Lions Dominate Dolphins: Detroit Fans Eagerly Await 2011-2012 Season

Tom MaysContributor IDecember 24, 2010

SHAUN HILL - RIDING THE CREST!Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Expect many Monday Morning Headlines to read exactly that...  In fact, after this week the Lions will be a hot topic; not just in Detroit, but throughout the NFL 

And why not?  This really is a story line worth following and remembering; because over the past three weeks, one of the sorriest stories in NFL history will have finally played itself out.  

In Detroit, the Lions will officially be over what was surely a spell, a wicked spell that was cast upon this once perennially dominant winner of professional football titles approximately 54 years ago. And over those ugly 54 years you ask? 

Well, modern day fans know that ever since the storied days of Lions lore, (and especially so the past 8-10 years), the Detroit Lions have been the perennial stepchild of the NFC North.  A losing team of now historic proportions...  

MARK IT DOWN - The losing ways and that ugly spell are officially O - V - E - R ! 

The Detroit Lions will most certainly defeat the Miami Dolphins this Sunday and here are the main reasons why:

M O M E N T U M: The Detroit Lions have momentum on their side!  In the world of science, momentum (Mass X Velocity), is described as "a measure of the quantity of motion."  In other words, momentum is "where a mass traveling at a nominated velocity, continues its given direction with an intensity directly proportional to it's Size (mass), times its Speed (velocity)." 

In sports talk, over the course of the past three weeks, the Detroit Lions have won two out of three, beating two teams competing for a spot in the playoffs, while losing a nail biter to a third playoff-bound team.  

The Miami Dolphins have lost two out of their last three, beating one playoff-bound team while losing to the two teams who's records are worse than Detroit's.  The Big MO is definitely on the side of the Detroit Lions! 

C H A R A C T E R: In case you missed the comments of this team's leader earlier in the week, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said the following about close games: "We have played a lot of close games this year. We’re getting used to playing in close games." 

What he didn't say is that the Lions are also turning the corner in learning how to "close-out" those close games. That is especially true over the course of the last several weeks. This is what sports aficionado's call "character."  It is the grit, drive, desire and determination in the underbelly of each player that drives them forward against the odds of their individual matchup. 

Despite the pain and fatigue they encounter as they examine themselves and their effort, it is the mental toughness they demonstrate, overcoming all of the challenges they encounter on each and every play late into the fourth quarter.  Yes, these Detroit Lions are exhibiting character down the stretch!

L I N E   P L A Y: Three weeks ago, this would have read defensive line play, but the Lion's offensive line is finally starting to jell and a once non-existent rush game has turned into a reliable strength. Corey Hilliard has filled in quite admirably and it may be just the ticket to motivate an under-achieving Gosder Cherilus. 

The defensive line, led by Ndamukong Suh and Corey Williams in the absence of Kyle Vanden Bosch, has continued to demonstrate the type of dominance that the Lion's teams of yesterday were known for. 

While the Fins have a number of talented linemen, their most dominant player on the line is down (Jake Long). Given the last few weeks' performances, the Lions will, once again, win it in the trenches again on Sunday.

Q U A R T E R B A C K  P L A Y: Yes, I said quarterback play.  Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of "Michigan Man" Chad Henne, but he is having a troubled season with a touchdown to interception ratio that is out to sea.  While some of this may be the fault of his receivers, it will turn out to be an advantage for the Detroit Lions, regardless of whether the call goes to Shaun Hill or Drew Stanton.  

Hill's record as a starter speaks for itself and he has continued to demonstrate a demeanor reflective of his years of league experience in his starts for Detroit.  Stanton exhibited last week that with the proper game plan and preparation, he can be trusted to take care of the football while also demonstrating effective, efficient and proficient play.  Either way, Detroit wins the battle of the quarterbacks.

The current line on this game is Miami by 3.5 points...  Don't believe it for a second!  Detroit has learned how to win on the road while also demonstrating the ability to win down the wire against quality opponents. MOMENTUM tells me that the Lions win this one big.

Detroit Lions 34, Miami Dolphins 17