. His assist numbers are growing this year, though they have dipped somewhat in the month of December. 

    Still, DJ has controlled his turnovers (in his last 2 games, 0 turnovers). His three point shooting has improved in the last months, but at what cost? His assists and rebounds are both down.

    So, DJ has some fields to work on. Yet for his age, his skills are highly impressive and on his way to be a strong point guard.

20: Jrue Holiday

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    In just his second season, Jrue has proved to be a worthy starter
    In just his second season, Jrue has proved to be a worthy starterNick Laham/Getty Images

    The upstart Philadelphia 76ers have the possibility of making the playoffs this year in large part because of a young point guard rising up and exceeding expectations.

    After struggling early in October this year, Jrue has found his stride and has become a strong scorer with easy access into assists. He plays as a true point guard, and succeeds in shooting free throws while having many games where he is deadly behind the arc. 

    The 6'4'' Holiday is generally taller than his counter parts, and in those sort of games he has a huge role on offense. For example, against the 6-0 Darren Collison and the Indiana Pacers, Jrue Holiday dropped 29 points and shot 60% on three point attempts.

    Still, as he is very young, Jrue Holiday is still a work in progress like most young athletes. His turnovers often exceed 5 in a game and can be very costly. Also, his field goal percentage is at 43%, which ranks below the majority of people on this list.

    Jrue is 20 years old, and looks to have quite a long career with a Sixers team that has some potential (Evan Turner becomes star?) Watch out for his name.

19: Rodney Stuckey

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    Rodney leads a pretty bad Pistons squad, but is still a young talent
    Rodney leads a pretty bad Pistons squad, but is still a young talentJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Rodney Stuckey entered the league on a  Pistons team that was loaded with talent and always a playoff contender.

    Then Chauncey Billups was traded away, and the rest is history. It has been an utter collapse in Detroit, and Rodney is now the star of a talent-depleted team.

    Rodney has the potential for big games and has proved over the last years that he can pass the ball with success (this year 5.3 apg). When he takes the ball and leads with more than 20 points, the Pistons find success in their game (3-2 in those situations, 7-19 without).

    Though he does often dip into foul trouble, he has success with keeping the ball and controlling his turnover numbers. He is well respected as a smart point guard, but there are pieces of his game that are missing.

    His three point range, for instance, is awful. This year, he is shooting 20% behind the arc. Yes, he does rarely attempt 3's, but not being a threat from deep makes his game much less dimensional. 

    Still, Rodney has shown that at a young age he has the ability to carry a team in games and rotate the ball well.

18: Chauncey Billups

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    Too old? Too good to be a veteran
    Too old? Too good to be a veteranDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

    In his 13th year in the league, Chauncey Billups continues to do what he is talented at: play strong basketball from the point guard position.

    His veteran aspect on the Nuggets has made Denver a constant playoff threat. His numbers don't differ too much from any point in his career (15.7 ppg, 5.3 apg).

    Yes, last year he had a superb season and he has not been able to equal that this season in the same number of starting minutes. It is key to notice that though he is averaging 4 less points, he is also averaging 2 less shots (which obviously cancel out). 

    Still, there are other noticeable numbers which have changed. For instance, Chauncey is shooting much worse (from 42% to 38%). He is averaging close to 3 turnovers per game, much more than ever before in his career. 

    Still, Chauncey is playing a key role for the Nuggets and is no spring chick. His numbers are very impressive, saying he is still feeling the wear and tear of playing around 35 minutes per game. 

    He is no short of being amazing the last few seasons.

17: Gilbert Arenas

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    Arenas has a new team and a new look
    Arenas has a new team and a new lookChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Gilbert Arenas has always had the skill, but due to a gun controversy and a new look Wizard rookie, his talent needed to move on.

    Welcome to Orlando, where so far, Arenas has been feeling the love. Yet the numbers show... he isn't playing better.

    Some statistics in his first 6 games are just plain wild. For instance, Gilbert is shooting 67% from the line so far (he is 80% in his career). His field goal percentage has also taking a big dip (36% to 42% career).

