Ray Lewis Takes a Stab at Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IDecember 23, 2010

Will Hillis quiet Ray Lewis for a second time?
Will Hillis quiet Ray Lewis for a second time?Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

The chatter is here, everybody. Despite owning a 10-4 record, as well as a win over the Cleveland Browns in their first meeting, Baltimore still can't shut their mouths.

When asked about Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis and his 144-yard effort in a close game against the Ravens in Week 3 earlier this year, Ravens star middle linebacker Ray Lewis chirped, "A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while."

Firstly, Ray, that's not at all how the saying goes. I believe the words you were looking for were: a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn every once in awhile or, at least, something close to that. No cats. No meals. Just squirrels and nuts.

But, despite getting an extremely common and well known phrase horribly wrong, Lewis even took it a step further, saying, "We understand the two big runs we gave up against them...[as] our team’s leader, it won’t happen again. I hope [the Browns] understand that."

In other words, Hillis had beefed up stats because he broke two long runs and his otherwise impressive smashing of a seemingly stout Ravens run defense didn't deserve the recognition it received.

I'm struggling to remember what you call it when a defense gets gashed on two long runs, then bull-dozed repeatedly for several short runs and then proceeds to call it luck or refuses to acknowledge getting out-played. Oh, right, you call that cocky. You call it brash. Maybe rude and definitely stupid.

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Especially, when you're botching phrases, kicking a massive, beast of a running back while he's resting and even knocking your own son. Yes, that's right. Lewis was so adamant about Hillis not being as good as he appeared against his formidable Ravens, that he said, "My son could have run through the holes that we gave him in Baltimore. We just don’t do that."

Okay, fair enough. Maybe Lewis doesn't believe his son is a good running back (after all, he is a running back) or, maybe, he just felt that the holes were so wide open that even his horrible, horrible running back of a son could break through them?

I'm not sure where Lewis is going with this, but I have a notion I'd like to offer up. Is it any coincidence that Lewis is trash-talking Hillis now, of all weeks, when the Browns back has clearly been banged up with a leg injury and sitting out of practice?

But, at the same time, is it really wise to bark at another dog that just did this much damage to you? Hillis may have slowed down in recent weeks, but even without these comments from Ray Lewis, is there even an ounce of doubt that he is motivated to do it all again?

I'm also wondering how Lewis clearly thinks of Hillis as some one-hit wonder, despite the Cleveland back being one of the top running backs in fantasy football, while dropping 100+ rushing days on four other opponents. Hillis also displayed tough running and solid production against the likes of other solid run defenses, such as Kansas City (61 total yards and a score), Pittsburgh (90 total yards), Atlanta (77 total yards and a score) and the New York Jets (109 total yards and a score).

While this is all very entertaining, there's a slight chance none of the talk will come to light. With Hillis seen limping and missing practice with a supposed knee injury, there remains the possibility that he doesn't even play. However, if he does, either Hillis or Lewis are bound to be right and it'll be interesting to see who comes out on top in Week 16.