New Big Ten Logo and the Worst Logos in Sports History

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 13, 2010

New Big Ten Logo and the Worst Logos in Sports History

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    The Big Ten conference just released its new logo. Believe me when I say it is not good. It looks like a couple of five year olds got together and decided to take the easy way out. But that is the risk you run when designing a logo. That emblem will signify and represent your organization. Sadly, many franchises do not mind allowing their glowing beacon to the public to suck. 

    So what we get is a team or organization worth millions of dollars resorting to awful representations of themselves. I have to tell you I have had it. Many of the following logos are still in existence today. We just sit idly by and allow teams to stick the daggers of their uninspired logos in our eyes. Here are the worst logo offenders.

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Bobcats

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    I guess I can let this one slide as I sometimes forget that this franchise even exists. But at least have a feline on your logo that does not look like it's in pain. It looks like my face attempting to watch a Bobcats game. 

Honorable Mention: UC Santa Barbara Gauchos

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    I never thought Zorro could look as harmless as he does in this logo. Just say to hell with it and include some maracas and a couple of horns. 

Honorable Mention: UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

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    I will go ahead an buy into the fact that you have settled on a gross unassuming insect as your mascot. But do you have to make him look so goofy? It is making it very hard for me to make the leap of faith that your slug is actually retaining any of that Plato it is reading. 

Honorable Mention: Cleveland Browns

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    If the Keebler elves had a football game and one of them became irate and snagged his ball to take it home, this is what it would look like. 

20. Tennessee Titans

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    So the best possible representation of a titan you can think of is a capital letter T. Way to go all out with the creativity Tennessee. I am surprised you had the time to think of two colors other than white to represent your team. 

    I mean deciding that a letter would be your logo must have been a taxing couple of hours. 

19. Cleveland Indians

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    It is one thing to be racist behind closed doors. But to emblazon your franchise with a caricature of a minority class is a whole different entity. 

    The fact that we just live with this monstrosity tells you that we really have not come that far in race relations with Native Americans. That or not many of us have ever actually met one. But this is reminiscent of some of the cartoons you might have seen in the 40s and 50s. The red skin, the big nose, why not keep up with all of the stereotypes and stick a bottle of whiskey in his mouth? 

18. BYU

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    I really like that the BYU faithful love the Young part of their moniker so much that they threw the B for Brigham and U for university completely out the window. This is like Ohio State rocking a huge S on their helmets. 

    Even if the Y is what they choose to have as their sole representation, why not jazz it up a little? Oh, right, jazz is forbidden at BYU.

17. Columbus Crew

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    I get it, your mascot is a bunch of dudes. The best way to represent that on the pitch is to have a logo of a bunch of dudes. Well if you must, could you at least make them look like people I wouldn't mind hanging out with?

    This looks like a picture of Wilmer Valderrama and the lamest gang ever. 

16. Washington Redskins

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    So I am just as much a proponent for genocide as the next person, but do we really need to steal a culture's image for our amusement? I don't want to get on a pedestal here but we stole their land, women and ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Do we really need to plaster the Native American logo on a helmet as well?

    Why not just paint Albert Haynesworth's fat head on that helmet. It would make as much sense as a "Redskin". By the way, does no one realize that we are still referring to a football team with a derogatory term for a specific group of people? If Native Americans still existed they might be plenty pissed off about it. 

15. North Carolina State

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    I would comment on this logo but I fell asleep as soon as I looked at it. 

14. Tampa Bay Rays

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    Could the Rays be anymore cliche than including a baseball diamond and the team's name? Why not just include a baseball and a glove while you're at it. Creativity took a sabbatical the day this was made. 

13. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    When you think "thunder" what comes to mind? Two opposing colors and the initials OKC? Never mind then, I guess they got it right after all. 

12. New England Patriots

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    The "flying Elvis" is supposed to signify speed. To me it just looks like a sexually ambiguous, patriotic phantasm coming to haunt me. I don't know whether to be scared or sing the national anthem. 

    Why not just plaster Tom Brady's mug on your helmets. He has pretty much come to epitomize your team anyway. 

11. Big Ten Conference

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    As I mentioned earlier, the Big Ten unveiled their new logo. This isn't a logo you unveil so much as one that you step in. After doing so, you look at your shoe and think, damn, I just stepped in some Big Ten logo. Now I will never get the stench off of me. 

10. Washington State Cougars

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    I get that you want to mix both your initials and your mascot into one everlasting image. But this looks like something you stuffed into a blender and put on frappe. 

    Listen Washington State, just go with the image of a cougar. I have enough brain cells left to remember your initials. I don't need it all in one jumbled mess. 

9. Buffalo Bills

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    I always wondered why the Bills' logo had a red streak down the middle. It is meant to signify the Buffalo's horns. Well last I checked that is not quite how buffaloes should look. You have an animal with a debilitating deformity on your helmets. Take it off. 

8. Columbus Blue Jackets

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    The Blue Jackets are a remembrance and celebration of the Union Army. But this logo refuses to be subtle. It stands up and punches you in the face with American pride.

    I am all for patriotism but this looks like something Captain America saw in a wet dream. 

7. Los Angeles Clippers

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    This logo is uninspired and lazy. The Clippers were born out of the harbors of San Diego. They signify the small but swift sailing ships. So what do they decide on? A ball and their name. It works for the Lakers but not for a team that fails to impress on the court.

    Not that their logo matters. We can worry about them changing it when they get more than Billy Crystal as a fan. 

6. Buffalo Sabres

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    Now I am starting to get worried for buffaloes. First the Bills get the horns all wrong then the Sabres include them with no feet. How is that menacing? I want to nurse this buffalo to health not root for it. 

5. Portland Trailblazers

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    This is one that we have learned to live with. It has remained for so long that we accept it as classic. Classic or not, it is still stupid. The ten lines are meant to signify a five on five face off. I have to tell you, I don't see it. Why not just put a bunch of dudes together actually facing off? It worked for the Columbus Crew. 

4. New York Islanders

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    I would have loved to have been in this meeting. Let's make our logo a fisherman. But let's make him real pissed off while holding a hockey stick. We want the image of a Gordon's fisherman that is out to club baby seals. Lastly, we need to give him one of the best tan jobs imaginable because well, why not? 

3. Toronto Raptors

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    Raptors were the most cunning and dangerous of all dinosaurs. I should know. I have seen Jurassic Park like 15 times. 

    But the Raptors organization has managed to take a dangerous beast and turn it into a smurf with sharp teeth. I also don't know why raptors would make good basketball players. Their arms are too short and they have small hands. It would be like watching five Kwame Browns trying to pass to each other. 

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1976-1996

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    We can all thank the Bucs for changing their creepy logo. The swarthy pirate always bugged me. He makes you feel uncomfortable in your own seat. Why is he winking at me? What do you know creepy pirate? 

1. Denver Nuggets 1982-1993

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    If you stare long enough, your eyes actually start to bleed. This has to be the loudest NBA logo of all time. It must have taken an artist all of ten minutes to construct a city of squares. 

    But the worst part is its annoying shouting of colors. This looks like a set of Crayons that regurgitated some Legos onto a sheet of paper.

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