    Still, he has a lot of basketball skill and can capture all attention when he plays well. In averaging ten less minutes, his average for rebounding and assists are parallel to his numbers while with Washington. 

    His bench role behind Jameer Nelson has so far seemed to keep Arenas happy, and the possibility of Arenas seeing some playoff minutes is looking as a definite. 

    He is no longer a top-tier point guard in the league, but Arenas does still have the skills to carry himself above and beyond in grand moments.

16: Andre Miller

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    Andre has grabbed the reigns of the Blazers
    Andre has grabbed the reigns of the BlazersHarry How/Getty Images

    In my opinion, Andre Miller has topped his first season on the Trailblazers this year with his sophomore year in Portland. His assists are his highest in years, and though his scoring has gone down somewhat, he is also taking less shots.

    Andre has never shot from long range, he rarely shoots from deep and he rarely makes it (try 5% from behind the line). That isn't his game, he is a strong defender and is stealing more than ever this year.

    Brandon Roy's injury has made a huge whole for Portland, but Andre (and Wesley Matthews) has done a great job for holding up the guard position and stationing the Trailblazers to still have the capability of making the playoffs. 

    Andre Miller is 10th in the league in assists per game (8 above him are coming up, Jason Kidd has been named) by guards. His dealing the ball has been very impressive, as young players like Aldridge are being fed the brownball. 

    He is not among the greatest in the league, but his 11 year career has always been consistent and at times has included some greatness.

15: Mike Conley

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    Conley is turning heads this year with great 3rd year numbers
    Conley is turning heads this year with great 3rd year numbersChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Who could have known that coming out of Ohio State three years ago, Mike Conley would have a much bigger impact than his friend Greg Oden. 

    This year, Mike Conley is scoring more, passing better and playing bigger minutes. His stat line is coming into the area of elite point guard (13.9 ppg, 7.1 apg, 2 steals). 

    Both his field goal percentage and three point shooting are at their same pace at last year, except he is taking more shots this year. His free throw shooting is not anything spectacular, as he shoots 76.6% for the career. 

    Conley has become a steal animal, ranking 5th in the league with around 2 steals per game. When you add the fact that he ranks just 20th in turnovers, his ratio is very strong.

    His assists per game, at 7.1, is easily the highest in his career. This is helped by the fact that his fellow guard, Rudy Gay, is putting up big points this season. 

    For just his third season, Mike Conley does have strong numbers and has surpassed his expectations. If he continues at this pace, he will gain recognition for his impressive play. 

14: Jameer Nelson

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    Jameer is having a career year for the Magic
    Jameer is having a career year for the MagicSam Greenwood/Getty Images

    In his 7th season in the NBA and on the Orlando Magic, Jameer Nelson seems to be having his best season of his career. His play has kept the Magic on a steady pace through their ups and downs, and he deserves recognition.

    In all honesty, it is not like his shooting is any better than at any point of his career. In his 30 minutes per game, Jameer is averaging 14.1 points and shooting at a lower field percentage than his career average. He is turning it over more than he ever has, and he is getting more fouls in the pace of the game.

    Still, his three point shooting is above his career average (at 41%) and passing the ball extremely well (6.8 apg). 

    It is more than that, Jameer is just having a bigger impact on the Magic's game plan. From the flu to the big mid-season trades, Jameer Nelson has been one of few pieces that has been consistent with his play and is keeping the Magic on playoff track.

    Jameer does deserve some quiet noise for an All Star vote, and though he might get that nod, his play has been a huge part of the Magic keeping in playoff position.

13: Mo Williams

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    Mo is making his own identity in Cleveland, one without Lebron
    Mo is making his own identity in Cleveland, one without LebronGregory Shamus/Getty Images

    With Lebron gone, Cleveland sure is quiet. Mo WIlliams kept his trust in the Cavs' organization, and so far, well it hasn't worked out that well.

