HBO: Bring Roy Jones Jr. Back As A Full-Time Fight Commentator Now!

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IDecember 24, 2010

Attention: HBO executive producer team.

The fight fans have spoken and we want the great Roy Jones Jr. back on HBO full time once again.

It is quite obvious when you ask a true fight fan or even a casual fan of the sport who they like to see and hear commentating on the HBO fight telecasts, there is only one obvious choice and that is Roy Jones Jr.

After the Miguel Cotto vs. Yuri Foreman fight we had conducted an online poll and asked the general public if they wanted to bring back Roy Jones Jr. full-time as a fight commentator and out of the 500 people who replied, an overwhelming 98.9 percent voted: Yes.

Recently, Roy has done three major fights commentating for HBO providing his excellent fight analysis, the Miguel Cotto vs. Yuri Foreman fight, Zab Judah vs. Lucas Matthysse, and most recently Amir Khan vs. Marcos Maidana.

HBO will be replaying the Cotto/Foreman fight and Khan/Maidana fights starting next week as part of their HBO Boxing's Best of 2010 program.

This would be a great opportunity; if you missed these great fights, be sure to listen carefully as Jones calls the fights with Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant.

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Unlike the many expert fight analysis commentators who HBO seated and left or were asked to leave, Roy Jones Jr. is by far the best we have seen and heard for a long time and could quite possibly be the best of all time.

Of course, Roy Jones Jr. the fighter dominated the top of the pound-for pound rankings for a whole decade with many of his fights featured on HBO World Championship Boxing and many consider him to be one of the greatest fighters in history.

As great as the current top pound-for-pound fighters are now such as Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roy utterly dominated his opponents with ease and never even got touched.

He threw six hooks at a time and 10-punch combos, showboating so bad it mad you go from hating showboating to wanting to see what he'll do next.

We never see either Manny or Floyd do the things Roy was able to do in his prime.

Roy is able to offer the utmost excellent analysis for he has been in that ring numerous times and knows exactly what these fighters are going through and thinking.

Also because he has been on top of the world for so long he knows how it is to be criticized and hated on by the media and of course the commentator team so he knows what is necessary to comment on and what is just plain annoying.

Often times, Jim Lampley would ask Roy questions such as what is the proper way to fight against a southpaw or how could this fighter defend himself against the constant upper cuts being thrown at him.

Roy would then offer excellent answers to these questions that make sense and satisfy the viewers at home.

Roy is also objective and just calls the fight how it is. Often times other commentators already predetermine if they like a certain fighter or not and its evident in the tone of their voice.

Or other commentators are way too over the top and overly excited and aggressive or the complete opposite and just plain boring. Roy is objective and fair balanced as they come.

I had the honor of covering the recent fight of the year candidate: Khan/Maidana and of course met Roy Jones as you can see evidence of this article's photo.

However, for those of you watching at home what you did not see that night at the Mandalay Bay was everyone and their mama lining up to try to shake hands and take pictures with Roy whenever he had a break.

From the celebrities in attendance, to other boxing stars, to all the pretty ladies fortunate enough to sit close by ringside they all were dying to see Jones.

I saw fast rising fighter stars literally jump up and down in joy for they just shook hands and took pictures with Roy. I am talking about fighters who are currently fighting on HBO completely star struck.

I even saw Harold Lederman go up to Jones after the fight all excited and gave him a hug.

This will also be an incentive for all the promoters such as Golden Boy and Top Rank, to want Roy ringside calling the fights for the fans will come out for sure and even purchase the higher end seats if they know the great Roy Jones will be there that night and they could possibly meet him.

When Roy had his first run as a full-time fight analysis commentator on HBO's Boxing After Dark several years back, most of the fight fan forums were all hailing him as the greatest fight commentator HBO has ever had.

Then in his absence since then the fight forums all were begging to have him back on HBO calling the fights especially when others were not as good...Absolutely!

Look, let's be frank; guys there will never be another Roy Jones in that ring again. We will never see a fighter as dominant with the utmost speed/power and natural athleticism to perform the magic in which he did in his prime.

So the best we can do is have Jones ringside reminding us how great he was as he calls the fights for new generations of fighters like no other can. In all it still is a honor and the perfect choice to be made.

So my swell executive producers buddies over at HBO, we all know what the right thing to do is now.

Bring Roy Jones Jr. back full time to the HBO commentator team, the fight fans have spoken and we are never wrong for we know what we like.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview coming soon with the legend himself Roy Jones Jr. !


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