WWE: CM Punk As The New Leader of Nexus—Why It's a Good Idea

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2010

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Hello Bleachers!

The last RAW of 2010 is behind us now and what a show it was.

The Miz, once again, was beaten by Jerry "The King" Lawler. Tyson Kidd had to eat his own words when he was hilariously beaten by Mark Henry.

And CM Punk is now the new leader of Nexus.

I would consider the fact that he is just a member of the group under Wade Barrett's orders, but there are many things standing in the way of that theory. For starters, David Otunga said that the Nexus was "under new management."

Obviously, Wade Barrett is no longer the leader and is out of the group. Second, Punk saluted the group and they saluted back, obviously a sign of obedience. Third, WWE.com asks the question "Is CM Punk the new leader of the Nexus?"

WWE.com always asks rhetorical questions that pretty much gives us answers that we already know. Also, do you think Punk's ego would allow him to follow somebody else's order? I think not.

Now, as you can tell from the title of this article, I am all for this idea. Why? Well, let's discuss some of the positives:

This has the potential to breathe new life into the Nexus storyline

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There are two possible roads the WWE can take from here.

They can either A) Follow the same beaten path that Wade Barrett's Nexus followed and just continuously attack John Cena out of nowhere or B) They can create a new story that actually gets people interested and doesn't just annoy the piss out of everyone.

How many times did we see the Nexus surround the ring, jump onto the apron, stand there for about a minute staring John Cena down, then jumping in and beating him up, then performing three finishers and leaving the ring? Too many times to count. It became old. It became tired. It became ANNOYING!

The Nexus storylines started out being one of my favorites, but it trailed off and became a broken record. Obviously, WWE didn't know where they were going with this. With CM Punk as the new leader, this sets up a whole new storyline for them, with so much potential.

I say they have potential, because there is still the possibility that WWE could mess this up and repeat the failures of Barrett's Nexus.

Punk is a great leader and this could be his opportunity achieve success in a group

The end of last year saw the formation of a new stable; the Straight Edge Society. CM Punk was a great leader in that stable, effectively intimidating his opponents, such as Rey Mysterio, through proper use of his group.

Unfortunately, due to bad booking, the SES did not reach the level of success that they could've and were quickly disbanded, following complete domination by Big Show.

With CM Punk now in control of another group, they could easily become what the SES could not.

Plus, Punk is great on the mic and can easily sell the story.

Punk vs Cena could be incredibly more entertaining than Barrett vs Cena

In my eyes (and in many, MANY of your eyes), CM Punk is one of the most talented in-ring performers that WWE has today.

Whether you agree with this or not, you can at least agree that he is a better performer than Wade Barrett (and some, including myself, would say he is better than Cena, not to insult Cena or anything).

This obviously means that any match between John Cena and CM Punk would be better than a match between John Cena and Wade Barrett. And considering how great John Cena vs Wade Barrett was at Hell in a Cell (in my eyes), we can definitely look forward to a match between these two great performers.

SIDE NOTE: I know that the Nexus storyline was unnecessary to have a Cena-Punk rivalry, but Punk being the leader of Nexus still means that Punk and Cena will face each other later on down the line.

Punk as the leader of Nexus sounds better than a spilled diet soda

When Punk first attacked Cena, many of us made jokes about how you "don't mess with a man's diet soda." Even John Cena took a crack at it and said a few one liners about spilling Punk's soda.

Though the feud would've still been awesome, can you imagine Punk going through all this trouble over a 75 cent diet drink? I mean, it's better than a lot of other reasons for feuding in the past, but its still a bit ridiculous.

CM Punk as the leader of Nexus brings the whole story full circle. Let's say Punk slowly began developing these hateful feelings toward Cena, say sometime earlier this year. As a pro on NXT, he gave the idea to the rookies and watched the plan take fruition. In order to keep suspicion off himself, he told the rookies to attack him during their debut, to sell themselves as their own entity.

However, things didn't go the way he planned and the Nexus failed in their plans. He then fed them the idea of forcing Cena to join, then inadvertently getting him fired. However, that plan also backfired and Cena was soon brought back.

Barrett then had one last chance at Cena at TLC, which he obviously failed. Upon this failure, Punk took the reins and became the new leader of Nexus.

The story is already sounding good; Punk created the Nexus as a way to punish Cena for his collective "wrong doing." (SIDE NOTE: The part about Batista in Punk's speech was pretty awesome and felt very real).

Obviously, this story does has its cons. It continues the Cena/Nexus storyline, which has already grown stale. But with the addition of an established star (something that could've helped the group a long time ago), it adds new life to the story.

Another negative is that talent like Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater will be stuck as lackeys for the time being. Honestly though, how would their careers play out after this? Would they be relegated to Superstars? Would they become jobbers and eventually let go like Kaval?

Or would WWE do the right thing (or what I feel would be the right thing) and let them challenge for midcard titles or even teaming back up again, to help keep the dying tag team division alive? Two out of three of those results doesn't sound too good I'm afraid.

And then there's Wade Barrett. The winner of Season 1 has only made an impact through the Nexus. How will he perform without them? Has he become too dependent on his former stable? I think he'll be just fine. The guy is able to generate some great heat from the crowd and even though I said that he was only able to get the heat because of his group, I don't think the crowd will forget his former role anytime soon.

He was the focal point of Nexus anyway during his run with them. Could he possibly become a lackey to the group? This sets up a brand new story in itself (another positive of Punk's new role).

So what do you guys think? Is this new storyline a good idea? Or do you think it'll suffer the same fate as Wade Barrett's regime?

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