    Williams has had his statistics generally drop in the last few months, his field goal percentage (40%) and three point shooting (27%) are both by far the worst in his career. He is turning it over 3 times a game, and he isn't stealing with the same skill he has before. 

    Still, Mo is averaging easily the most assists he has before in his career at 7.2 assists per game. Not to mention his scoring is somewhat down due to the quieted numbers he is playing.

    Though his numbers don't compare as well to other great point guards, his averages and game speed still make him a high-tier point guard. In his first years with Cleveland he didn't gain the respect he deserved while sitting in the shadow of Lebron James. 

    Mo should be talked more, his talent is one of the few bright spots on a saddened Cleveland organization. He deserves more recognition, and with him being the Cavalier star, he has the chance.

12: Devin Harris

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    Harris is untalked about, but playing very well
    Harris is untalked about, but playing very wellElsa/Getty Images

    By the time Devin Harris began his first season in Jersey instead of Dallas, he seemed ready to burst into stardom. 

    For the first season, it seemed that he did. He averaged over 20 points and tossed around 7 assists per game. 

    Yet last year seemed to be a step back, a shortened season saw him average strong numbers that went widely unnoticed on an awful Nets team.

    This year, Devin Harris is below his 2008-9 form but still very strong. Though he still assists his team at the same level (around 7 assists per game), he is playing fewer minutes and shooting less shots. The Nets are still struggling, and it partly might be the need to have Devin shoot more.

    If, for instance, Carmelo Anthony came to the Nets, Devin Harris would be an excellent piece on Carmelo's belt, but until then Devin should really be able to handle the Nets ball more.

    Devin could be an excellent side on a great team, but until then the overlooked Harris needs to excel for the Nets.

11: John Wall

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    John Wall: A Star So Far
    John Wall: A Star So FarMike Stobe/Getty Images

    One thing is for sure: John Wall was not overhyped or not ready for the NBA. His ball speed has taken the NBA by storm and adds some appeal to an otherwise silent Wizards team.

    Up until his injury, Wall has scored well (15.8 ppg), passed well (8.4 apg) and stole with easy regularity (2.1 steals per game). He isn't higher because of the injury though, and by next season he could easily be one of the best five guards in the league.

    He still needs some work though, his three point shooting isn't excellent and he doesn't shoot at a great percentage. Still, his speed makes him a threat to get to the rim or dish it just as he enters the paint.

    There is no doubt, at age 20, Wall has an incredibly opportunity to be a star for years.

    At the moment, the Wizards are not a great fit for Wall and he needs them to build some key pieces around him. Watch out for Javale McGee and Andre Blatche, both big men have shown they can step up into starting roles this season. 

10: Tony Parker

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    Parker has been a big part of the league-best Spurs
    Parker has been a big part of the league-best SpursRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    In a season where Tim Duncan has had his ups and downs, Tony Parker has been absolutely automatic. 

    In his 10th season, Tony Parker is putting up some career numbers. With great averages coming out (17.9 ppg, 7.1 apg, 1.4 steals per), Parker is leading the 27-4 Spurs who are burning through the tough West conference.

    He has never been a three point shooter, yet his percentage this year (35%) is far above his career average. Not to mention his general shooting percentage, at a very impressive 51% on the season. 

    Duncan's leadership role on this impressive Spurs team is clear, but the numbers speak for themselves. Widely considered one of the best point guards of the last decade, it is clear that the 29 year old Parker could easily make his mark in the next.

    Parker is a strong defender and can put down almost any point guard in the league, and this season is game is dimensional and impressive to all.

9: Brandon Jennings

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    The Bucks and Jennings could surprise the East
    The Bucks and Jennings could surprise the EastMike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    Brandon Jennings has made it clear that he is a scorer, that his low scoring days in Europe were no representation of how he can play, and that he is a true point guard.

    In many ways though, Brandon is having somewhat of a sophomore slump. In more minutes, he is getting less assists and having less success from the three point line.

    Brandon needs a lot of shots in a game, but he often doesn't shoot with that high of a percentage. He has struggled in comparison to last year from the free throw line as well, but he has been able to draw the foul much more than he did in 2009-10.

    Still, Brandon is shooting with more efficiency and has gained more of a role as a scorer than he did in the ending months of last year.

    He is not overhyped, but it is hard to see his stats get too much better than they are right now.

    Look for Brandon to stay on this good stat line for the rest of this year, unless Bogut becomes an assist-needing animal at center.

8: Stephen Curry

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    Too young? Could be too talented behind the arc
    Too young? Could be too talented behind the arcChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Steph Curry has made it clear that he is a valuable starting point guard in this league, with strong shooting range and a very friendly field goal percentage to show.

    Though he is averaging a few less minutes a game this year, Curry is taking more shots and scoring more because of it (up to 19 ppg). He has been able to keep up with his assist numbers for last year (6 apg) and shows good ball handling when he is given the chance.

    Obviously, Steph is one of the best three point shooting guards in the league. Though his numbers are just slightly lower than last year, he is getting almost 2 three pointers per game this season.

    He has a knack for stealing the ball, but needs to work on turnovers (though not as much as Russell Westbrook). 

    At the young age of 22, Steph is developing very well into a NBA sharpshooter and seems to be leading the Warriors in the right track.

7: Raymond Felton

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    Felton is finding a sweet spot in the Big Apple
    Felton is finding a sweet spot in the Big AppleAl Bello/Getty Images

    Raymond Felton had a lot of success in Charlotte, his five seasons for the Bobcats were all starting jobs. He had strong point guard numbers, but he was never the one who was constantly shooting the ball like he had the potential to.

    Mike d'Antoni and the high-powered Knicks offense has made Raymond Felton a talented scorer and with offensive weapons surrounding him, he has found a knack at dishing assists. His expanded minutes have allowed for him to really shine.

    With extended minutes, Raymond is shooting more shorts and more three pointers. He is averaging over 18 points a game and over 9 assists per game. His numbers are beautiful with this offense, and he has shown himself to be a real talent from behind the arc.

    It is the little things as well. He is stealing the ball more, he is shooting almost 90% from the free throw line from a career 80%, and he rarely fouls while defending.

    Felton has become a top-tier point guard with his move to New York, and the Knicks are benefiting from his work.

6: Russell Westbrook

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    Felton still falls in comparison with the young Westbrook
    Felton still falls in comparison with the young WestbrookAl Bello/Getty Images

    As Russell goes deeper into his third season, it is becoming clear that Westbrook has the parts to be a star in the NBA.

    Russell is on the same pace as last year when it comes to assists (8.1 apg), but his scoring efforts are becoming the look of a true star as he attempts 3 more shots per game and getting to the line with ease. 

    Russell doesn't shoot well behind the arc, that is not his game. He is one of the league leaders in turnovers and is still very young.

    However, this season has been incredible. He has gone from a 78% free throw shooter last year to a 87% shooter from the line. His steals per game has almost doubled, while shooting the ball with better precision than in his sophomore year.

    Westbrook is an incredible piece to complement the star in Kevin Durant, this tandem has proven to be excellent for Oklahoma City. 

    He is only 22 and already one of the best point guards in the league. Watch out for Russ.

5: Steve Nash

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    Nash leads a Amare-less Suns team
    Nash leads a Amare-less Suns teamChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Though this is not the best year of Steve Nash's long career, Nash has found his stride even without an offensive weapon like Amare Stoudemire down low. 

    Nash still averages an impressive double-double (17 ppg, 10 apg) and amazingly uses his ball speed to shoot more than 50% from the field with consistency. 

    This year, Nash has come to rely less on his three point shot. He is shooting one less per game, and is actually making them much less (from 42% to 34% made).

    For a 36 year old, his numbers are incredible. Nash is no longer surrounded by the kind of players he is used to, with no great scoring weapon to dish to under the basket.

    Nash is having to control the ball much more than he has before, having to find his way to the free throw line much more than usual and sometimes forcing shots.

    However, the basic stat line is still there from his MVP days, and at his age he continues to amaze NBA lovers. 

4: Rajon Rondo

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    Rajon has become a leader of the veteran Celtics
    Rajon has become a leader of the veteran CelticsJim Rogash/Getty Images

    Three years ago it was hard to imagine that Rajon Rondo might be the most consistent and vocal member of the Boston Celtics.

    Well, OK, he isn't the most vocal just yet (Garnett...). But Rajon has blossomed as a true point guard in the NBA with spectacular assists and ball control. 

    His scoring is still a work in progress, he rarely hits 3's with consistencies or needs to be covered at the 18 foot line. His ability to get to the rim allows him to get easy buckets though, and he is undoubtedly one of the most fun players to watch in basketball.

    His free throw shooting before his recent injury this year has been poor, but he rarely gets to the line as he feeds while in the paint. 

    Rondo is third in the league in steals and easily first in assists, his defense has become the best of any point guard. 

    Though he may not be the biggest scorer, his defense and ball-handling makes Rondo one of the best point guards in the NBA

3: Deron Williams

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    D-Will carries a strong Jazz team on his back
    D-Will carries a strong Jazz team on his backKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    No Carlos Boozer? No problem, as Deron Williams is finally able to the go-to scorer for the Utah Jazz and use a big man like Al Jefferson to dish it to with less frequency.

    Deron Williams, though under-hyped before, is actually playing the best basketball of his career. While playing a career-high 38 minutes a game, Deron is taking almost 16 shots per and is scoring more than 20 points a game (22.6 ppg actually) for the first time in his career.

    His assists have taken no dip either, as he is averaging 9.5 a game, good for 4th in the league. Deron has found some strong scorers to pass to, whether it is the rising Paul Millsap or the big man in Al Jefferson. 

    Deron Williams is also getting more rebounds than ever in his career with an impressive 4 per game, which ranks 5th amongst all point guards.

    Deron falls just short of the two above him who are on a equal level, but his play deserves far more recognition than it does. Deron is a star for the Jazz, and is likely to lead them into the playoffs.

2: Derrick Rose

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    Derrick Rose makes the Bulls a Finals contender
    Derrick Rose makes the Bulls a Finals contenderJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Derrick Rose is a very close 2nd, his numbers being the best of any East team's point guard. 

    Rose has quickly gotten better every year that he plays, as he gets deeper into his third season.

    He is scoring more than any point guard in the league with 24 points per game, while shooting 20 shots per game in his parallel 38 minutes (to Deron Williams).

    Derrick Rose is also the best rebounding point guard in the league, as well as his rising assist numbers (8.5 apg) has made him a very complete player.

    His improvement in the specifics from his sophomore year has been spectacular, as his three point shooting has skyrocketed (27% to 39%) and he has become a proficient stealer (.7 to 1.2 steals a game).

    Derrick is just 22 years old, yet his talent is unmistakably a superstar in the making. He leads a new look Bulls team this year, and it looks one day Derrick could raising a championship banner in his hometown.

1: Chris Paul

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    CP3: Simply the best
    CP3: Simply the bestChris Graythen/Getty Images

    His numbers aren't as good as his shortened year last year, but if you look carefully, they really are remarkable. 

    In playing four less minutes than last year, Chris Paul is averaging 16.6 points and 9.8 assists. He is averaging just a shade under Rose's 4.8 rebounds per (4.4 rpg). 

    His shooting percentages are superior to Rose. He is shooting 50% from the field compared to the 45% of Rose, not to mention he is shooting 46% behind the arc. That is far better than his career 36%, and far better than Rose's 39%.

    CP3 is the truest point guard in the league. His assist numbers have been no career high but with these smaller minutes, they are very impressive. It is also important to mention that he leads the league in steals by far (2.8 steals per game).

    Chris Paul came out of an injury and dived right into an incredible year at point, making him currently the best point guard in the NBA.

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